How to tell how much film is left in my camera?

I have the minolta x-700, and was just wondering how you can see how much film/photos you have left in the camera. Thanks!

There is a screen on the back of the camera that should tell you how much film is left. <- manual if you need it.

How to get models for a college assignment?

I have a college lighting assignment which I need to photograph. As I am a college student I can't afford to pay for a model and also I am not a professional photographer. Any suggestions on how I might work this out?
Sadly even with the promise of beer I can't tempt them haha XD

You have friends right? they like beer right? Or is this being asked because you have no friends to use in such an assignment? In this case, you use yourself and a timer.

How to make others make your profile picture to get 100's of likes?

In my school, I have these girls who get 100's of likes on their profile pictures. And its like they upload it every 10 seconds but it says they uploaded it like Friday for example. Any help on getting more likes & have more people see mine? Btw, this profile is on Facebook.

Thanks in advance,

It has a lot to do with being popular. If you want likes, go and post on many other people page, build up your friends list, then update your profile picture with something eye catching (I don't mean sex related), such that people take notice of your profile picture. Make comments on popular things. Eventually you'll get more likes... but where is all of this going?

How to take good pictures with a disposable camera?

My little brother got his sandy sticky fingers on my camera in my room on a shelf. Now the lens has sand all up in it and oh. I bought a disposable camera. Woop.
I've used a few for a foggy night the other day, and just to see what the sunlight/sunset looks like. Some of my dogs, and on a holiday yesterday. I have 9 left. I could always buy another..

Make sure there's plenty of light out... you'll get better results that way... don't recommend using the tacky flash on it. Get in as close as you can to the subject.

How to sell photos to national geographic?

I want to sell(or atleast send them so that they select it) my travel photos to national geographic/discovery or any such to do that?also how to participate in photo competitions over internet?any such site?

You want to sell your travel photos to National Geographic? Yah, good luck with that. They contract professional photographers with many years of experience and use state of the art equipment. What can you offer that they can not?

How to change background color in the picture?

I am trying to put in a solid color in the background, so that the picture can be focused on the person who is in the picture. Does anyone know how to put one solid color in through picasa? If there is another way to do it, without picasa - please do tell!

Use GIMP. Duplicate the layer, erase everything in the bottom layer and change it to the color you want. Make the bottom layer invisible. Add an alpha channel to the top layer and erase everything except the person. Around the edges of the person you'll want to use the eraser at 30 - 60 transparency(depending on what looks best) to keep the edges looking too sharp and fake. Make the bottom layer visible again, and ta daa!

How to get clear shadows when your photographing figures?

I keep on trying to do a sharp shadow but cannot get it right! I am using a digital camera and a bright light. I cannot get a clear picture of it though! Please help!

To get sharp. well defined edges on shadows you need a very strong light source and if using artificial light it needs to be close to the subject. The more diffused or further away then the less defined the shadows will be.

How to make a professional camera look like a point and shoot?

Most concerts don't let you get in with a removable lens and I'd really like to use it anyways. Is it possible to make a "professional camera" look like a point and shoot? Note: most of the bands I go to see like to have fans take pictures, and I'm not taking video to repost.

Your worse enemy in the concert environment is the terrible lighting. Apply 2 layers of transparent scotch tape over the flash of your camera to diffuse the harsh light. That and a very steady hand (or set it on a solid surface) is your best bet with a compact. What is your camera? The slim Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 would do best in this situation.

How to get into Parsons new school for photography?

I am a freshman in high school. I am starting to plan out my future and be prepared. I want to study photography with a Bachelors degree in fine arts at Parsons. I am an honor roll student so what else I should do to get started, and get a scholarship hopefully. I am also homeschooled.

The appropriate venue to ask this question is at Parsons itself. Call or email them, check their website. Ask them not us.

How to put together a makeshift photography studio for my party?

For my birthday party we're having a photoshoot, in this private room in my favorite restaurant and we're getting one of my mom's friends to take the photos with her SLR camera but we don't know how to make the studio? Will, like, white bed sheets be okay, lol? I don't want to spend more than about £30 on the equipment so it's gotta be cheap. Can I use a normal house lamp for the lighting? What shortcuts can I take? Ty!!

Meghan (?), Okay, before you get too wrapped around the axle on this just be sure ASAP it will be okay with the restaurant to do this photoshoot at their restaurant. Don't wait till the day of the party and ask them when you arrive or you may be in for a sad surprise.There may be liability or other issues that prevent doing this... That said, let's just assume they say 'yes' after you ask them today... if they do, here's what I suggest you have for your shoot: 1- Two tripods (one for the DSLR camera, one for an off-camera continuous light or wireless/radio triggered flash), If no one has the 2nd tripod (I'm assuming your shooter has at least one...), then have your guests take turns holding the off-camera light standing at the 45 degree angle and holding the light with their arm held above their shoulders... 2- If your planned shooter doesn't have an appropriate off-camera small flash then get this type of continuous light (or an equally cheap substitute): 3- Position the off-camera light at a 45 degree angle to the subjects when they're having their pics taken 4- Have you checked out what the private room looks like? You should! If the decor is decent you won't need any backdrop. If it's too busy or unattractive then I'd suggest using a gray (not black, not white) sheet as a neutral backdrop (it would also be easier against that color for someone who can use Photoshop to extract the person's portrait and move them to another background...). Don't bring a brand new sheet that's still in the pkg. then plan to hang it up on the wall. It will have major creases in it. The sheet should be ironed (possible with a spray starch) prior to the event to get rid of the creases. Then roll it up to carry it to the event. Less likelihood of creases with that. You obviously would want a flat, not fitted, sheet (check a local dept. store): 5- Again - if the restaurant will allow it - use "gaffer's tape" to hold the sheet to the wall (it sticks well but doesn't leave marks when removed): 6- Final consideration, which your shooter had better know if they're going to be the photog for the event, don't have the subjects stand too close to the background or else they'll cast an ugly shadow that will show up behind them - they should be at least 4-5' from the background (any background). 7- There are a lot of things to coordinate and know how to work with. That's why pro shooters charge what they do. So treat this more as a fun activity in case the photos don't end up looking like what you'd expect from a pro portrait photog. A kind of more grown up alternative to pin the tail on the donkey... You should be able to stay within your budget if careful. But as I said above, don't spend any money or go to any trouble and get people all psyched to do this if the restaurant doesn't give you advance permission. I'm sure your Mom already had the foresight to caution you about this... Good luck! Happy Bday.

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