How to prevent iPhone calendar from syncing with exchange email?

I have my work email (exchange account) on my iPhone's mail account list. When I add an event to my calendar on the phone I also see it on my exchange calendar. I don't want this. This is my personal calendar, not work. How can I prevent the calendar from syncing?

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calenders > Your Exchange Email > Toggle Calenders Off This should work to stop your phone and your exchange from syncing events. Hope this helps.

How to convince my dad to buy me a new smartphone?

Okay, so, right now I have a samsung galaxy ace and so many games and applications don't work on it. So I was wanting a galaxy s 2 or 3. But my dad wants alot of reasons why I need it. Don't worry about the price I just need good strong reasons. Thank you everyone!

lol You could ask your dad polietly , he ll get you one. Or you could say everyone at school has top notch smart phones and i kinda feel embarass or the best you can tell him that its alot better then ace with just a lil more price.

How to find downloaded history on an android tablet?

I just got an android tablet. It works well and runs fast but i don't know where are the downloaded file on my android tablet. How can I find them?

could try the following steps: Open your application drawer from the home screen. Tap the Browser icon to launch your Web browser. Press the "Menu" key and then tap "More." Tap the "Downloads" option to access your download history.

How to convince my parents to buy me a smartphone?

I am 16 years old and my parents won't let me get a smartphone, not because of price or anything, but because they don't see why i need one. I offered to pay the data package and the upgrade is free but they still won't let me buy one. I need reasons why i need a smart phone, over a normal cellphone.

Just tell them you have been working hard in school and have been doing everything they tell you, tell them you need a reward.. Tell them they won't regret it.. Try to act as sad as possible

How to sync music to samsung galaxy exhibit 4g?

I did the logical thing by using the usb cord sent with the phone to sync the music from my computer to my phone. However, when I do this my computer does not recognize it. What should I do?

Install the necessary drivers for your phone from Samsung's Kies. Once you are done, plug in your phone and it should recognize it. If not try a different computer and check it out there. If all goes wrong then it's probably the phone. You should be set. I'd recommend synchronizing music with a program called Double Twist. It is sort of like itunes and it's more easier for the generic user. But you can always just copy and paste music to your device like a flash drive. Best Wishes, Dan

How to keep my Android's screen from constantly going dark?

My Marauder Android phone's screen is constantly going dark, and it's becoming highly annoying. I'll be in the middle of reading, when all of the sudden the screen goes black.

Also, I know for sure it's not going black because of some sort of battery issue. It's just going to sleep, or something similar to that.

It depends on your version of Android but it should me similar to this: Settings icon - Display - Screen timeout Change the timeout to a longer time.

How to remove a phone type of icon having 7 dots below it besides the battery in iPhone?

It is annoying and conversation is really difficult. How do I get it removed? I typed in Google to find it out too and it says it is for deaf people but I'm not deaf. How could that icon ever come? And next problem is that the speaker of my iPhone is not working unless I use the head phone. What cud b the reason? Thanks in Advance!

Settings>General>Accessibility. Scroll down... look for the appropriate option and switch it off. Try there.

How to drain battery life out of iPhone 4?

My iPhone 4 keeps dying at around 30%. I know to properly charge it I need to get it down to really low like about 10%. I've gotten it a lot lower too. But now it just keeps dying and I have no idea what to do. It's done this before but it fixed itself I guess because it wasn't doing this last week. Any tips would be greatly accepted!!

that drian all the way stuff doesnt work. it used to in the 90 with old batteries,not on iphones.

How to change messaging background on samsung galaxy nexus?

When im texting someone, the background is white and boring and the text bubbles are like gray. is there any way i can chage this up?

yes and no. you cannot change the background on the stock app. there are plenty of apps on the play store (handcent, Go SMS) that allow you to customize the messaging app to your hearts content. just make sure to disable the alerts in the stock messaging app otherwise you will get 2 alerts for every text message

How to get internet on my iPhone through a PC?

I know this sounds like the oppisite of most similar questions, but this is not, how to use my iPhone as a modem, this is, I am at a hotel, In the apartments, the laptop can pick up the Wi-Fi, but the iPhone cannot, I need the iphones wifi to do stuff and I was wondering if there is a way that I could pick up the wi-fi through the laptop and use it on the iPhone.

No its not possible

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