How to deal with suspected terrorists: Water boarding or drone attacks to take out villages?

Which way was better? The Bush way to water board suspected terrorists or the Obama way to send drones into villages and kill 100s of civilians to get one suspect?

Since when you do torture or kill ANYONE who is SUSPECTED of a crime? It's that type of thinking that's turned law enforcement into the mess it is today.

How to get rid of spaghetti stains in my underwear?

I have gotten spaghetti stains in my underwear. My fuсken white, cotton underwear.

I have spaghetti stains in my white, cotton underwear.

rub it against your nipple five times and it should be removed

How to put a stop to the Islamophobia in the US?

I have had it with the hate against islam! It's high time that a law is implemented to STOP any form of blasphemy against islam!!!! Haven't you psychopaths gained enough 'pleasure' from invading and destabilizing our countries, and raping our women? What is wrong with you people?

We have something called freedom of speech here. Atheists may hate Christians. Christians may hate atheists. Fundies may hate homosexuals. Homosexuals may hate fundies. Hunters may hate vegans. Vegans may hate hunters. Conservatives may hate liberals. Liberals may hate conservatives. Gun owners hate the gun control people, gun control people may hate the gun owners. Pro-lifers may hate pro-choicers, pro-choicers may hate pro-lifers. And many other disagreements here but no matter what we have the right to say what we want about anyone, make any video, and point out any flaws in philosophy, whether rational or not because we have free speech. And we most of us are willing to die to defend this freedom.

How to get into Politics? Going away to a good school or staying and volunteering?

How to get into local politics in your city.

By going far away to a good school and majoring in political science and government


Staying home and go to the decent local university(and studying something practical like accounting or finance) and volunteering in the local campaigns.

Would you get more contacts and experience by picking the second choice?

Yes, the second choice would be better if you were only interested in local politics.

How to improve employment in America through business and product access?

I find it hard to buy american made through the internet as when i want to buy american made products there is limited access or none at all how.Business men and woman need to work with the government to give the world access to american made products.

blame Europe and the uncertainty of the fiscal cliff and the GOP congress.

How to overthrow the ruling party from power?

If they control more than 90 % of parliamentary seats
It is a pity indeed. They get only 60 percent of votes in every district but 90 percent of seats.

The unions are controlled by them too.

If they control more than 90% of seats, chances are you're referring to a totalitarian regime. Depending on the regime, it usually takes an opposition movement with military support, either winning over the military leadership of said country, or winning tangible support of the international community.

How to make the best political candidate?

I think ron paul should be the head, romney the middle,we will attach romneys mouth to ron pauls butt, we will attach obamas face to romneys butt,then pelocis face will be attached to obamas butt. Finally we will slice the tendons in all of their legs so they cannot stand, and attach everyone exept ron pauls arms to the person in front of them legs.

What do you think, would you add someone? We need to create the ultimate president how do we do that?

You are absolutely correct. If you ask racial and black questions. They will fill your page. Thank you for the test. And the answer. It sure got me going.

How to explain to people why a East German type police state is bad?

A lot of people I know say they do not care they have nothing to hide. They do not care if the government tracks there every move, spies, forces them to have ID to cross state boards, get searched randomly.

How can you reason with this type of spineless jellyfish?
Basically the liberals and neocons.

Show them a history book and in particular point out the concrete wall that socialism had to build to keep its people from fleeing. Or how people who tried to cross the wall to get to freedom were shot by East German police. Capitalism never had to keep its people behind a wall for 28 years.

How to stop Jan Brewer from sending me to the concentration camps?

I accidentally left the house without my long-form birth certificate and medical records. When Jan Brewer's conservastappo search me and implement the final solution what can I do to escape with my life? I'm a good white Christian I promise!

Hand over one of your children for extermination then perform sexual favors for the commandant of the camp. Conservatives are always really generous to people that will sacrifice others and any principle for their selfish interests.

How to work at the pentagon or white house?

My parents work at IHS. I want to be an important person in the military or work at the white house as a secretary or something close to the president? Please help. I can go to tinker air force base because my parents. But I dont want to go into combat or anything like that.

How can i work at the white house?,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=ecbeb301ac08d61c&biw=636&bih=622 Good luck, honey. ##

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