How to enlarge newspaper print for visually disabled?

Besides a lighted magnifying glass, what type of device can blow the text of a newspaper up? The purpose is to allow my aging grandfather to continue to read the newspaper, as using a magnifying glass is no longer sufficient.

I was thinking some kind of overhead projector where you did not need special paper, or some sort of device for assisting the (near) blind.

I like the idea of contacting the association for the blind, but two other thoughts popped into my mind, because, I so fear I could be your definition of "aging." The reality is, I'm on the far side of "middle-aged" (I could be middle-aged if I live to be 112 lol), myopic, and have now become reduced to two pairs of glasses - my bifocals and my computer glasses. First, is Grandpa Internet savvy? That is does he use the Internet like many of us other "middle-aged" people do? If so, most newspapers are online, too, so all he has to know is that groovy new fangle gizmo that enlarges the font on a page. (Just in case you're so young you don't know about it, if you keep your finger on the CTR button while hitting the mouses scroll bar downwards, it increases the zoom level.) Second, from my failed attempt to keep doing cross-stitch when my eyes said, "Can't see the fabric," there is this gizmo you can get that hangs around the next and drapes onto the top of the chest, like hands-free bifocals without the rest of the glasses. You can find them at crafter stores, like A.C. Moores, Michael's, or probably yarn/needlework shops. Knowing, they probably have it there. The problem is, you have to aim what you want to read right above the belly button, so it would be tough to aim a whole newspaper there... But, hey, that brought to mind that crafters had all sorts of hand-free gizmos and gadgets, because I'm not the only older person, who is determined to believe I'm middle-aged and I can do anything I used to do at 20. So, I looked up Amazon's doohickey page for seeing better and included the link in the resource box below. (The pair of hands-free glasses thing I was talking about is the fourth gadget on the page.) But, I have to warn you. I may be laughing, because I'm picturing your "aging" grandfather as my age (56ish), but my father is alive and aging too. He's also set in his ways. He does use his reading glasses and a magnifying glass to read the paper, but only when no one is looking. There's no way he wouldn't be insulted if we tried to help him read his paper any other way. Do nothing, if your grandfather is anything like my dad. The last thing we get to lose in this life is our dignity. It's up to each person to decide, for themselves, when it's time to lose that. Be more protective of your grandfather's dignity than his ability to read his paper.

How to reassure others that the squeeking of my wheelchair is not my flatulence problem?

I have plastic vinyl on my wheelchair to prevent rust that my chatheter might leak from. I am so embarriest that no only they will think I have a tooty problem, but a urine problem that I can only pee in a bag through a chatheter.

Yea right and so how does it get stained with your s8it? Please stop fabricating these idiotic situation related to wheelchair use.

How to write an argumentive essay on the disabled finding love?

Should the disabled be denied the right at happiness in a romantic relationship ?

No every human being has the right to love and the heart will do the work in finding that someone! Who would deny them that right anyway!

How to go about opening up a cila home for disabled indivuals?

Im 23 and work in a facility for the developmentally impaired, i would like to open my own cila home in a few years how do i go about getting the proper training for this? Is their a training class to prepare for funding? or a training class to learn how to run a facility like this?

Contact your states Human Services office.

How to transport patients on Wheelchair in flat surfaces, ramps, through doors and elevators?

Someone give me exact details and sources.

You push them using the handles on the back of the wheelchair, if they can't push themselves.

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