How to continue living in France after studying in Paris?


I am planning to get my master's degree in France in a few years. I would like to continue working and living in France after graduating. I have a family who would move there with me when I start my master's degree. Does anyone know all the in's and out's of accomplishing this? How to move my family to France while I am doing my master's degree and how to live and work in France after graduation? I have also thought about applying for citizenship. I didn't know if that would make it easier to stay.

Non European Foreign students who have studied in France may have a better chance to be allowed to remain in France after their studies, but much depends on which discipline they took, how good their qualifications and expertise are, and also their track record. Obviously they also have to find some kind of suitable employment after graduating otherwise they have to go home. Nobody can get French nationality until they have remained on French soil for a minimum of five years and sometimes longer. As for existing family (parents/ siblings) following and moving to France whilst their son/daughter or brother/ sister gets a degree, that is absolutely impossible.They will not get a visa or the right to stay in France/ Europe. Even at the moment there are students from abroad who are married and have children and their family has had to remain in their original country whilst they are doing their Masters/Ph Ds. You speak of in a "few years" time, and nobody knows how things are going to evolve, and much depends on what happens in Europe as a whole. The UK has recently decided that non-European students who study in British Universities will no longer have the right to stay after completing their studies, and other countries in Europe may well follow suit. As it is western European states are finding difficulty accommodating graduates from other Schengen/ European countries and there are many extremely well qualified French graduates in France who cannot find a job and find themselves obliged to earn a living working in menial jobs such as fast food outlets to survive. Do not believe that the grass is greener in Europe. Comparatively, well qualified Americans earn higher salaries than their European counterparts.

How to get to Disneyland from Central Paris?


Id like to know which metro lines i would have to get to go to Disneyland.
I will be starting at La Motte-Picquet Grenelle and would like details on which trains to get, when to change,etc.
Id appreciate as much detail as possible,and i will be travelling on a Sunday if that makes a difference.

From La Motte-Picquet Grenelle you get Metro line 8 to Opera, change there to RER line A to Marne-la-Vallée.

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