How to properly site a famous movie line?

The line in question is “Elementary, my dear Watson.” my questions are:
1. Do I have to site it? (I assume yes, but just checking)
2. Do I have to site the original movie (even though I've never seen it) or will the remakes suffice?

You cite: movie name, dir.followed by directors name, per. followed by the performers name(s), date movie was made, format in which you watched it if you did not see it at the cinema (ie DVD), studio that released the format in which you saw it, date of release of the format in which you saw it (ie the date the DVD was released) You should cite the source from which you got the line regardless of whether it has been used elsewhere.

How to make a citation for a direct quote while writing a Spanish essay?

AP exam question. Needing to know if I am writing an essay in Spanish and if I reference a source, do I put the quote in parentheses like I would in English or something else?

writing a Spanish essay

How to quote wording in an essay from an Internet source?

I know with a book you put the author's name and page number after the quote but what about an Internet source? Would you insert the website after the quoted material? Also, what if the quote already has quotations, would it look like this: "'my art is a response to being alive.'"

You can use information from internet that is not restricted by copy rights. Normally you can use the quotes and add a link of author (website) at the end of quotes. For better understanding of copy rights act in USA please see below website.

How to persuade Brutus not to join the conspiracy in the julius caesar book?

I have write a speech and I need an example of what to say or do first in the speech. How should I convince him. What kind of diction, appeals and rhetorical devices should I use.
Anything kind of example or explaining what I should do would help. I have this due fri. So please help anyway possible.

Offer him a job a job at Caligula Quarterly Magazine

How to cite a quote as if I am the person?

I am writing a research paper in first person. How do I cite a quote that is spoken by the person, but in first person?

Generally speaking, a person who is speaking will already be speaking in first person. Most of us do not refer to ourselves in third person. To cite in MLA, simply place the citation in parenthesis at the end of the quote. If you need to substitute pronouns to make the quote make sense, put the substituted pronoun in [brackets] and include the citation at the end as usual.

How to punctuate a long quote at the beginning of an essay?

How do I punctuate a 4-line quote serving as part of the introduction of an essay?

-indenting and quotes etc

If you're quoting something at the start of the essay, then you aren't going to discuss it directly. Instead, it is probably a quote that sort of sums up the whole idea of your essay. Then you would have the heading of your paper at the top (your name, instructor's name, paper's due date). Below that, you would have the title of your essay. Centered below the title, you would put the quotation in qtn marks, followed by author's last name and page # in parenthesis. To make it stylistic, use a smaller font for the qtn. If you want to cite it and discuss the quotation directly, it should be included within your essay, not placed at the front.

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