How to contact supernatural things and etc?

I dont mean to sound like a douche bag but i just wanna see if ghosts, spirits, and demons are real on my own.
Whats something that 2 people could try in thier house or yard?
I kinda believe in this stuff. Ive experienced plenty of wierd stuff but theres usually a logical explanation to it.
So any ideas? Ouija board, seánce, anything?

Well even if you did summon something supernatural you wouldn't be able to see it so I really cant say for sure what you can do. Well try saying "Dark Lordis." But other than that try reading something from the necronomican or Codex Gigas, be careful though, those are books on evil worship and things can very possibly get out of hand. Keep defenses like holy water, salt, sage and anything else because this is dangerous.

How to not get scared after a horror movie?

Well, I'm having trouble with sleeping becuase of this short movie clip called Bong Cheon Dong ghost, and I am having trouble sleeping and going into the dark and stuff....Help!!

I haven't been scared by horror movies since I was a kid, i miss it though, it makes it more fun. Just know that it is only a film, nobody is going to hurt or kill you just because you happened to watch a scary film

How to become half demon or summon one into your body?

Don't ask why just if you know how, can you tell me? And don't get into the religious stuff..I KNOW I KNOW.
Please & Thanks.

Are you out of your mind?! You might as well go tempt a gang! Geez dude, do you not know how dangerous that is? You shouldn't even be thinking like that! Protect yourself and please stay out of trouble.

How to enhance my ability to see ghosts?

So I believe in ghosts, spirits, angles, demons, supernaturals, pretty much all that stuff and the way I believe things it explains alot. So I have a psychic ability that let's know when any thing out of the ordinary is by around me. Please don't go on a rant of how you don't believe in this stuff, because I do! And it's annoying when people do.

So, is there a way to enhance my ability?

Cant really help with the ability to observe spirits. However, I might be able to help out with Out of Body, which can get you to the other side, which might initiate a bit of contact. I've experienced it (OBE) plenty of times and even got to the point a few years ago where I could do it at will. Kind of rusty now. Haven't dabbled with this in ages.

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