How to convince my parents to let me and my brother walk around alone at Disney?

My brother and I made a sign that says "thanks mom and dad!" and we wanted to take a picture with it in front of the Cinderella Castle or something like that. It's supposed to be a suprise though, so how can we convince our parents to let us split up for awhile in the parks? I'm 14 and my brother is 11, we're almost 12 and 15. We both have cell phones and have been to Disney several times before.

No offense, but i really don't think it will happen...but if you really want to do it, I'd say go around with your parents and then like go and get them to buy some candyfloss or something for a second, and then take the pic? Sometimes with my parents, me and my siblings let them know that we're doing something nice for them, but don't tell them what, so they know not to press us too much. If they know you're trying to do something nice, they're a bit more likely to turn their back for a few seconds. Also, it would probably help if you showed them that you were mature and can look after yourselves. My parents are usually OK if me and my brother go around for a bit together as long as they know we both have our phones and can scream pretty loud. Maybe just show them you are very capable of looking after each other. It works differently with different parents so I don't know what would really make them trust you enough. Do listen to the other answers though - they definitely have a point and you need to think in your parents' shoes: If you had a child wanting to go around alone in a crowded place where there could be nasty people around, would you let them? Sorry it's so long, but I hope it helps xx

How to protect your children from inappropriate behavior in school?

My nephew is in middle school, and once he went to the bathroom and saw kids humping on each other. It is freakin middle school!!!!!??? How do kids know about all that s*^t? How can you protect your kids from being exposed to a behavior like that?

Hey MA2AB, I think all this kids are seeing shows (eg:Jersey Shore) and they get their behavior due to the "style". And also hanging out with say high schoolers or their parents might be like. Say for example that your newphew was you son, you really can't protect your child from inappropriate behaviors like that because once they see it, they might think it's ok but really it's not, but what you would do it set guidelines and rules for him and if he disrespects that, he gets todo chores or say he likes his video games, take them for a week. Always talk to humans try to make him realize that this behavior is not ok and you have to listen me because you want what's best for him. Hoped that help!!

How to convince my parent to let me stay home tomorrow from school?

Okay my parents are strict and if I'm not running a fever then I have to go to school.
Well I advent been feeling well for a week my stomach hurts,I'm tired,my head is killing me, I can't concentrate and I just plainly dont feel well.
Even If I throw up I can't stay home :(
What can I do to convince my strict parents to let me stay home from school tomorrow?
And on Monday's we don't do anything! So Id rather miss Monday then the end of the week :(

Throw up at school. They will send you home.

How to get my 15 month old daughter to eat something?

She's not very well at the minute as she has chicken pox and an ear infection. She's not really eaten anything since Monday. She had a little mashed carrot and swede yesterday lunch time and that is all she would eat but since then she's had nothing. I keep offering her food but she doesn't want anything. All she's having is water and milk, she doesn't want food even though I keep offering it to her and I don't think its that good for her to go so long without eating, especially as she's not well.

learn how too cook

How to solve a children who start to hold or control not to pass motion? ?

my 3 years old son start to control himself not to pass motion. we always have to use enema(a liquid) to help him. this has been continue for about three weeks. what should i do? please help.

Instead of using an enema, I would suggest that you use children's glycerin suppositories. Enemas can cause dependence while glycerin suppositories do not. The long term solution will be finding out WHY he does not want to pass motion. Is it painful for him? If so, you may want to take a look at his diet. Is he just to busy playing that he ignores the urge to go? Does he even feel the sensation of having to pass motion? I would definitely ask him why he doesn't want to. If the situation does not change, I would definitely talk to his pediatrician.

How to connect with a child via camera?

I would like some advice from parents who live away from their children and talk with them via webcam, as I will be meeting a six year old this way. I thought of starting out with a puppet.
Does anyone have any more ideas?
Thank you for your experience!

I would just be yourself. Six year olds can be very independent and puppets might be too little kid for them. I would try showing them pictures or some cool things around your house. Maybe talk about things you like to do, and ask them lots of questions.

How to get a kid to feel passionate about a certain sport?

If I ever have kids (which is an entirely different question to ask), I want them to be involved in a sport like soccer or swimming that would keep them in shape their entire childhood, since obesity was an issue that plagued mine. How can i raise a kid who eagerly wants to play a sport? And what choice does a parent have in choosing what sport that is?

As a child, my parents introduced me to sports at a young age, and they often played with me. The thing that drives kids to do sports in encouragement. Give them praise, tell them what they're good at, and what they can improve on. It's like a reward system - the child practices and gets better at the sport, and they're showered with praise an encouragement, fuelling them to strive harder. The most important thing in my opinion is to set aside time to play the sport with the child. Kids love showing off, and they love having time with their parents so this gives them an opportunity to do both. If there's one thing I would advise against, it's pushing them to do the sport. Nothing is fun if you are forced to do it. Children should do sport because they like it, not because they're told they have to. Set them targets, but don't punish them or make them feel bad if they don't reach them. Encourage them to do better next time, and set a smaller, more achievable target. Don't push them too hard :) As a parent, you naturally have the ability to choose a sport - as long as you introduce it to them at a young age, and encourage them to take part. Of course, they'll have natural tendencies to play a certain sport (football perhaps, because it's so popular) but that doesn't mean that they can't like another sport too. Personally, my parents introduced me to Badminton at the age of 4, and I've been playing at national level ever since, as well as developing an interest in racket sports in general.

How to raise children without completely putting my own life & interests on hold?

I have to keep them busy, occupied, away from the TV as much as possible for their own good which means I have to come up with things for them to do. Day after day, year after year. My oldest is 9 now, and my youngest is 5 1/2. Thank goodness for the school year, but still those are only a few hours a day when I can nurture my own needs. What are some suggestions from happy moms who are enjoying these years?

I, like you, limited television and such when my kids were young. I think your mistake is in thinking you must keep them busy. Allow them to find ways to keep themselves occupied. It will take time for them to adjust, but let them figure it out. When it was not horribly hot, I would kick my kids out into the yard, especially if fights started. If they said they were bored too often I gave them jobs. They soon learned to work things out themselves. I still occasionally would make plans for fun things for us to do - but they were responsible for 'creatively' occupying themselves. My kids are now 19 and 16. We still do many things together, but they have their own lives for the most part now.

How to get rid of spaghetti stains in my underwear?

I have gotten spaghetti stains in my underwear. My white, cotton underwear.

I have spaghetti stains in my white, cotton underwear.

If your underwear is white then use bleach, and follow the instructions on the bottle so not a trace will remain

How to do outdoor activities when you have kids?

I have 2 kids and they are toddlers.I miss doing trekking, hiking and rafting activities..We do not have a nearby family but are willing to have babysitters.How much do baby sitters usually cost for a whole day?

Also, any tips to still have fun in life despite kids is appreciated.

If they're toddlers, they're still little enough to strap to your backs and go for a hike. Let them walk as much as possible, and you'll be amazed at how much they'll enjoy nature and how much they'll discover. I know plenty of people who hike and camp with small children. You might not be able to go as far as you used to, and you'll have to stop more often for snacks and/or diaper changes, but you can still have a good time. My youngest is 4, and we have recently tried kayaking/canoeing, and he loved it, so it may not be long until you can do those things, too. And if you like biking, just get a couple of child bike seats or a child trailer, and they'll probably love to ride along. Actually, the more you gradually introduce them to these activities when they're young, the more interested they'll be in doing them as they get older.

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