How to transfer money to someone who has Bank of America account?

I have a PNC bank account and I want to transfer some cash to my friend who has BoA. Do I have to do it through PNC or can I just put cash into the one of BoA's ATM?

If you can't do bank-to-bank transfers online w/ pnc; get your friends boa account#, walk into any boa, and deposit $ into their account.

How to withdraw Paypal money to my debit card?

Well my card is linked to Paypal already. All I want to do is to withdraw the money to my debit card. Is it possible???
All I know is that every time I go to "Withdraw" I then go to "transfer to bank account" but they need to know my routing number & my account number
Is there another way instead of this?

You don't. You can transfer funds to a bank account, but not a debit card.

How to explain to parents you just spent a large amount of money?

I just went shopping and my checking account was $132 and now it's $13 and I need $27 and I have to ask my parents.

Well, depending on what you sure spending $120 won't be such a big deal unless you owed them money....consider returning what you purchased to get that money back? Or maybe they will just let you borrow the money if you offer them interest on it or do some chores around the house as a way of paying them back. Good luck! -Brandon

How to stop Ebay from saving my debitcard whenever i buy stuff?

For example, I proceed to check out on a item and then sign onto paypal. After that my debit card number is already displayed as default because I purchased items previously using that card. How do I erase this card from ever doing this again? Is there a option to set this?

You can turn cookies off that will fix it

How to answer nicely to a person that wants a loan and has no job?

My answers is no job = no loan.
Always gets me the thumbs down, which is ok.
I always make sure it's not a loan spammer too.
But I want to get thumbs UP next time someone asks.

"Where can I get a loan. I have no job, no income, and a really bad credit"

I want sarcastic answers that will finally get me a thumbs up such as:
Go to any bank, they will give you all the money you need.
^ this but more more clever.

Anyone who would ask such a question is being immature. A thumbs down from someone is who is immature is a thumbs up in my book.

How to plan ahead for wedding and saving money?

I'm 19 and engaged, however we are not planning to marry for a couple of years. Since we have the time, does anyone have any ideas on planning ahead? Any ideas on saving money for the wedding and our life together after the wedding?

I could tell you how to be frugal like me. How to save the money you have: Stay away from cigarettes! use cantines instead of buying waterbottles or sodas, try to eat at buffets instead of restaraunts, shop for clothes & furniture at discount stores, use spiral bulbs instead of regular bulbs, when you buy a car buy a small efficient one instead of a truck or SUV, & if you ever build your own house order white roofing instead of the usual dark. Another somewhat frugal habit is using progressive grammar like me (ex & instead of and, 2 instead of two) when you're writing papers instead of writing everything out. How to make a little money: Collect cans & other scrap metals & take it up to your local metal recycling place that pays you. If you have any books or DVDs you don't want anymore sell them to Half Priced Books (but you have to have a drivers license to get paid). When you pass by vending machines look in the coin slots for coins. In my experience 1/10 of them have coins. If you're a kid & some of this doesn't apply to you, saving on electricity still saves your parents money. I believe that this world would be a much better place if everybody was frugal & I hope I am helping people by answering these questions. If you don't wanna pick me as best answer then please let me know if my advice has helped you.

How to earn money when ur to young for a job?

Trying to save for two high end electronics and I need 200.00 dollars, each cost that much so I need ur help to find ways to earn this money.What are some ways to earn this money when I'm to young for a job? I can't sell lemonade and I don't know how to mow a lawn
i need answers fast please ?

young kids can get paper routes easily, ask your parents how to go about getting a paper route. also, not all parents are willing to do this, but my parents would give me a dollar or two to do odd jobs around the house that hardly ever get done such as cleaning out the fridge and freezer (usually atleast some expired food and stains and spills everywhere... its a pretty big job) or organizing the food cabinets. cleaning the washroom, doing ALL the laundry (usually you will find lots of change doing this) or vaccuming EVERYTHING...some parents assume you should do these things for free, but my parents would give me a dollar or two for things like that instead of a weekly allowance. you could always ask them to teach you to mow the lawn as well. if you are not getting an allowance you could ask for one in exchange for doing weekly chores. oh also, my mom would pay us kids 50 cents to make dinner some nights. (she would help somewhat too) talk with your parents about taking on extra responsibilities in exchange for some cash. you will still have to save up for a while though.

How to find out if a hospital bill is phony?

So im getting bills from being in the hospital but one of them looks weird. How can I find out if its legit.

You call the hospital directly, ask to speak to the billing department, and ask them to look up your account and advise what you owe

How to cancel a contract to a salon?

I signed a 6 month contract to a salon offering health services.

Today, I got hit with an unexpected financial crisis. I won't bore you with the gory details.

Unfortunately, I'm past any cooling off, 3-day rule to cancel.

What, if anything, can be done? I know I signed the bottomline but the money is likely not going to be there when they go to withdraw it.

Appreciate any guidance you can give me, thank you much.

If your contract doesn't allow you to cancel, then talk to the owner and explain your situation and that you won't be able to pay as agreed. Tell them you don't want to cause them any problems by having their withdrawals bounce, that you still wish to use their services but you simply can't cover the payments for a little while. Perhaps they can put you "on hold" for 3 months until you recover financially. If they can't do that, ask if they have any other suggestions. I think if they understand you don't want to bail completely but just need a breather, they will try to work something out you both can live with.

How to find your income for a particular year?

I want to find out my total income in 2011. I had a few jobs, but sometimes no work. So, I have little idea of how to collect this info.

Look at your tax return. You did file and keep a copy, didn't your?

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