How to hack just cause 2, to get unlimited money on ps3?

I want unlimited money! Can someone give me good instructions on how to do it?! Or tutorial link from a website?!

Hi there i know a website that can help you. Just register and post the games you want the hacks for.

How to always know where your console is?

Hello! I had a Ps3, but my brother keeps on taking it and hiding it, i would like to know of any ship or device i can just put on or inside the Ps3 to know where is all the time.

There is no clapper or GPS for your PS3. How hard could it be to find something that big? Just lock your bedroom door.

How to back up PS3 because upgrading to a new hard drive?

I have only 1 PS3 slim and I am wanting to upgrade my hard drive to a bigger one. And I want to keep all my game saves and trophies if possible on my many accounts. I know you can buy PlayStation plus, but I am not wanting to do that.


How to get movies I bought on a different ps3?

I bought a bunch of movies & tv series on my Ps3 slim about a yr ago. But ive been using my 80gb ps3 (B/C) lately and in Ps store under vidoes, none of the videos I bought are there. How do I get them on back?

You can only download movies and videos once. It states that in the user agreement. Once you switch PS3's you have lost the ability to watch those videos again unless you pay for them a second time.

How to share media between a PC and a PS3 without access to the Internet?

I'm trying to set up Media Sharing between my laptop and my PS3. Unfortunate, I cannot connect my PS3 to the internet at my school because it's blocked. Is there a way to network a PC and a PS3 via cable or wifi without having access to the internet on the PS3?

I'm practically in the same boat as you are (I'm trying to stream videos to my PS3). So far, you really don't need to be connected in the internet to play videos from your PC to your PS3,. you just have to connect your PS3 (via WiFi or wire) and your PC to a router. Run Windows Media Player 12 (On Windows 7) then on the "Stream" tab, select "Enable Media Streaming". On the list of devices, select your PS3 and grant it access. Connect your PS3 to your router (run the Network configuration if necessary) and look for an option to enable "media sharing/upnp/dlna/media streaming etc." -sorry, can't remember correctly,. just try figuring it out :D On the PS3,. scroll to your tabs (ex. Videos, Music,. etc.) then select "Search for media servers".

How to transfer data from old PS3 hard drive to new hard drive?

I've got a 60gb PS3 and I want to buy a new internal hard drive for it. What's the best way of transferring all my game saves and downloaded games etc onto the new hard drive? Is it worth me paying an extra £20 for a 60gb external hard drive to transfer all the data? Thanks.

You need to use the PS3's backup utility feature ! You'll need an external storage device to transfer the saved data from the 60GB HDD to the storage device via your PS3's USB slot ! After doing that, install your new HDD and then pluf your storage device into your PS3 USB slot and transfer all data to the new HDD ! Compatible USB storage devices are, MemoryStick, SD Memory Card, or CompactFlash, etc I'll include a link that should help you ! Good luck !

How to use the Transaction Receipt in Playstation Network?

Over the past few days I bought some clothes on Playstation Home. Now some of those clothes that was bought from Playstation Home are not useful anymore and i want to send them back to earn back my money. I read an my email that is connected to playstation network saying that they had a receipt for my purchase, how do I use the receipt?

You can't get a refund.

How to connect to a different Netflix account on PS3?

I canceled an old Netflix account and now I have a new account. I have tried everything to sign out of the old account and nothing seems to work. I'm not a techy so if you could be specific about what to do, I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

I mean I found this but there should be a better solution: Navigate to Netflix application (make sure you see the movie box-art images on your TV). Use the arrows on the controller to do the following keystroke sequence: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up Select Deactivate. Select Yes to confirm. Select OK after a message reports that the device has been deactivated (This may take up to a minute) The application will display a red screen for few seconds and then return to the "Are you a Netflix member?" page. Please note that you must reactivate at this point without quitting the application for the deactivation to take effect. You can also call Netflix at

How to hook a PS2 or Gamecube to computer?

My monitor has the yellow composite, s-video and component inputs directly on it so the video is no problem. But how/where in the world can I plug the audio cables in? I don't see any red and white composite inputs on the monitor or tower. Is there an adapter or converter I can buy? Thanks.

You'd have to get an adapter for the RCA cables to plug in some external speakers.

How to transfer ps3 data to another ps3 offline?

My brother and I both have PS3's and we play in different rooms, I continuely have to move it back and forth and its gets old. Is there a way to transfer the game save data to his offline. I tried using a usb, and putting it on the PS3. However, it says "invaild save data" "You cannot use this data becuase you are not the original owner" what do I do or can I do to use the save data on his PS3 offline?

You have to create your account on his system and log in with that when you want to play.

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