How to tell if you can install a graphics card?

I have a opltiex 520. I have 1 gig of ram on windows xp. I already have a dual core processor and 1 gig of ram.

sounds about right

How to convince my parents to let me stay home tomorrow?

I need some help convincing my parents to let me stay home from school tomorrow, I'm not feeling well and I don't want to go to school tomorrow the problem is that my mom is the principal of the school.

Act like you're really feeling sick. Having something hard to discover it's a lie would be the best such as terrible headache. How can one know how much pain are you in? Nobody!

How to approach a girl in your college class you find attractive?

Today was the start of my Medical Terminology class, and when I entered the class room, I had my eye on this girl the moment I saw her. The thing about it is, I find no other girl in the class room attractive, and I would really love to get to know this girl. I’m shy, and don’t want to come off as socially creepy. What is a good way to introduce myself to this girl, and maybe ask to hang out sometime, maybe have a study session or something?

Step 1 : Walk up to her. Step 2: Grope her behind. Step 3: Smile.

How to meet a celebrity after their live show?

A comedian will be in town tomorrow night and I'm going to go see his show, do you have any ideas as to how to meet them? Like get there early? Thanks

Flash them your t*tties, and you'll definitely get a vip pass

How to chase a girl ? A lot of girls said that girls need the guy to chase the gi?

How to chase a girl ?

A lot of girls said that girls need the guy to chase the girl.This is based on the responses I got for my previous question.

I'm not sure, but I think what you should do is if your in school then try to talk to her in the hallways and go places together with other friends, and text or call her a bunch. If you're not in school or not in shcool with her then just text or call her a bunch and tey to go lots of places with her

How to stay awake and study and do whatever it takes to finish my hw?

In high school I used to be able to be up till 3/4am but now I can barley stay awake at 12am

What can I do to stay awake? I don't want to drink energy drinks, any suggestions ?

usually people are unable to stay up till late at night is because they either had a adequate amount of food which gives you're digestive system a work to do and let you sleep or either you woke up too early in the morning so you're "battery" is low which lets you're brain give you the signal that you need to go to bed. but this is the normal way how animal works but the abnormal way of staying up till late at night is don't eat too satisfyingly and don't wake up too early in the morning this lets you cover up the sleep hours! hope this helped! :)

How to have swag while walking and riding the subway even when just sitting somewhere?

Have can i have swag while walking, like hardcore swag, I am trying to be more like the humans if you are wondering.

Wear your baseball cap backwards.

How to make a girl less intimidated of me?

I have come to the conclusion that I scare off girls with my exuberant personality. The girls get shy, but I thought smiling more would mean they would come around and become comfortable. Any tips on being more approachable?

I'm 6'2 I'm scary to a lot of people and I'm a very nice guy :(

How to.....................................?

Have a SEXY voice? I'm a girl, if it helps.

Just say it low and s-l-o-w-l-y and you will get there!

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