How to pack for a one week trip to Germany?

I'm going in march.
What type of clothes should I bring for the weather?
Is it possible to pack everything I need in only a carry on?
I'm a teen girl, staying with a friend so she'll have a hair dryer and straightener.

The temperatures in March are unpredictable. It also depends on where you plan to stay in Germany. Spring clothing might be appropriate if you stay in the northern and central part of Germany and in the River Rhine valley. However if you stay in the alps region or the Bavarian forest you might still need winter clothing since there might be snowfall and temperatures below 0°C or 32°F. This year we already had temperatures of 25°C or 77°F in the part of Germany where I live. So you should select clothing on the onion principle which enable to take on/off based on the actual requirement. Don't forget to bring rain protection clothing, you might need it - or not..

How to pack a 56x45x25 hand luggage for easy jet?

I am a 14 year old teenage girl, and I am going to Berlin for three days in November. I will be flying via easyjet with my school. We have 6 girls per room. How will I pack everything I need for this trip?

The average Temperature in Berlin in November is 5-7degrees, so you will need winter clothing I've no idea how you're going to pack all you need in hand luggage only, for a 3 day trip. As you know winter clothing takes up a lot more room than summer clothing, of T shirts and shorts, and off course you still have toiletries to take, all 100ml or below Do a trial packing, then decide what is not essential, and take it out You'd be far better taking a case if you want to take everything you need My son is in Berlin just now, albeit for a week, and he took hand luggage AND a 20x kg case

How to sneak alcohol onto an airplane in checked bag?

Im going to visit my friend in Cali, I live in NY, and Im taking a plane. I want to bring some vodka however I'm unsure of how to go about that without getting caught. I would not bring it in my carry on but in my luggage thats going under the plane. I am underaged, however I look over 21.

Any tips? Or experiences? Or any info at all? Thanks alot!

Carrying alcohol in a checked bag is <<perfectly legal>>, as long as it is less than 140 proof. I have no idea if the people who screen the checked bags (and ALL baggage goes through an x-ray machine) know the age of the passenger who owns that bag. If they don't, then they will not care at all that there is a bottle of vodka. If they do, then you could be caught - that would be messy. It is up to you. Since you know that you are breaking the law, then you must be willing to accept the consequences of doing that - whatever they are, not matter how expensive it could be, no matter that it means you forfeit that plane ticket and need to buy another one.

How to book a trip for myself and my man?

I was thinking about planning our first trip maybe to San Francisco, or New Orleans. We both are between the ages of 19 and 20, if that helps. We want to be able to book a cheap flight (maybe with Southwest Airlines), a good hotel, good location so we wouldn't need to get a rental car, so we can just walk where we want to go. Maybe stay about 4 days. We are also thinking about saving up some money for this trip. It will only be just the two of us. How do I go about setting all of this up?

Check flights on Southwest's website and be flexible with your dates as that could save you TONS of money on the flights! If you go to SF you can take public transportation (BART) to the city so no need to pay for an expensive cab. If you go to New Orleans, look into a shared shuttle. For hotels, check Priceline, Expedia etc. Some of these require payment upfront so when you find a place you like (and make sure you look at its location on the map to make sure its walking distance to lots of things), go to the hotel website and book there. Priceline can get you a cheaper price if you bid, but then you get whichever hotel accepts your bid. If you book on the hotel website, you'll likely get the room for the same price as advertised on priceline. For a GOOD hotel, figure on $140 a night. For a decent hotel/motel maybe less. As an alternative, check out for a vacation rental although you may not meet the age requirements of some properties. The benefits are that you get a larger space with a kitchen etc for the same price as a hotel, sometimes less. The last time I went to New Orleans I rented a condo for 6 nights. It was 15 minutes from the French Quarter. So think about how much money you'll need: depending on where you live and where you go it might be up to $400 per person for the flight (but if you're flexible on when you go, as I said, you might be able to pick up a SW flight for waaaay less); $140 per night for a hotel; consider if the hotel does not have a free breakfast you have to pay for breakfast, lunch, dinner for 2 people for 4 days. Don't forget drinks/coffee etc while you're exploring. You're too young to get into bars, but let's say you do - alcohol isn't cheap! Then what about the tourist attractions that cost money? Depending on what you like to do, there may be museum entrance fees etc. Make a list of what you think you'd spend on your meals, drinks, things you'd want to do, shopping etc, then add it up with the flights and hotel. Be flexible. You can definitely save money if you try! Good luck!

