How to make an art journal with sheet music?

I have a lot of left over sheet music from previous years in band, and I'm attempting to make my first art journal. I've tried looking on Pinterest and I haven't found much with transferring sheet music over to a page. Any ideas? Tutorials? Thanks!

take pictures

How to get started on a video yearbook?

So our class is trying to make a video yearbook, we've never done this before, so what are some good ways to get started on this thing? And do you guys have any tips or suggestions?

Get an external hard drive to import all of the video footage onto and make sure it is in order date-wise. Does anyone know how to edit? You could also do it on You can even make a "channel" there and make a video yearbook on vimeo. I use it for all of my stuff. Good luck :)

How to I transfer an image on to a canvas by using a medium?

I work with acrylic paints. I saw an image on a painting. The person who painted it said that she transferred the image by using a medium. I didn't get to the details on how it's done. Does anyone one know how?

Answer: The "medium" that this artist used was a sort of gel

How to take pictures of art work with a digital camera?

... and achieve the same quality as a high res scanner?

- My digital camera is an average one.

Photographing on a shoestring budget: #1 Take it outside on a slightly overdrawn day. Nice diffuse lighting that way. Avoid direct sunlight. #2 Take your distance. Use the zoom as much as possible but not *NOT* the digital zoom. The farther away you are the less distortion you get. #3 use a fixed place for your camera. Tripod is best but even a table, chair or fencepost will do. #4 Set you camera (if possible to ISO100 (or lower) long exposure, best colors and contrast. #5 Use the biggest file size possible. Clean up the picture before storing. Either crop or 'white out' all stuff that is not the artwork. For more tips:

How to alter an image in photoshop to look like circus poster art?

If you google 'circus poster' you get a lot of different circus poster images but they all have the same general feel. Does anyone know of a way to alter an image in photoshop to approximate that feel?

Thanks for your ideas!

buy this DVD it will show you all the techniques you need to make your Photoshop work for you just the way you want it

How to stop the spread of rust without removing it?

I have this really large Coca Cola sign. It has rust all over, but I like how the rust looks.Here are my questions:

Is a rusty sign safe to hang on a wall inside the home?

Will I be breathing in tiny rust particles?

How can I prevent the rust from spreading without removing it or ruining the artistic way it looks now?

Thank you for your help!

I agree that, even if you got iron oxide particles in your lungs - hard to do, they do not do nasty things. I would suggest a spray application to keep from disturbing the rust and look at Krylon spray plastic or Rustoleum clear spray if it is still around.

How to walk and pose on a runway?

I'm modeling in a fashion show that my school is having. I'm 15, and I'm going to be in a Summer segment, a Formal segment, and A Neon segment. (They turn all the lights off and we glow in the dark.)

I'm not exactly sure how to pose and how to walk. I'm a fun, bubbly, artsy person. But I also like to hold a serious mysterious look. I want to embrace my style, yet still keep a model stance. (Well, that' what they'd like.)

Any advice?

Go on and click on Fashion Shows and there will be links to hundreds of fashion shows. The model's job is not to be showing off her own style -- she is there for one purpose, to model the clothing and show it off to the best of her ability. Watch all the shows -- you'll see how a model is supposed to walk, how she turns at the end of the runway, etc

How to give a person mime makeup in photoshop?

For a school project I need to give a person the appearance of being a mime using photoshop. How do I color the persons face in the picture to make it look realistically like mime make up? Any tutorials or tips would be useful, thanks in advance!

Look up "Make-up tutorials Photoshop" online & hopefully you can find some that'll help. If you're trying to make a black & white mime make-up try duplicating the picture onto a separate layer (always save the original). Then desaturate (Ctrl + Shift + U) the picture you're going to work on & burn the areas you want the make up on. Burn with a soft brush.

How to nail a Fine Art BA Portfolio interview?

So, all art students will be individual in their own ways. The teachers can say how to improve or show progression etc. But really, is there any formula at all which can guarantee you to be accepted into a university? Art is so subjective, and I feel its now unfair. Unlike science or maths, there is not a correct and incorrect answer, its all based on whether the process of work or the work itself is 'intriguing' to the teachers eyes or not. Any qualified artists or art teachers with tips? Really confused here.

Have you guys tried "Fashionista Nails"? Those are like waterslide decals you can put over a basecoat. I picked up some designs on Etsy (just type fashionista nails in search) and love how well those work. The lady there sells the graphics so all you need is decal paper and you can print it out over and over.

How to make a ceramics rain stick last 20 sec?

I've made many rain sticks in the past and I even made a really tall 1 (at least 2 feet) but it didn't last that long. Anyone knows the secret to make it last longer?

The rain sticks I have seen were all about four feet long and lasted 20 to 30 seconds. It depends entirely on what is in them, and the mix has to be just right. It is some combination of shells and beans with a small amount of gravel.

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