How to use watercolor and how to improve my watercolor painting?

Okay. First off, I know that right off the bat, that this question cannot simply be answered by one single yahoo answer response. And yet, I want it to be. To be more specific, I've been struggling with using the medium of watercolor (I'm a novice artist) and I guess I just want to start at the basics. Please give me your helpful tips on where to begin and please tell me what I can do to improve this watercolor painting?
Thanks. Much appreciated.

1. Fix the nose. If you have any trouble drawing noses watch PROKO how to draw a nose on YouTube. 2. Add new color to the background, like yellow or beige, nothing too dark. 3. Add an element at the top like tiny butterflies or go dark and add ants crawling about. It's interesting and it's not bad at all, but I think you can improve it. Good luck!

How to use ochre palette paint and how to make it?

I bought a box of different powders and 2 kinds of oils yesterday at a house sale. On the box it said "Natural pigments and dyes from the mines of the Luberon in Provence." It's supposed to be an introductory set to decorative painting. Although because it was used there are no directions and most of the other things on the box are in French. Can someone tell me how to use "Siccative Drier" and "Linseed Oil" in combination with the other powdered paints in the box that I got?

you basically mix pigment with linseed to make paint/ paste, drier is additive for hardener, Luberon en Provence, "La Société des Ocres de France" Anglais / UK Sennelier White Siccative Drier Sennelier Drier(s) Cobalt / Linseed Oil ~ Additives How to Make Oil Paint ______________ ..

How to prepare a black canvas for an oil paining?

I want to paint with oil colors on a black canvas but I couldn't find a black canvas in the art store. How can I prepare it myself? Would acrylic be enough (i am afraid it might damage somehow the final painting since it is a different medium). Thank you for your answers!

The two most common canvases used as a support for oil painting are cotton and linen, with linen being the more expensive. When both are unprimed-that is, not coated with a material that prevents the paint from soaking through the surface and deteriorating the canvas-they can be easily distinguished.Before the canvas is primed, it must be stretched to fit the frame. Attempting to stretch it after it has been primed will result in cracking and flaking of the priming, which creates a rough surface on which to apply oil paint. Primer also makes the canvas rigid and it is unlikely to yield no matter how hard you tug at it. Stretching your own canvas can be difficult at first, but it is more cost-effective than purchasing pre-stretched canvases, which is a consideration for many artists.

How to keep used mineral spirits for oil painting?

I am using oils and mineral spirits for the first time. I am working on a glaze. I have a small amount of mineral spirits in a Ball canning jar that I used to thin my paint and clean my brushes with. Is this a suitable place to store the mineral spirits while I continue to work on my piece? Also, do I need to rinse my brushes with water as well, or is a soak in mineral spirits enough? Any other advice on the subject of oils, thinners or creating a glaze is welcome! Thanks!

I'm pretty much a beginner with oil paints, but I keep all my thinners/mediums in glass jars with tight lids. It should be fine. And I found this to be helpful with cleaning brushes:

How to paint over an old canvas?

I'm re-using a canvas from school that I painted with acrylic paints, which were bright vibrant colours. Problem is, I'm having trouble painting over one section of my new painting with white. How can I stop the bright colours from showing through? I've already started the painting so I can't do anything drastic/major. Thanks.

Gesso or a thick layer of white acrylic

How to add pictures on paint without it overlapping?

Let's say I pasted a picture of the sky on paint.
Now the whole canvas is a sky!
Now I want to add an airplane (which is in another picture.)

When I add the airplane, it has a white or black box around the actual plane when I paste it.

So now there's a sky with an airplane surrounded in a big black (or sometimes white) box.

How do I JUST paste the plane without the background?

Answer: you can get some ideas from this site: Enjoy!

How to convince your parents to paint your room?

I painted my room about a year ago. It's a green and pink. Now since I hang out in my room a lot I HATE IT! It's way to girly and the furniture dOesnt even match!!
I know it costs money and they painted it a year ago but I really am getting tired of looking at it
How can I convince them to paint it and change it?

Explain to them exactly why you want to change it. OOORRRRR...... If they say no you could just wreck it, that way you HAVE to get new paint! :D

How to prevent brush strokes when adding white markings on a breyer?

I always have this bumby, uneven, not fully covered white marks when i customize!
How do i make them as smooth as the model and FULLY why, not grey spots or anything?

Your paint may be too thick. You may need a better brush. The surface you are painting on may need to be cleaned better. If you are trying to paint over a bad paint job without cleaning off the poor paint, the subsequent paint layers will be just as bad. The paint and the brushes you use have a great deal to do with how a painting comes out. Old paint will thicken and lay down unevenly. Cheap brushes will leave streaks and brush marks.

How to paint a mural on a concrete sidewalk?

Need some info. Going to be painting a mural on a large outside concrete area that will be walked upon. What materials and paints should be used? How should the concrete be prepared/ cleaned? how can i permanantly protect the mural after painting it so that it doesnt get damaged or deteriorates as people walk on top of it? Suggestions, guides or any info wuld be nice! THANKS

Epoxy paints/coatings will probably be the most durable for concrete. Depending upon the surface, it may need grinded first if it is either sealed or really smooth to help with bonding. If the surface don't appear to be sealed, then you could probably paint right to it.

How to make something show under acrylic paint?

I'm making a painting for my boyfriend for his birthday. I'll be using acrylic paint. However, underneath the image I want on the canvas, I would like to have another picture show through underneath the paint depending on the angle you would view the painting. Should I use silver paint marker underneath the paint coats? What would show/shine underneath?

You could do a technique called glazing. You dilute the acrylic paint using water or a liquid medium. I would suggest the liquid medium (easier to work with than just plain water). Mix the paint and medium together to get your desired transparency. Paint to desired effect. Golden- Acrylic glazing liquid (gloss) gives you a high shine there is also a matte available if you don't want a shine. Good luck!

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