How to unlink a deleted facebook chat account from Yahoo Web Messenger?

Since some time Yahoo Web Messenger is nagging to relink my facebook chat. When I do so it tells me that it is already linked to another account which is true, because it was linked to my old facebook account which I had to delete! Using the unlink feature in Yahoo!Profile doesn't work! As soon as I deactivate it turns active again. Any ideas how to solve this problem?

Dear friend, i think you have to open your old yahoo account and you have to remove your facebook email address and password so that you can use it on new one.

How to get rid of unknown contacts who circumvent my ignore list on Yahoo Messenger?

I have many unknown contacts on my ignore list and clicked the okay button and apply button. Yet everyday, I have requests from unknown contacts--I have Messenger set up to only accept requests from known contacts, so the ignore section is not working on unknown contacts. How can I fix this problem?

Its a problem that cant be fixed, according to Yahoo even though you check the 'only allow people on my contacts list' you cannot stop requests.... I have the same problem and it is so annoying, just click 'ignore' every time. I dont know where they come from or who is sending them and its a big problem and there are a lot of similar questions on here, sorry there isnt a better answer

How to find out if someone is checking your Yahoo invisible status?

I know that there are Yahoo invisible checker programs that can help one find out if someone is invisible on Yahoo messenger.

Can I find out who the person that is checking my status is, if any? If yes, how can I do it? I usually like to appear offline when I'm invisible but I'm sure that there are some people who check me with those programs to see whether I'm online or not. I'd just like to know a way to find out who.

you won't be able to know who is checking you since those detectors will not alert you!!!

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