How to check someones browser on their phone?

Im not asking this question for myself. But out of curiousity for my friend . Is it possible to look up someones deleted history or try to catch someone looking up stuff on their phone? Like porn is there any possible way of finding dirt on someones phone?

Yes!!! Depending on phone? I have a touch screen&google search on 2nd page, if phone is'nt locked?Anyone can slide my screen,push google browser&see my search history&possible go where I have been on web..So I'm Saying Yes It Is Possible!!!

How to update my profile picture in Yahoo answers?

Hoe to update my prof. Picture in yahoo answers. Pls help bcz all the other peoples have a prof. Picture in yahoo answers.

Suppose Your name is "Derpy" 1. Go to the uppermost left side of the site. 2. You will see "Hi, Derpy" 3. Click on the little black arrow down there. 4. Go to profile 5. You will be redirected to your page. 6. Then, you will see your name "Derpy" 7. Above it, there is a pic 8. Click on it You can do this! Hope it helped :D

How to make minecraft run fast on pc yahoo?

I got minecraft today and it keeps running slowwer and slowwer. I use it on my fairly new Pc, and have already set down the display thing to tiny and from fancy to fast, but it still lags. I want it to be as fast as the videos I see on youtube.

One way is to hold down control alt delete at the same time then open up task manager. In there go to processes and click java it's only there if minecraft is open. After you right click java set priority to high. Hope this helps

How to connect with old friends from yahoo pulse?

The only time i see my old friends from yahoo pulse is when they have a birthday coming up shown on my home page or when i log into yahoo.
How can I continue to communicate with them or even add them in messenger if pulse is not around any longer.

Look them up on Facebook or send a text to their cell to ask them to start using Yahoo Messenger again. I'm assuming, since you asked, that Messenger is still around. I thought that it went the way of ICQ, AIM, mIRC, and Trillian.

How to read previous days news in yahoo?

I want to read some news & blog that was in yahoo yesterday but today when i searched for it, it had been removed. Any ways to find it?
Sandhya i went to the picture & clicked on the arrow below the picture but it only shows the current days news only.

go to the first photo there u find a some arrows click on the arrows u find yesterdays news

How to make the glass covers for iPhones?

I want to know how to make the colored glass covers for iPhones. I'm looking at doing it as a side project outside of my job. I would also like to know how to repair the screens for iPhones and iPads.

they use a tint stick on plastic over the screen. I think you have to ask Chinese about repairing the screen.

How to completely clear my browsing history?

Even though I have my internet options set to clear all history when I close out of Explorer, there's still a list of history next to the internet address in a pull-down menu. How do I clear these out?
And your response is totally inappropriate.
Problem solved. IN the pull down history menu, at the end of the line, there's an X that can be clicked to remove it from the history. Hurray for me!

Download CCleaner and check the settings to erase all internet activity. Here is a link to it:

How to get a red exclamation point for my yahoo avatar?

As you can see, my avatar is a blue exclamation point. My favorite color is red and I would like it to be red instead of blue. I searched on google images, but I couldn't find a red exclamation avatar. Can you paste a link to one or something so I can save it and choose it as my avatar please?

Yahoo just randomly gives you the colour, you cannot change it. The only way I think you could do it would be to make a pic of it & upload it as your avatar.

How to change internet browser on blackberry?

I just got a new blackberry curve and the internet browser is o2. I had the google page before on my old phone, but now i dont know how to change it to google. Please help

go to options >> The look for "startpage" >>> then change the address to " "

How to get 99 firemaking fast from member's world?

So im 89 firemaking atm
and at 95 firemaking im planning to become a member again
its my first time coming back from runescape after 2 years and how can i get 95-99 firemaking fast in member world
P.S If i buy a 30 day runescape membership card is that enough time to get 95-99
WHAT should i do to get fast xp

The Jadinko Lair. Hands down the best firemaking experience in the game and it's free. No more burning up your gold stash. It's located on Karajma just a little east of Shilo Village. You can get Slayer, Woodcutting, Firemaking and Fletching experience in there. You can read more details on RSWiki. If firemaking is your main goal then you need to do a beacon run if you haven't already once you get membership. From a full run you'll get Flame Gloves, Ring of Fire and an Inferno Adze (lvl 92 req) which will really help out your experience gain. The adze is definitely worth it. If you've never done a beacon run, it's from the All Fired Up quest. Again, you can read the details on wiki. This should be the first thing you do when you get membership if firemaking is your primary goal. There's also a new quest, "The Firemaker's Curse" that was especially made for firemakers. Definitely do the quest for some nice fm experience. After completing the quest, you'll have extra firemaking activities available in the circus as well. 30 days is plenty of time if you're in the Jadinko Lair. It requires 83 woodcutting and 83 firemaking and I was gaining at least a level a day there without much effort.

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