How to do that autocleaning mantainence thing for Printers?

I have a printer HP PSC 1510xi and I forgot how to do that auto cleaning maintainence thing. I remember I did it before but I can't remember what it's called and can't find the option to do that in the printer control panel. Can anyone help?

XP Start Settings Printers and faxes Right click the printer icon Select printer preferences Select the service tab Windows 7 Start HP solution center Settings Printer settings Printer toolbox

How to change my printer settings to print in color?

I have a Kodak ESPC310 printer and I can't seem to remember how to set my settings to print in color from when I changed it to black and white. Please help? Thank you.

go into your start menu on your computer: 1. select "settings" 2. select "printers & faxes" 3. right click on the printer you want to make the changes to 4. select "printing preferences" 5. under the "main" tab, uncheck "grayscale" (or B&W or however your preferences are showing B&W printing) your color printer should now automatically print in color.

How to fix an error while installing driver software for a printer?

I have a desktop pc (Windows 7 Ultimate x64) with a printer (HP Photosmart C4580) and I am trying to install this device but during driver installation I get an error that claims:

"The printer driver is not compatible with a policy enabled on your computer that blocks NT 4.0 drivers."

I have attempted to fix this using the proper software for the correct type of operating system and the software fails.

It doesn't sound like you have the right version of software for that printer and that you're trying to install older NT drivers. Try this software suite from HP, it's a large file so it will take some time to download:

How to completely remove printer from Devices and Printers on a Windows computer?

I right-clicked on the printer and chose "remove printer," but the image is still there with the name. How can I completely erase it from the list even when I technically removed it already? I also tried dragging it to the Recycle bin, and it didn't work.

How strange, this should be all you need to do remove all traces of the printer. Have you tried right clicking this nameless printer again? Hopefully the option to remove will still be there.

How to tell if ink cartridge is empty when not in a machine?

I recently got into a new job and there are stacks of printer cartridges in boxes by the copier. They are all different models, and I don't know which machine uses them. I am trying to find a way to check if they're empty without tracking down the machines to which they belong. Any ideas?

No you can tell if you are around them all the time, but it you are out of luck.

How to get my wireless printer to work again?

I have a wireless HP printer and it worked fine until I changed to a different company. Because this is wireless, it can't connect to my laptop anymore. I misplaced the disc that came with the printer, so I have no idea what to do next and I need it for school. Help?

Download the run program and install it and if you have already done this then reinstall....

How to set up a Brother printer to a wireless network?

I have a Brother MFC 8870DW printer, and I need to set it up to my wireless network so that my network can use it. Please help!

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How to add the Borderless feature to my printer?

I have a HP 5550 Laserjet printer, it does not have the borderless feature, is there anyway to download an add-on or something that can import the feature.

Thanks for any answers

Have you looked in printing preferences? open device and printers,double click your printer icon then click print options (or words to that effect) put a tick in box marked border-less printing,good luck.Also make sure you select paper type,size etc.

How to connect a HP printer to a new network?

It's a HP officejet 6000 wireless. I know when I first got it I had to put a disk in to connect it to my computer. But, that disk is long gone. Unless I go search my brother's entire house for it.

You can find software for your printer on HP official website. Good luck.

How to duplex with a Lexmark laser printer?

Hi, I need to print a document out at work tomorrow, double sided and I am not sure how Lexmark printers work with this. My Samsung you have to rotate 180 degree but keep printed side down, is this the same for every laser printer? I am not sure what model the Lexmark is, but it loads from the front and the printed pages come out to the back/top rather than front, so thinking might work differently?

Any suggestions?

Hi, I have no idea but if in doubt what I normally do is to put a mark on the paper then print anything to see which side it comes out on. Then put it back the other way around, print something else and see what the result is. That way you can do a few quick tests until you know which way up to put the second side. Arnak

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