How to save money on food when going on a very long road trip vacation?

My family is taking a road trip vacation from Indiana, to Wyoming, To Utah, To California, to Colorado, and back. It's going to be a 16 day trip alltogether, and there are 2 adults and 3 children between the ages of 13 and 16. Food is going to be the biggest expense, and we need ways to save. Just putting the budget at $30 per person per day stretches the whole food budget to over $2000....what are some tips to help save on food a lot?

Well,this is just a suggestion and this is what my aunt had done when she had taken me and my brother and her two kids to mexico...............................she had used a credit card for the time and she didn't spend on just anything...and then she had paid off all of it later,but that's her way of doing things

How to pack my room in a day?

So im readooing my room and i need to basically pack up my room, get rid of stuff and get my room ready for painting by tomarrow night. I have TONS of stuff, like old toys, art supplies collections and valubles i no longer have boxes for. Im getting rid of ALOT! I dont know what to do or where to start. Also how do i know what to and what not to get rid of?

Get some more boxes, or at the very least paper or plastic bags. Some rules of thumb when paring down your belongings: Have three piles: keep, toss, and give away (like to Goodwill) Some questions to ask about keeping an item: Do I love this item? Have I used it in the past year? Is it really garbage? Have I got another that's better? Should I really keep two? Has it got any sentimental value that causes me to love it? Do I feel guilty and sad when I see this item? For clothing: A general rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn something in the last year, then you probably won’t wear it again and should get rid of it. Get rid of any clothes that have stains or rips (don't give them to Goodwill).

How to take my suitcase all the way to the plane?

It's a small suitcase, but I have a razor blade for shaving, shaving cream, perfume, and toothpaste.
What is permitted, and what is not?
Thanks for your help.

It must meet the measurement requirements for a carry-on for your airline. Look on their website at baggage requirements. Then see site below for liquid requirements. The razor is allowed. shaving cream and all liquids must be 3.4 oz. or less. They will throw out anything larger.

How to plan a trip to Europe?

Me and my friends are planning a trip to Europe next summer and we don't want to be too touristy. I pretty much just need to know how to get around. I figured trains are probably the best, but I don't now where to start! What company is the best and cheapest? Are trip is to the UK and Germany, maybe France too. Thanks.

Trains and youth hostels might work well for you. The rail passes that are available might make sense if you are doing a lot of moving around. Otherwise, just buying individual second-class tickets might be cheaper. You can find train schedules and fares on the Internet, so planning is easier than it used to be. An alternative might be to go by bicycle. Parts of Europe are very bicycle-friendly, and there are quite a few long-distance bike paths. Europe is a big place, so you will have to pick which countries and cities you want to see. In any city, you should see the architectural highlights, but then if you want you can spend your time in parks, cafes, farmers markets, or doing whatever else you consider to be not-too-touristy. When I visit Europe, I am usually doing interviews for my tv program on pedestrian issues, so I am meeting with advocates, planners, and others involved with pedestrians, transportation, and urban design. If you folks had an area of interest, you might try meeting people with a similar interest in the places you visit. With the Internet, it is easier than ever to find those people and communicate with them before you start your trip.

How to get a passport and what do i have to prepare requirements upon getting passport?

im applying a domestic job. im a first timer. what do i have to do about this matter. plz help me. thanx!

It is not the same process in every country. You need to re-post your question giving your nationality, and best would be to post it in the appropriate section (ex. India if you are Indian).

How to send a postcard from England to Canada?

I want to send a post card to my friend but don't know if I should put stamps on or how many.

Yes you do have to put a stamp on it, and the postage for a postcard to North America is £0.87

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