How to take care of sore throat during pregnancy?

Well I just got a sore throat today and a runny nose, I have nothing I can take for it and i don't wanna use the tablets I've got in case it harms my baby, what are some at home things I could do? Thanks heaps!

You can get some chamomile tea and some honey and that would help with that soar throat and it will relax you to. Its good and healthy to drink while pregnant. GOOD LUCK!!

How to give birth with minimal pain?

I am planning on giving birth naturally and vaginally - not water birth. I'm not 100% sure if I should take the pain reliever or not. Any tips or methods that work to make it if not less painful, then more tolerable/easier to handle? Because I am not that good with pain but I definetely want to do this.

Please, serious answers only.

Take raspberry leaf tablets from 32 weeks to strengthen your uterus. Take Evening Primrose Oil orally from 35 weeks and internally from 37 weeks to soften your cervix. Don't lay down to labour - it's the worst way for your body. It closes up the cervix and forces you to push up hill. Look into things like aromatherapy and maybe consider other options like a hot shower, music or hypnotherapy if you're not having a water birth.

How to tell the difference between hormones, pregnancy blues, and prepartum depression?

I'm not sure where I am on the spectrum. All I know is I used to be so excited and now I feel so different. So sad, so hopeless, so bored with the pregnancy at times. I don't even want to get up in the morning sometimes. I know that's so cliche but it's true. I used to be a happy person and now I just feel like there's no point in anything... What's wrong with me?

What is the difference between normal pregnancy moodiness, the pregnancy blues, and depression?

I think your nutrition is the culprit! I have done a lot of research on DHA (algae form) and they baby sucks it out if you so if your prenatals don't have 500 mg of DHA (most don't!) then you should supplement with some DHA pills. Vegetarian ones are better bc they don't have fish which could care mercury. Also are you eating enough iron? Low iron can lead to feeling wiped out which could make anyone depressed. Make sure to eat plenty of green veggies which help you absorb the iron you get in other foods. Back to yor question: I don't know what you're "defined" as. I'd like to think you're just temporarily blue on account of nutrition and I think if you supplement as I said you'll feel better in no time. Here are some other things I do to keep in a good mood: Talk to friends daily Make a vision board of all things I want in life Make a list of everything I'm grateful for Prayer Meditation Comedies or romance movies Hot baths Walking Playing with my pets Staying away from negative people Staying away from disturbing TV news or movies Hope that helps!

How to tell the difference between BH and real contractions at 37 weeks?

Lost my mucus plug last night, and been very leaky since, but how to tell the difference this late in pregnancy?

BH are irregular and go away if you drink lots of water and rest. Real contractions don't go away and get stronger and are regular. Try drinking water and laying on your side for 30 minutes. If the contractions don't go away start timing them. If they're less than 10 minutes apart and last longer than 1 minute, go to the ER.

How to tell the difference between back labor and just bad back pain?

I am having back pain that starts from my lower back and works up to my mid back. My question is how do you know i its back labor or bad back pain?
Also I was told 2 days ago that I had a posterior cervix. (If that has anything to do with the back pain)

I had COMPLETE back labor with my daughter -- she came out face-up. There was absolutely no pain in my abdomen whatsoever, or at least so little that it went unnoticed. It was an oval-shaped area of pain that went from my tailbone to almost midway up my back, and then almost around to my sides. It literally felt like my back was going to pull apart vertically, and lying on my sides made it much worse. I was most comfortable laboring flat on my back, where the bed was pressing on it and there was even pressure and the absolute worst nausea. Its an absolute horrid labor one that you'll never forget once you go through it

How to manage your education even when a teenager who is pregnant?

How to manage a good education and still have time for your child

Hey! I'm SOOOO glad you want to continue an education. Just saying :) 1) There are schools made especially for pregnant teens and teens with children. There are many of them; Just Google "School for pregnant teenagers" and add in your state for more local options. 2) If you can afford daycare or a nanny or some similar option you can go to mainstream highschool (though the social aspect would be less than ideal.) 3) My best friend is home schooled. You can opt for just that, or you can try a quality online school (not a crappy $19.99 for a degree type of online school). She uses one to supplement her education and seems to be doing really well, and many people use only the online.

How to prevent nausea and vomiting durun pregnancy ?

This is my second pregnancy but it hasn't been going so well I throw up more than usual and I'm nauseous 24/7. I'm sure its normal I just want any tips that can help me calm it down.

I took a pill called zofran itts an over the counter med. It was prescribe to me when I was prego cuz I was sick alllllllll the time its a fruity flavored chewable tablet. It helps soooooo much.

How to avoid excessive pregnancy weight gain?

Is there anyway to still have great arms & butt while pregnant? I don't want to gain weight EVERYWHERE. Just mainly the belly. I already eat very healthy, I just don't want to get super fat.

Any tips?
And what about exercising? I go running daily, about 4 miles, when will I have to stop that?

Many women gain only in their belly and breast if they gain within the recommended weight gain set by their doctor. I know I did with both pregnancies. So continue your healthy eating as you are when not pregnant. As you get into the 2nd and third trimester you add about 200-300 calories per day to your diet. As far as exercise that is something you need to discuss with your doctor. Some exercise is allowed throughout (like walking and some yoga) but I am not sure about running.

How to decide If you want to have a baby or not?

I have been thinking lately about whether or not I want to become a parent, What are some important things I need to think about before I try to get pregnant? What are some things I Can do to get pregnant easier and faster! My husband already has 2 kids from a previous relationship, I love them to death! I want to experience Pregnancy and child birth for myself, So If anyone has any tips on getting pregnant that would be great! Thanks!

if you like sleep, don't have a baby if you don't like having to clean EVERY SINGLE DAY, don't have a baby. pregnancy however is a joy, at least mine was <3 that's my advice! :)

How to prepare for labor without childbirth classes?

I dont have money to pay for the childbirth classes but I really wanted to do natural birth. Will I be able to do it without any practice and without knowing how..any tips?

I don't think you need the classes honestly. Babies were being born for years without classes. You might be able to research some stuff online to make you feel a bit more prepared... I've had 3 children.. just breathe :)

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