How to I get emails back that I accidentally sent to a messenger contact?

I checked the emails to move them to a folder and accidentally sent them to a messenger contact to someone I haven't spoken to in years....will they be about to look at the emails.....these are highly sensitive emails.

Hi Kathy - If you sent emails to a contact over messenger, there is no way to retrieve them once they have been sent. However, if you used the file transfer feature through Messenger and they did not accept the file transfer before you closed the window then they did not receive those files. Hope this information helps! We appreciate you choosing to use Yahoo! Nixon

How to retrieve the messenger conversation history before 2011?

I have messenger version 11.5
I couldnt see the history before 2011. How to retrieve them?

The newer yahoo messenger versions (11 and later) store conversations online which you access thru 'conversation history' (you can't gain access to conversations which you have deleted from this) . For your conversations archived by previous versions of messenger (before version 11 when yahoo used to store messages locally) , look for your yahoo 'profile' folder for your OS. . It contains your user name and in that names of all people you have talked to, and in that the archive files (.dat files) You can read those archived files with a yahoo messenger archive decoder or you have the option to import these archives to your conversation history. If you want to import your messages archived by previous versions so that they are now accessible from 'conversation history' from newer yahoo messenger, you can read about it here how to do so: If you don't see the button to import archives, see here : I personally dislike 'conversation history' (it's too slow, buggy and i hate the way it shows conversations divided into small sections) , so I have not imported my older archives online. I just have it in one folder which I access using a yahoo messenger archive decoder which lets me view and search within these archives. My newer conversations I acess thru conversation history, no choice!

How to install a webcam to Messenger?

I keep getting error message that the camera is not installed properly.

This answer is even more detailed than mine was, especially for webcam problems. That's why I saved the link ... It lists more than 9 possible steps to take, with hints to solve many different problems. It's a shame that Yahoo does not allow us to mention other users by name - I'd like to give him credit for this complete solution ... (I don't copy other people's answers.);_ylt=Ag4VipGfOzGgq2bUm5JGVRIK.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20110227171043AA2wXr4 Also check the Yahoo help pages for Messenger, and the video at ... Answers is a Jungle

How to send messages to multiple people at once on yahoo messenger for Mac?

I used to have yahoo messenger for PC and could send out group messages, now that I have a mac I can't seem to figure it out :/

You can do it by creating group then adding people to it. From the top menu select: Contacts> Add Group... To clarify:

How to transfer my addlist to new yahoo id without premission of my list to add again?

I wanna to change my yahoo id but i need to have all my contact list in this new yahoo ID but i don't want to send them new request.Is it possible to do something like this?

If you open an ALIAS account you will not lose anything (contacts, address list, saved mails, folders.) If someone sends mail to the old e-mail address, it will go to the same Inbox so you don't lose any messages. There is then a drop-down menu at the right in From: where you can choose which address to use to send mail. Use it just as you would your primary address (which of course you can still use). You can send and receive email from either address from the same Inbox. You can have up to 6 alias accounts. To create a new alias (maximum of 6): - Go to your Account Information page. - Make sure you are signed in, click Add An Alias and enter the desired alias you would like to associate to your account. - Be sure to click Save. If you want to make your secondary Yahoo e-mail address as your primary address, you can click on Options > Mail Options > Account Information > Password again. Once in your account you will see E-mail Information. Click to designate which one you want as your primary, then click SAVE. You could also add a brand new address and Export/Import the address list to it. Sign out of your account, then on the new sign-in page, click 'Create a New Account' or click this link and fill out the form to create a new account. You can also go to to click 'Sign up'. To export contacts: 1. On your Yahoo! Mail page, click Options in the upper-right corner and select Mail Options. 2. From the list on the left side, click Contacts. 3. Click the "Tools" button just below the Contacts tab. 4. Click "Export". Saving the file to your Desktop makes it easy to find.Fill in the 'Captcha' image and click Export. 5. Your options are: Microsoft Outlook, Netscape/Thunderbird, Yahoo! CSV, vCard Single File (recommended for Palm Desktop users), vCard, Zip of .VCF files: 6. Use steps 1 to 4 to "Import" to the new mail address after you sign in there. Save the CSV file where you can find it, then Import to another mail account. (CSV means Comma Separated Values.) ***Keep a copy for backup, just in case! To import contacts: 1. On your Yahoo! Mail page, click Contacts in the left hand column. This will open your Contacts page. 2. From the Tools drop-down menu in the upper middle section of the page, select Import 3. From the list on the left side, click Contacts Options. 4. You will be shown several options for importing contacts. If you would like to import your contacts from another email service, select the icon from the list. If you would like to import your contacts from a desktop client, please select the ? 5. Once you have selected the type of account you would like to import your contacts from, you will be taken to a page to verify your credentials for this account. Many of the options will be filled in for you. Follow the onscreen prompts to finish your import. (Ribbit)

How to can you download a contacts display image/avatar or view a larger size with Yahoo Messenger Mobile?

I have YM mobile installed on my android phone. The problem is that the display image/avatar of the people in my contacts list is so small I can't see it. Is there a way in YM mobile to view a larger version of the image or download it?


How to install and use web cam on yahoo messenger ?

Hi, I wanna buy a web cam for my home pc. Can you please suggest the right web cam, How to install it and use on yahoo messenger ?

I've had good luck with several logitech models,they are inexpensive have a built in mic and work fairly well. You might start with a logitech messenger model they are easy to adjust remember to follow the prompts when installing don't plug it in until told to do so. I also have one of their high def models which is also excellent but a little harder to adjust. To we cam chat on Yahoo. Try this: Click messenger top left, scroll down and click preferences then scroll down and click webcam where you can make adjustments, click o.k. To make sure it is o.k. click messenger top left, scroll down and click my webcam. and your webcam should come on. You should also run your call setup. Click actions top row of the messenger window scroll down click call setup and follow the prompts. When you are chatting with someone click on webcam in the chat window.. My own opinion is that if you are going to be webcamming regularly download windows live messenger to me it is far better than Yahoo messenger…

How to create a free easy to use chat room for my friends and I to chat in?

How to create a free easy to use chat room for my friends and I to chat in?

Hey, I run chat rooms, i can set you guys up a room in one of my chats for free shoot me an email at

How to stop unwanted Yahoo messenger chat requests?

Every time I connect to yahoo mail and load messenger, about a dozen chat requests appear in tabs. I have set the "lock chat messages from anyone who is not in my Contacts." Apparently this setting does not stop the requests, only the messages. I have tried clicking "ignore" but this only seems to create more of them.

There is no way to stop people sending you the requests, as far as I know. All you can do is ignore the requests and block the senders if you don't wish to connect with them.

I need to know how to....?

I have an e-mail address from someone in the country of Honduras. I want to know if anyone knows how to contact them throughout Yahoo Messenger.
Thank you!

You have to contact this friend, and ask if they have Yahoo! Messenger, and ask if you could have their username so you can put them on your Friend's list for Messenger so you can chat. If it's not a friend, then you shouldn't chat with whoever it is on Messenger anyway. Not everyone uses Messenger, so there are no guarantees your friend has it or is interested in using it.

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