How to teach my son not to hit in the groin?

My son accidently hit his cousin in the groin one day (lightly) and all of the other cousins and family laughed. Now he thinks this is funny and does it for a laugh. Any suggestions or has anyone read any articles about this behavior? Is it normal - he's six. How do you teach them to stop? I have tried explaining that it hurts but when he gets frustrated or teased by a man, that's the first place he hits.

It's unfortunate that they laughed like that. Now you have to go through the work of reprogramming his brain that it's not funny. Teach him to not hit anyone, anywhere, ever. It makes the boundary more clear-cut and easier to enforce. Plus, it's just plain right to never hit people. Come up with a consequence for hitting. Six minutes in time-out, send him to his room, take away privledges. I wouldn't spank (That would be the classic "Don't hit"--whap!). Whatever you do, do it consistently. Every time he hits. In my opinion the time out or sent to his room would make better consequences for that, just because it's more immediate than "No TV tomorrow." It's easier to learn something if the consequence or reward is strongly connected to the behavior. And no warnings. One hit means immediate consequences. In addition to that, I would also give rewards for not hitting. If an entire day goes by where he doesn't hit anyone at all, put a sticker on a chart at bedtime. Ten stickers means some special treat (ice cream or 2 hours at the park with mom/dad, or whatever would work for him). Another good one would be if you see him raise his had to hit someone and stop himself from doing it, give an extra sticker right then and there. At six, I think that he would be old enough that if you explained the new rules to him when he gets up tomorrow he should understand. Simply state the consequences for hitting from that moment on and expalin about the sticker chart. Then, stick to it. Consistency is going to be most important. Good luck with it!

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