How to explain what Halloween is to preschoolers?

How do you explain to a bunch of preschoolers what & why we celebrate Columbus day, Veterans day, Halloween,& Thanksgiving? In a short but knowledgable way that they'll understand and pay attention to.

give short explanations on most of these days Columbus day,A man named Christopher Columbus a long long time ago first found this place where we live called America Thanksgiving?- we celebrate this day because this is the day or time when our country was started. Veterans day,-this is a day we honor or remember the soldiers who protect us for Halloween that's a tricky one as getting into specific religions is not always appreciated in a public preschool and Halloween's history isn't exactly child friendly you may just want to talk about how you celebrate that one.

How to become a pre-school or kindergarten teacher?

I am finishing up my bachelors degree in psychology in a year! I had originally planned on going to graduate school to earn a masters degree in school psychology, but my career goals are changing a bit. I would really love to be a pre-school or kindergarten teacher, but I am not an education major. How do I become one? Are there any states that don't require a teacher's certification to teach pre-school or kindergarten? Thanks for any information!

Quick, take some early childhood courses! Many programs will hire a person with a 4 year degree to teach preschool as long as they have some early childhood credits. You will not be able to teach kindergarten without a 4 year education degree and certification, and some programs such as Head Start, most pre-k programs, and some preschool programs DO require that 4 year education degree and certification. But you should be able to get a preschool teaching positions with the psych degree and some early childhood credits. And just a suggestion, have you spent any time in an early childhood classroom? Teaching preschool is very challenging and not everyone is cut out for it. You might want to volunteer a little time in some early childhood classrooms to be sure you understand what you are asking for. I hope you find that you love it as much as I do!

How to explain what pollution is?

I need to be able to explain in simple terms what pollution is to my group of 3-4 year old's. Besides pictures what is a good description or definition that they will understand and they will retain?

Once I joined biology class for national Olympiad and I still remember that my teacher told me that pollution is basically "something on wrong place". I remember she told me that if there's a sack of rice on the table that we're using, the sack of rice would be considered as pollution because it's not on the place where it has to be. A sack of rice should be on kitchen on or on a shop right on food section. You might wanna expand it by saying that pollution produced by car (all that carbon dioxide thing) is a pollution because they are not supposed to be there because they disturb people's health and so on. I hope this helps.

How to write an interpretation after an anecdotal record?

My assignment requires me to observe one child and write 2 anecdotal records with interpretation. I am seriously stuck at the interpretation part. So for example, Anecdotal record: ***** climbed up the stairs with her hands on the steps and slowly pushed herself up. Interpretation: ????????
Something like that.
I would really hope someone could give me a detailed help here. Thanks!

The example of an interpretation of ***** going up and pushing herself slowly up the stairs is this: " ***** is curious about her surroundings. She is testing her abilities in terms of what she observed and exploring dimensions of her strength, decision making, and her environment. She is also learning according to Piaget's stages of child development." Good luck.

How to become a preschool or kindergarten teacher?

I am 9 electives away from receiving my bachelors degree in psychology. I want to know if I select early childhood education courses as my electives (inaddition too, other child development courses that I have already taken) will I be qualified to teach preschool or kindergarten? Furthermore, is there some kind of exam I will have to take? Thanks

You should check with your state and see what the licensing requirements are for the position you are seeking. As a preschool teacher you should be fine but as a Kindergarten teacher, you may need to obtain a teaching license dependent upon the guideline of your state.

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