How to file tax for the profit that I made with forex?

Do I need to talk to an accountant for this kind of matter?
If so, is there any place that I can do that for free? I live in Seattle, WA

Yes, you should meet with an accountant that has experience working with investors or traders, and its most likely not going to be free. If your thinking about doing it yourself check this website out...

How to write off volunteer work on taxes?

I teach an improv class at a local High School. I put in approximately 100 hrs a year. I do not receive any payment or benefit from this. Is it possible to write this off on my taxes? If so, how do I go about doing that? ANY help would be much appreciated...I am a little lost, and have no idea how to do this. Thank you in advance!

You can deduct mileage, not time. Look at it this way, say you got paid $10 per hour or $1,000 per year then contributed $1,000 to the schools drama department. You would zero out. Instead you are paid $0 and contribute $0. Same result.

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