How to convince parents that the road trip is safe?

I'm 17 and me and my two friends want to go on a road trip from Illinois to Mizzou (7 hours there, 7 hours back). I have done everything to convince her that I am responsible enough and that I won't be stupid. That's not the issue. She's afraid of me getting killed in an accident driving for 14 hours with no parents. How do I ease her *EXTREMELY* protective worrying (she rarely lets me do anything) so she will be okay with letting me go?

She is being a responsible parent. You and your friends may be perfectly good drivers but that doesn't mean some drunk or careless person won't crash in to you. Unless you have an adult contact who your parent trusts in Mizzou, there is another problem. If any of you do get hurt or injured, the hospital isn't likely to patch you up without an adult guardian present. Adult women get hurt and into trouble all the time so it isn't unreasonable for your mom to be concerned about her 17-yr-old. I suggest you work up to it by taking shorter trips first-- both to prove you can handle whatever may arise as well as giving her the chance to get used to you being away. 14 hours is pretty long for ANYONE to be driving...and you need to be at least 21 with a credit card to rent most hotel rooms (ones you'd want to stay in anyway). You're going to need someone trustworthy to stay with anyway. Do some more homework to make sure you have all the contingencies covered.

How to get to Cortland without driving?

I will be attending SUNY Cortland this fall and I have an issue regarding travel. Due to time constraints, my father will not be able to drive me up for move in day late august.
I have checked for other sources of travel (greyhound and amtrak) and the time it is estimate I will arrive is much later than the time we are supposed to check in.
What are other sources of traveling upstate?

Im going to cortland in the fall too.... Yu can maybe have a driver take u, or see if u can get a ride with a friend who is going to Cortland... See You There!

How to get from Nashville to Manchester, TN?

I'm going to Bonnaroo this year and am planning on taking Megabus from Chicago to Nashville. What are my options for getting from Nashville to Manchester, where the festival is held? It's about an hour away from Nashville. Bus, shuttle, taxi, etc. Any help on cost-effective and efficient ways to make the trip would be greatly appreciated!
There is a Bonnaroo shuttle, but it isn't running until June 7th. I will be arriving in Nashville the morning of the 6th.

You can take Groome Transportation from the Nashville Airport to Manchester. See for information. Keep in mind that the general admission campground will not open until 7pm on the 6th. And the bus does not drop you off at the campground. You will need to take a taxi from the shuttle stop to the campground.

How to convince your parents to move to Georgia or a southern state?

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How to go from Raleigh-Durham airport in North Carolina to Greenville East Caroline rather than renting a car?

I will take part a conference in East Carolina University from Turkey Istanbul. They say I must rent a car to East Carolina, which is 100 milles away to the air port. Yet I want to know my other options rather than renting a car, like taking a bus or train. What would you advice me on this issue?

Renting car would be easiest. There is no train to Greenville, North Carolina. So, from the Raleigh/Durham Airport, you'd have to take a Triangle Transit bus to downtown Raleigh. then from there, you could pick up a Greyhound Bus to Greenville.

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