How to teach self to learn how to play the electrical guitar?

Somebody bought my an electrical guitar for Christmas. How do I teach myself how to play it and how to tune it.

1. The very basics - Start of with learning basic major and minor chord shapes - Learn some basic strumming patterns - Learn how to alternate pick - Start off with standard tuning EADGBE (lowest sounding string to highest) - Learn to read guitar tabs, very helpful - Use a tuner from the very beginning, helps develop your ear 2. Getting to know the fretboard - Learn the pentatonic scale (must know for every guitarist) - Learn major and minor scales - Learn the seven modes - Learn the names of the notes and have an understanding of where they all approximately are - Learn basic interval shapes (thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, octaves) - Learn arpeggio shapes (hint: derived from chord shapes ;) ) 3. Improvisation - When you are comfortable with the pentatonic scale in a few different keys and shapes, find blues or rock backing tracks on Youtube and improvise on them - When you have trained your ear a bit and know when to hit certain notes (you just feel this) try improvising over jazz and classical backing tracks 4. Advanced techniques - Pinch harmonics / Squealies - Two-handed tapping - Sweep picking - Rasgueado (Spanish flamenco strumming technique) - Combine all of these techniques in your playing 5. Developing your own sound - Find inspiration from other guitarists and create your own unique sound - Write your own riffs and licks (be sure to write them down or record them on your phone or whatever, they are easy to forget) - Draw influences from other cultures. My favourite ones are Spanish and Japanese 6. Playing with other people - Jam with friends and share some licks. It's always fun to improvise with live accompaniment - Jam with bassists and drummers to further develop your sense of rhythm 7. Music theory (optional but recommended) - Throughout your playing experience, you will develop a knowledge bank of shapes and patterns on the fretboard, try to learn proper names for them and how they all work - Understand the theory behind genres of music so you know what characterises them as that particular genre and are able to draw influence from them If there is anything you didn't understand just look it up on Google or Wikipedia. It is all there. Don't do boring exercises that you hate, make everything fun and musical. Some guitarists to look to: - Jason Becker - Marty Friedman - Joe Satriani - Paco Pena - Guthrie Govan Bear in mind, guitar playing takes years to learn. Don't be too hard on yourself if it is taking a while to learn a certain technique or whatever. It usually takes a couple of weeks for your brain to develop muscle memory for your playing. WARNING: When you first begin, the tips of your fingers will blister and hurt. After a month or even a few weeks, they will develop into callouses. Don't peel these off. They prevent pain and keep your fingers strong. There are thousands of lessons on Youtube for the techniques and stuff that I've mentioned. Here are a few links to start you off: Good luck! Have fun with your new guitar!

How to teach a girl how to play guitar?

Im 13 and there is this girl I really like and I just started to teach her guitar. Any suggestions on how or what to teach her

Show her visually and remember that she probably wont get all the guitar words like fret, bridge, ect. Teach her the C, D, and G chord first. And be pacient

How to submit unsolicited script to Hollywood? How to become a director in Hollywood?

I am from Malaysia screenwriter, just completed a script and I wanted to submit my unsolicited script to Hollywood, but I don't have idea to do it. Can anyone help? I hope to direct the movie myself in Hollywood. Can I ? Any suggestion?

You can't, sorry! No-one accept unsolicited scripts at all. The only way forward would be to either get a book published which becomes a best-seller, or start small by writing plays and getting local amateur theatre companies to produce them. Then hoping that other companies as to use your script, and build up gradually from that. As for directing - you'd have to actually BE a director - like having a degree in film making.

How to get over stage fright and nerves fast?

I have to speak in front of the class tomorrow for a class assignment. I'm SO nervous. How can I get rid of my stage fright? My face gets all red and my hands shake terrible!!

Just take really deep breathes, try not to over think it too much, I used to get nervous also, like i thought people were judging me or laughing at me but i was just paranoid, but everyone has to do it eventually, so theirs nothing to be nervous about! Whether you answer a question sitting down at your desk or talking in front of the class everyone hears you and everyone has already seen you and know who you are! So just clam down, drink some water beforehand and just take your time and try not speed talk your way through it, just get it over with and you'll feel so much better! :) hope this helped.

How to memorize short monologues quickly?

On March 10th, I have an audition. I have the songs memorized, but I need to memorize the monologue. I'm doing Lucy's monologue from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown about being a queen, but I always have trouble memorizing paragraphs. Any tips?

-Write it a few times with pencil, then read it over. -Have a friend hold the paper with the monologue on it and have them tell you if you mess up a word or miss a line. -Separate it into bits, work on one bit at a time. (two lines, three lines, etc.) -Look in the mirror and say it with full facial expressions, it works every time. Just a few tips. Hope this helps, and break a leg! :)

How to become closer to your band director?

I'm a freshman in high school and I hope to be drum major my junior or senior year, but I feel like I'm not close enough to my band director to become drum major. Any tips on building your relationship with your band director?

You have to just work hard, and be a good student. It's not about getting to be a favorite, as much as it's about showing you have the strength, courage, integrity, and skill to be in a position like a drum major. If you practice hard enough, nothing can stop you. I'm a piano major in college, and to date i've had hundreds of performances. Keep practicing and you're set forever.

How to repair the broken headstock of my guitar?

Today my guitar just fell from my hand and its Headstock broke off. I like it a lot as its my first guitar and just tell me any way to repair it please.

Sorry for your loss. The headstock has to withstand the full tension from the strings so it's a tricky repair. In theory, you can glue and clamp it using hide glue or wood glue. Depending on where and how the break is located, it might need to be reinforced. This really isn't a do-it-yourself job, especially if you have no experience working with wood. Even if a qualified guitar tech makes the repair, there's no guarantee that it'll hold....and the glue joint will never be totally invisible. If it's a bolt-on neck, your best option is to find a replacement neck. There are several companies that specialize in these, and often you can find necks on eBay. If it's a glued on neck, you'll have to decide whether it's worth having it professionally repaired. Take it to a guitar repair shop for an estimate.

How to play the guitar with sore fingers?

I've started playing my guitar again after several months and my fingers lost their calluses. After only 45 minutes my fingers are super sore but I really want to keep playing. How can I get them to, one, not be so sore and, two, callus faster? Thanks in advance!

hurting yourself doesnt make you get callus faster. Take it from a guitarist, just play 30 minutes a day for about 3 weeks and then it will never hurt again.

How to land the role of Alice in my schools production of Wonderland Jr?

In one month my school is having auditions for our spring musical, Alice in Wonderland. I really want the part of Alice. Any tips or advice?

First off, good musical! And now for your actual question. The best things I can recommend are the following: Get a copy of the script, find a scene you like, find someone auditioning for the role in your scene, practice, practice, practice, find a song, practice, practice, practice, and above all else talk to the director and see what he or she wants in the role of Alice and incorporate that as best you can in your audition. If auditions are on more than one day go to all of them, it's a good way to show dedication and that can help with winning the director over.

How hard is it to learn a new instrument once you know how to play one?

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 3 years now but I’m interested in learning how to play the piano. Is it easier since I already have some familiarity with music and instruments, as well as having good finger dexterity already or is it the same as starting completely new? Also, is it possible to learn on my own?

It should be easier, as you will already know a lot of the basics, such as reading music etc. I'm not sure if the whole finger dexterity would help that much, but it might. You definitely won't be starting from the beginning though. Also, learning piano on your own is like learning guitar on your own, you can do it, and some of the best were self-taught, but it will always be better to learn with an instructor.

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