Get To Australia, How to?

I`m currently resigning in United States, California. I need to get to Australia its a mater of Life or death. I need to get there before United States Falls apart.
I`m 15. I have good friends there, I`m a drummer/graphics designer. I need to know the basic details. how old you have to be. Visa price, how to stay there (do i have to marry my way in?). let me know that be nice.

You say you are in California, but what Nationality are you? You are only 15, wow. Do you only have good friends in Australia or some kind of family? At this stage it doesn't look good, someone your age immigration on your own to another Country. How are you going to support yourself? Usually to immigration to Australia you have to have a skill that is on our skilled shortage list, or come as an International student (but you have to pay all fees/costs up front) Anyhow check out the visa wizard and see if you can apply for anything and go from there.

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