How to be intelligent and how is education helpful to being intelligent?

How to increase intelligence...? If I would be intelligent, could I be less ignorant?

It's my understanding that the jury is still out with regard to our ability to create a lasting improvement in fundamental intelligence. There is a study referenced in the link below that purports to show some improvement by training related to one's working memory. Be aware that the article itself is just a blog of someone who cites anecdotal information. As you are probably aware, anecdotes are not sufficient to draw conclusions about what is likely to be true, but can serve a useful purpose by providing memorable data points that may spark interest in formal studies. I like to think of the following things as separate, but mutually beneficial for a person interested in getting the most out of life: Intelligence is the hand we are dealt, in terms of how easy or hard it is to take in information and put it to good use. Education provides us with knowledge, which is the raw material that we can mold using intelligence. Wisdom is the accumulation of life experiences that can help us make better decisions using the intelligence we have and the knowledge we acquire. Training is different from education, as it is focused on accomplishing specific tasks. Training can be very useful if we wish to be successful in our efforts to complete tasks without making the same mistakes via trial and error that others have already made. Aptitude is related to intelligence, but includes disposition, patience, level of interest, etc. If I have aptitude for a particular type of work or thinking, I may be more successful in that work than people with greater intelligence and even knowledge or training, simply because I care more about the work and put more of my mental energy into the work. I could go on at length, but I think you get the idea....

How to prevent something from dominanting your thoughts?

Easy answer is to think of something else, or to do something else but what do you do when thinking/doing other things don't prevent it, and its always there. How can you move on when nothing else is strong enough to take over? Where to go from there

How do you avoid wallowing in your thoughts, when no activities even seem appealing enough to keep your mind sidetracked;
But the most confusing part is it isn't even something that you really want or need, because when things go back to normal you see that you need more from life.

It's called suppressing those thoughts. A psychological term. If I can't change the thought I let it dominate in order to eventually rid of it. For example, a person is depressed about something you suppress the thought until one day you can't take it and you start crying and you release all that anger or frustration or hate towards yourself that has been built up. Only after and then do you feel refreshed and new again, and can think about and focus on more important matters. You just have to let it go otherwise it's going to constantly bother you subconsciously and effect your conscious state of being. You have to conquer or find ways to work with that inner demon, for you can ignore it for only so long.

How to lower your expectations from other people?

I have a problem that if i go out of my way to do something for other people, i almost expect them to do the same for me. It creates problems when they dont do as i expected. And it hurts a lot as well. So how do you lower your expectations from other people?!

do your own work with confidence...

How to be down to earth and charismatic?

How to be someone that everyone will like and to be down to earth, always positive and happy?

sorry but no-one is liked by everyone by being pleasant and honest many people will take to you however if you are a naturally miserable person forcing yourself to be something you are not will inevitably make you unhappy and then you will turn more people away.

How to firmly stick to your decision, once you have taken it?

What does it take to stand firm. Mostly when emotions and feelings are involved while taking the decision.

It's like when I go to purchase clothes I would decide to buy certain set of clothes and just when I've decided I will buy a particular set of clothes , I would change my mind and decide to purchase some different set of clothes, it's like I can't decide what to buy and this happens not only with clothes but happens in other areas of my life too, my advice would be just make a choice and then stick with it, close yourself to other options and think this is the only choice and this is the best one, I've made my decision and it's final.

How to restore innocence and a pure heart?

Ive been through a hell of a lot. I've been homeless, raped, abused and in terrible situation and it's finally got its grip on me and changed me and now I view life in a terrible way. How do I get my old mindset back and be with a pure heart again?

I could really use all the advice you can give. Thank you.

Maybe your heart is more pure than you think. Otherwise, it would not be one of your goals. It sounds as if you came into the world in good faith, innocent, and trusting. After being beaten and betrayed so many times, it's easy to become cynical. It's nothing to feel guilty of. You just need some quiet time to dig through all the crap that society has heaped onto you, and find that beautiful, innocent child within you again. You know what can happen. All your inner child knows how to do is be innocent and pure, as a child should be. It's up to you with all of your experience, to protect and guard this child against further abuse. In return, delight in the simple wonder and innocence of who you used to be, but be warned: none but the utmost trustworthy are to be allowed onto the sacred ground that you and your inner child share. Trust none except those who prove they can be trusted and then, only as far as they have proven to be trustworthy. It's a crappy, and a beautiful world. Your experienced self needs to spot the crap and protect your inner child from it. At the same time, let your inner child give you the hope and joy you so richly deserve.

How to stop comparing myself to others?

I get jealous and compare myself to other people. Like online I constantly check up on them and compare myself to them. This freshman chick that pretty much hates me since I told her to stop hating on other girls for what they wear, she gets all the things she wants and I compare myself to her getting more than me. And I do it with other girls. She's dying her hair, I still haven't even gotten dye, she has a cololer wardrobe then me.

How do I stop obsessing over comparing myself to others so much?

I think you need to learn contentment. I have also been comparing myself to others a lot lately and well have always had this problem to some extent. Jealousy is the opposite of contentment which can be solved by working on improving your own life. They say "compete only against yourself." And "No one can beat you at being you!" Do your best in everything and realize that everyone is better and worse than others in different ways, but always remember the good ways. Listen to this song: "Measure of a Man" "Oh I say the measure of a man is not how tall you stand, How wealthy or intelligent you are, I found out the measure of man, God knows and understands, For he looks inside, To the bottom of your heart, And what's in the heart defines a measure of man."

How to apply philosophy to defend an argument and unveil fallacy or sophism?

I often lose an argument When arguing with a person who has a good talking skill. To me, I feel like that person is using fallacy or sophism & his/her talking skill to turn down my argument.

I knew my argument is not bad but somehow I couldn't defend it.

After arguing with him/her for a while, I couldn't continue arguing cos I couldn't unveil his/her fallacy or sophism.

How to apply philosophy to defend an argument and unveil fallacy or sophism?

Can you tell me which area of philosophy mentioning about it.

Well you'd have to put forth the inferences involved in their argument to recognize their flaws. You're talking about informal logic, determining false inferences found in the application of the mind's logic/ability to infer. There are just so many methods for concluding with something that is appealing to a fallacious inference.

How to win over the feeling of what will happen during death?

We exactly know what happens when we die. It happens exactly like when we sleep.

When we sleep we become conscious only when we open our eyes.

So dying is like sleeping forever without having dreams.

Millions of people believe in Souls, Heaven and Hell after death. But since God does not have any evidence, the most predictable thing is 'nothingness' after death.

How to win over this fear of 'Nothingness' after death.

The pineal gland of your brain releases a high dose of DMT (which is a powerful hallucinogen) right before you die. So if you want to know what its like when you die, take some hallucinogens... Oh wait... they're illegal XD. Your consciousness came from the universe before you were born, it will return to the universe when you die. Maybe you will even be born again. But if you are, you won't remember this life; And will probably end up asking the same question all over again. Isn't life fun?

How to meditate and can you pray and meditate at the same time?

can you explain a way to medidate very easy? without those positions? I learned by music but it's hard, I don't know about meditation,I learned it's concetration? can you pray and medidate at the same time?

Meditation is when you try to clear your mind, so you wouldn't want to be praying. Prayer is a conversation with your God, and you can't empty your brain if you're trying to have a conversation. There are lots of ways to meditate. I have ADD, so it's not really possible to truly stop thoughts from coming into my head. Instead I jog or do tai chi, and try to think of nothing but the moves. It really helps. It's like a big re-set button for the brain. When I am finished, everything makes a lot more sense and I can sort out the important stuff from the stuff I should not focus on. It helped me stop overeating.

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