How to involve classmates in oral presentations?

I'm doing a presentation on late term abortion and was wondering how to use "peer involvement" in it?

Ask your classmates some questions about your report. Don't forget to add something that will entertain them.

How to get my classmates to stop asking to copy my work?

I happen to have very lazy classmates. Most of the time, when they ask to copy my work, they don't have a good reason to have not done it themselves. It really annoys me, because I work so hard on mine. Also, the only time some of them actually talk to me is when they need the homework -_-. I've begun to say no to people, but they keep coming back. What do I do to stop this completely?

Just keep saying no. If you tell them no five times, they'll stop asking. You could also tell them you don't have the homework with you because it's in your locker/at home/wherever and offer to HELP them instead. That way they aren't copying but still getting the work done, so everyone's happy.

How to study maths from the begining and about 16years old?

Is it not too late to study maths from the begining? And i realy dnt no how to read maths or physics and understand what it all about how should i tackle maths or physics problem and i want to learn them at home by my self is that possible?

I would help you as much as.i can.over email

How to tell my teacher that my partners did absolute nothing?

We have a 130 point project due today and my partners did almost absolutely NOTHING. When they gave me their information - in paragraphs, not bullets like they're supposed to be - they were plagiarized. So I had write their information all over again and they didn't do some of the stuff they were supposed to, so I had to do it. I had to make the project too without their help.
How do I tell my teacher this? I'm afraid of teachers yelling at me and I'm shy.

I disagree with the other answer completely. If you speak up, the problem is out of your hands. Your teacher might: a) go pursue the members involved and get to the bottom of the story (which they will probably lie about). They'll hate you, and make you out to be a massive asshole to everyone they know. b) not bother. Even worse. You feel like the world is grossly unjust and you become upset because of it. OR You can suck it up and know that while they're benefiting from your work right now, it'll catch up with them in the long run. They're getting comfortable right now, while you've improved yourself by doing the course work. Plus, you might feel like they think they've taken advantage of you, but really, what's better than appearing like a nice guy. Better than the alternative right?

How to write a letter to a teacher for eliminating the class monitor?

Our class monitor is really rude. We want her off the job. So, we're going to write a letter, requesting the class teacher to eliminate her and take signatures of all the class on the letter.
So how do I write the application? Please answer quickly.

Do you mean change in class monitor ? Suggest the unhappy group meets the class teacher and explain.

How to convince my councilor to change my scheldue?

I have changed my schedule twice before and my she said I can't change it no more. In my new classes I feel really uncomfortable with the kids in that class. I have anxiety issues And I can't make new friends. What else should I tell my councilor?

tell her exactly how you feel. Especially the anxiety part. If she doesn't go to the vice-principal or principal and tell them about your problem. That's how i changed my class.

How to convince parents not to get class ring for me?

I do not want a class ring because I am not sentimental and would rather have the exorbitant sum needed to purchase one of these used on a better item. Also, my mother complains enough about our terrible finances. My mother wants me and my twin brother to get one because it is traditional and our older brothers got rings. My twin brother agrees with me on not getting one. How can I convince my parents not to get one?

Simply tell them what you said here. Sometimes the most direct conversation is best, and we find that what we would tell/ask perfect strangers is in fact exactly what we should be saying to the ones concerned. It seems like a reasonable and practical request.

How to start a monologue in the past tense about my first day of high school?

For my English homework I need to write a 2 page monologue in the past tense about my first day of school, it's due in for tomorrow, and I have no idea how to start it! It also doesn't help that I can hardly remember my first day at school! Can anyone help me please? Thank you:)

If you can't recall your first day, make something up. No one's gonna know right? ;) Maybe start like this: "I stood on the steps (replace this with anywhere you stood then, i.e. pavement, floor, staircase, corridor...), gazing around me at the variety of unknown faces that walked past. Junior school to high school is one great leap they say. They were right. Where I stood, I saw many paths leading to many destinations, but which one do I take?" Carry on... (by paths I mean: you could ask the people around for the principal's office, or introduce yourself, make friends, or get straight to class, these paths) Please vote an answer:;_ylt=Ar4I0.pQMqyGOD0vjPWyDAYhBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110218075613AAmH7qn

How to start a personal statement when applying to sixth form?

Trying for an extremely academic school.
Planning on studying Drama, English, History, French and Music.
Passions : History, Film and Music.
Just desperately need an opening sentence!

Write in paragraphs: 1)about yourself(background, hobbies, passions and interests) 2) Why you want to go to that school 3) why you want to go into further education and why you want to study those subjects 4) What you wish to do after sixth form

How to concentrate and to be movtivated in my gcse school work?

my teacher says i'm clever but very lazy and i'm doing okay in school without any revision or paying attention in class

Think of the crappiest lowest paid job you can. Then think do you want that job . That should be a motivator

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