How to use bangla in oracle developer 6i and database 10g express?

I made an application with developer 6i and database 10g. Now I cant use Bangla language with database 10g. When I put data in my form it can be save in database no problem.But when I execute the same data then it comes with wrong.

So What should I do now?

Ask on Tomhardware, or try majorgeek articles for those topic, is suitable board for programmers, there's also which is a good one :)

How to add a next page arrow into tumblr sidebar?And how can i disable the infinity scrolling?

There is no option for these on my theme so i guess i have to do something with my HTML code. Please somebody help me.

See the guide here:

How to make SharePoint form to copy a file to a folder?

I'd like to make a form for users on SharePoint that copies needed files to current directory. User should be able to choose file type(in fact I have 2 files and both are excel) and how many copy of that file would be copied, then when submitted, needed files should be re-named according to user input and copied.
Thanks for your ideas

See the guide here:

How to cut the selected text in visual basics?

Let's say I have a rich-text box with some text inside it. I want to create a button called cut. The user will select some of the text within the rich-text box and then press cut. I only want the selected text to be cut. I have tried researching this on the Internet but I only find solutions to cutting the whole text within the box. Any solutions?

Very simple. Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click RichTextBox1.SelectedText = " " End Sub TexMav

How to place textboxes in a table format in php?

I have six textboxes and I want to place them in six seperate columns with a header above for each of them. How do I do this specifically for php.

Here you have tutorials-->

How to stop the execution of a tag while still making it visible on a webpage?

Im writing an essay that involves talking about tags and in the essay i have the tags and . Then i have to upload this essay as a webpage. The problem is the browser executes the tags so when the essay loads on the browser the everything in between those 2 pairs of tags disappears including the tags. I've tried using the tags and but they just remove the 2 pairs of tags which i want to visible as well.

Replace the chevrons (angled brackets) with the equivalent HTML entity symbol and the code will not be parsed as HTML tags. The code for < is: & lt ; The code for > is: & gt ; (remove the spaces in between!)

How to correctly make a CGI building in Adobe After Effects?

Just need some advice on how to make a perfect building in the backround, thanks!

Well that depends. Are you planning on making it completely from scratch or just take a picture of a building and compositing it in? Its easier to just add in a picture because all you have to do is motion track it if you need to, maybe a little bit of masking, and some color correction to make it blend in.

How to make website created using Wordpress available in internet?

Am new to Wordpress and have created "website" using it which of-course is available to my PC locally. But how to access that from internet? Is it possible?

have a domain name and a hosting account. install wordpress and export your locally created wordpress website. ready to go. domain name: hosting: for installation of wordpress:

How to get an audio clip to play through the whole powerpoint?

I have Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 And I know how to get an audio clip to play on one slide, but not continue playing when I switch slides. It's not that the clip is too short because it's a bout 4:20, but I can't set some sort of timer or set it to play full time... Help please!!

I've never used to this program myself so im sorry.. but usually when it comes to that type of thing.. there should be a way to drag the audio clip to play through multiple slides.. if not im sorry..

How to host a website you have designed yourself?

I have designed and coded a website using HTML on my computer. Now I want to host it, and want to put it up on the internet. How do I do that? Do I just like contact a hosting company and say that I want to host my website, then send them my work, which they will post on the internet or something? How does it work?

You need to have a web host which is responsible for the visibility of your website on the world wide web and register your own domain name to accredited domain registrar. You can get them at the same company or have separate accounts for your domains and hosting service. For a web host, you can try the following: 1. Hostgator 2. Fatcow 3. Justhost You can register your domains at any of these domain registrars: 1. Godaddy 2. Namecheap 3. Netfirms If you have separate accounts for your domains and hosting service, make sure your domains are pointing to your web hosting. Then upload your own html pages in your server by using a FTP client like Filezilla and Winscp or use the file manager which can be found in your control panel.

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