How to change the amount of emails to delete?

Currently you can delete 25 emails at a time how do you raise the amount? Boss went on vacation came back to fine over 18,000 emails in his in box??? They were all very old ones (my guess they were in his trash) and not deleted from server.

In the regular mail heading just to the left of the gear there is a strange symbol called switch view. It is not available in Classic. Click the arrow next to it and select one of the "in scrolling list" options. You can now select the entire list and delete it. ℬ ℋ

How to set password for a folder at yahoo mail?

Hi every body, I've created a folder in my yahoo mail, and I wanna set a password to protect it, could any one help, please? I'll appreciate that.

is it not simpler and total solution to create another account with a password that only you can know?

How to attach a signature to yahoo email?

I want to make attach my signature at the end of eamil automatically, How can i do that?

1. With your email page open in yahoo, click on the "Options" , Mail Options button in the upper right. 2. Scroll down to and click on "Signatures" and a box will open for you to type or change your signature. 3. If you click on "Color & Graphics" across from "Editor", you will see a toolbar above the signature box in which you can change to different fonts, colors smileys etc. 4. At the bottom of the signature page, check the box next to "Add signature to all outgoing messages," Click "Save."

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