How to keep track of the best rap music?

NY or NJ radio stations or anything on the iPhone radio app.

What ever else you can think of.

pandora ^^DId Mike just use Soulja boy and Immortal technique in the same sentence? not hatin, but ive never seen that before.

How to convince my sister that 2pac and other 90's rappers are better than lil wayne and nikki minaj?

Shes so f-ing stupid. She thinks 90's rap is retarded. How do i convince her?

I have no hatred toward your sister since i dont know but if you live in the inner city like in the hoods then she might have a different taste in rap. Anyway have her feel what 2pac felt in the 90s by showing her the lyrics to songs like keep ya head up, dear mama,thugz mansion, so many tears, unconditional love, and life goes on and show her that he wasnt just this thuggish guy but an all around guy. She'll most likely fell empathy towards hims since he is dead and only lived to 25 and from the hood to hollywood making movies with janet jackson and mickey rourek. Again then maybe ask her if lil wayne has a song like those and if lil wayne has even gone through the hardships of Tupac Shakur. Remember tupac went to jail for satomizing a woman supposedly because he had THUGLIFE tattoed on his stomach which is BS and he got shot 5 times when Puff Daddy (diddy) and Biggie smallz called him to record some songs. His last album named KILLUMINATI pretty much showed that he wanted to kill the illuminati(NWO) which jay z, biggie smallz, puffy, and nas get dissed for being with the illuminati. A song called THEY DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT US talks about how the illuminati dont care about poor people in the hoods of the inner city and so Tupac was really pissed since peoples strings are being pulled. If successful she will probably research more songs about tupac and eventually start to enjoy his music.

How to make a song your own Nd how to get the whole audience attention?

How to make a song your own insted of it being a copy ?

I stab turtles.

How to promote music, an artist on the rise?

So i am the manager/Lyricist of an extremely talented musician. He is ready to try and get out there with his music. Any ideas as to where i could send a demo to get this process going more quickly? Anything will help really, thanks.

Answer: is a good site thats where ppl such as soulja boy and bruno mars were found kreayshawn big wax hopsin were discovered there sell cds around his and ur neighborhoods sell cds out of whoevers trunk make him a facebook a myspace and a twitter page find areas for him to perform in his state if hes a rapper send his demos to shady records def jam or other hip hop labels if hes a singer he can get good deals at interscope fat possum universal music atlantic records nightclubs in nearby big cities for example i live around biloxi,mississippi so people go to places such as hard rock or ip make sure he is not another clone popstar he needs meaning to his music

How to become a professional music producer?

I want to work for a label, i don't wanna be those people in their basements making beats on a laptop in fl studio calling themselves producers. I actually want to be in the music industry how can i do that?

you have to start by making beats on FL Studio in your basement (or equivalent). You don't just suddenly become a music producer. You know some people make money off of their beats from FL as well, that makes them a professional music producer. You have to make beats and get them to a high quality standard, then promote yourself and collab with rappers to get your name out. It's not an easy or quick, nor simple task. Have you even made a single beat yet? If not why are you asking a question like this?

How to i convince my parents to by me some beats by dre for my birthday?

Ok so my birthday is in july and i want to get beats studios for my birthday. My parents wouldnt mind wasting 299 dollars for a gift but they may think that it is stupid for headphones but i know that they are worth it. How do i prove this to them

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How to join the Illuminati and sell my soul to the devil for fame?

Its my last resort, if I dont get signed by 20, thats it.
Lol if anyone hasnt noticed, this is a joke

IF ONLY IT WAS REAL.............

How to make money being an Underground Rapper?

Alright well i like to spit bars and stuff. Lets say i'm an underground rapper. How do i make money off this? And how much would i make (approx)? I don't want anything like wait till you get noticed and go mainstream. How do i make money being an underground rapper? Explain and how much please?

I'll tell you that you ain't gonna make much money to be honest...

How to get backstage passes to a Mac Miller concert?

I just got tickets to Mac Miller's concert in Clemson, SC on March 28th at 8:00 PM. I really want three backstage passes, and I was wondering if they're even available. If they are, where could I get any? I called the box office and they aren't selling normal tickets to the public until the day before. I got mine from Ticketmaster.

There are FOUR WAYS to get a backstage pass. From somebody that posted this information here on Yahoo Answers in the past. That is really knowledgeable on this subject & some editing of my NYC experience on this. 1) You must KNOW someone connected with the band or tour, more like a relative that works for the band/concert/promoters. Or, if you are lucky have a friend or a neighbor that has a relative that works for the band or the promoters directly. Or somebody you personally knows that works for the band or promoters directly that has these connections. 2) Be a news reporter. You would have to be one connected to your local newspaper or local TV/radio news team. Also, people that are internet news bloggers very rarely get these unless they are very well know in the news industry. Also, the news people can't just show up with their news crew and be let in backstage. They have to arrange this in advance. Especially these days. 3) A local radio station will sometime have a backstage pass or two of the concert and offer it as a promotional prize. Either you have to be the 7th or 10th or 12th caller. Or hope that the entry form you filled out gets picked out by the radio DJ or whoever they have in a random drawing. 4) Sometimes a person will have one and will sell it on EBAY online auction or Craigslist and EXPECT to pay REALLY BIG DOLLARS (like hundreds or thousands) for one. You have to be REALLY careful when buying these from these websites. Some people I have seen that show up at a concert and pay $300.00 and more on one only to learn the backstage pass they bought is nothing but a laminated fake that security can easily spot. Some of these backstage passes have bar codes or security strips on them, depending on the agents and promoters. On some concerts the promoters will give a backstage pass to a person. Sometime these backstage passes are not transferable. If the person is not the name on the ID code on this backstage pass they could be in some trouble. Those are the ONLY WAY you will get a backstage pass legally. Thank the Lord for the copy & past option on IExplorer so I don't have to type the above information again when people ask this question.

How to get the bonus songs on the ed sheeran album?

I got the Ed Sheeran album, and it says that when you put them onto your computer, you get bonus tracks. But how do you do it? I have put it onto Itunes, but I have not got them?

I got his album i didn't get them either. But you have to have the delux edition. If you got that then i don't know. But here are the bonus tracks anywayz. Autumn leaves - Little bird - Gold rush - Sunburn -

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