How to change size of font when viewing the list of email and folders?

When viewing my list of emails the size of the font is so large that I can't see all my folders. This happened yesterday when I was using the scroll wheel on my mouse and I can't find a way to change i back. I am using Google Chrome but when I look at my emails through Explorer the page is normal. How do I correct this?

There are several methods to enlarge or shrink the font size on your screen, and they work for ANY web page, in any browser. They may have to be set for each web site, unfortunately, although they usually remain constant for links within that site. Usually, Windows 'remembers' the set size when you close that site, and uses it again the next time. (from easiest to slowest), take your choice ... 1. Hold the Ctrl key and move the scroll wheel slowly ... away from you to enlarge, towards you to shrink. On a laptop touchpad, use Ctrl and finger down to enlarge, or Ctrl and finger up to decrease ... 2. Ctrl + 0 (zero) will reset the browser page print size to its default ... 3. Hold the Ctrl key and click + or + + to enlarge, and - or - - to shrink ... 4. Click View at the top > Zoom > Zoom In or Zoom Out - the keyboard shortcuts in #2 are there as a clue if you forget them ... Note: If you are using Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, or Firefox 4+, the Menu bar will not appear unless you click the Alt key Answers is a Jungle

How to retrieve deleted emails that were sent or received?

I have deleted some emails that I sent to someone and some of the ones they sent me and I need them back.

Yahoo has spam, technical, and abuse support at the link below. There is no free phone support. There is live chat. It sometimes takes a few seconds for the chat icon to appear. You can have email restored that was deleted within the past 24 hours. Check the trash first. You can have contacts restored that were deleted within the past 10 days. ℬ ℋ

How to get emails from old account send to new one?

I made a new yahoo account and I want to get all my emails from the old account sent to the new ones so that i will only have one account to check. Is that possible? Step by step instrusttions would be great, Both are yahoo accounts.

It's possible to transfer them but not easy. You have to go to the old account and forward each mail one at a time to the new address. A bulk movement would be brilliant but they have not got that ability yet.

How to get instant email notifications when someone likes or reblogs my Tumblr posts?

I don't want to keep checking my Tumblr dashboard for responses to my Tumblr posts. Is there a way of receiving email notifications instead for any responses I get on my Tumblr posts? It's much easier for me to keep on track with email as my phone instantly let's me know if there are any new emails.

Under preferences make sure you have your email entered and if you scroll down on that page there is a section for email notifications you can edit what they send you there.

How to filter certain emails to a certain folder automatically in yahoo mail?

Hey guys I need to know how to automatically send certain emails into a folder without having to manually move it every time. I just want to create certain folders and have certain emails that get sent to be to go to that folder automatically. I have followed a few guides but none seem to work. Can someone give me a guide that is clear and really works. Thanks.

You just right click on your message when you get it and go to filter, a box opens up where it allows you to filter any further emails with that addy straight into whichever folder you wish on the list. Take care!

How to reach a real live person at Yahoo email?

I have a few questions and suggestions concerning Yahoo email. Does anyone have a contact email address for a REAL LIVE customer support person? I'd rather not get a canned "thank you for your submission" reply.

Answer:;_ylt=AglLRZfBrnv8YvXtOf4iME7yPXpG?last_url= A button will load under the yellow box in 5 seconds or so. If it doesnt by 10 sec. reload the page

How to restrict a person from replying more than once to an email?

While i send any outlook email in my office. My coulleagues do reply to me more than some ten times with the same matter to block my outlook. Is there any way to restrict a person to block the responses send more than once for particular emails.

Ex: if i send any voting options like Yes/No then my colleagues send me many replies for the same mail with the same answer can i stop if the answer is sent more than once.

You can stop a person (email id) from mailing you but you can't stop many mails from him....I mean I never heard such thing like stopping a person more than once....better talk to your colleagues.

How to I transfer all contacts, emails and folders to my new yahoo email address?

I set up a new email address and want to transfer everything over from my old address all my email, contacts and folders from the old address.

Send everything to ur new email. Or it will ask if u wanna have ur contacts to ur email

How to block Yahoo Instnat Messages from poppin into my email when I'm trying to answer email?

I get soooo frustrated when I'm trying to answer email and an Instant Message from a stranger comes in and interrupts what I'm doing. How can I prevent them from getting into my email anyway?

Sign out of the messenger when you are not using it.

How to Stop Spammers from spamming using my email?

Many of my contact have inform me that they all received numerous emails of spam from my email

address. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Your account got compromised. First change your password. Account help.… for just about anything to do with your account. Then run anti Virus and Anti Spyware. Should be fine then.

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