How to prove that cheer is a sport to my friend?

I don't know how to prove it to him. I know it isn't considered a sport by the state, but I want to prove that we work hard enough that that it should be. But I need hard facts. Something easy to remember. Every time I try to tell him, it feels like a confrontation, and I get flustered. I need to make my team look good, because we are best in state, so I can't have him saying that I can't prove it to him.

Competitive cheerleading is a sport still in its infancy. In the words of federal district judge Stefan Underhill, in a 2010 court decision, "The activity is still too underdeveloped and disorganized to be treated as offering genuine varsity athletic participation opportunities for students." But his ruling had more to do with lack of upper-level organization than with athleticism per se. The days of pompoms and hand claps are long over. Physical Exertion There is no question that competitive cheerleading is a physically demanding sport. Teams incorporate elements of dance, tumbling and gymnastics to create performance routines. "Stunting" is a particular cheerleading activity that involves cheerleaders sitting, standing or squatting on others, such as in pyramids and basket tosses. These performance elements require strength, stamina, balance and timing, all clear athletic qualities. Training In order to gain and maintain those athletic qualities, a competitive cheerleader must train as hard as any other athlete. Collegiate-level cheerleaders report spending as much time practicing as their peers in other varsity sports. University of Kentucky cheerleader Ashley Phillips told the "Kentucky Kernel," ""In my mind, you think of a sport and you think of an athlete and you think of an athlete who's purely dedicated to what they do. And I am. I come in here and I train, and I dedicate myself and my time to this. I spend so much of my time doing this and I love it." Coaching Competitive cheerleading is directed by a coach, much as other team sports are directed by a coach or coaching staff. The coach will direct the routines, supervise training and motivate her charges to compete at their highest level. Coaches are trained not only in supervising stunting but in safety as well. Some coaches are highly sought-after; the University of Oregon's Felecia Mulkey, for example, was recruited after a nationwide search. Competition For an activity to truly be considered a sport, it must involve competition against others. In competitive cheerleading, squads compete against each other in a head-to-head fashion and are evaluated according to a standardized set of rules. This point is the real bone of contention when it comes to questions about cheerleading as a sport. Many squads still primarily exist to support other sports teams. Moreover, there is no one overarching governing body or set of rules for the sport of cheerleading; instead there are several independent organizations that sponsor their own championship tournament. Nonetheless, members of each of these organizations do compete against each other in scheduled, organized matches, just as in other sports.

How to stop getting mad when i skateboard?

I get so pissed if i cant land a trick. How to stop getting mad when i skateboard?

weed might help

How to prepare to be a flyer and become more flexible in cheerleading?

I start cheering in 2 days and i'm quite short.. im 5 feet and weigh about 95 lbs. so i have a chance at being a flyer this year and i want to be one. and tips so they will choose me?? also, any stretching excersises i can do to help as well?? anything helps, thanks!

start stretching now! stretch all the time, especially for body positions (mainly heel stretch and scorpion). good things for your heel stretch is to lay on your back with your right leg locked out and straight while a partner pushes your left leg back, or to just stretch your left splits a lot. for scorpion, work on your back flexibility a lot and stretch in door ways. just a few other tips: really hold your weight. it will help your bases and backspots. stay tight and squeeze everything in your body especially your butt, never stick your butt out either. stand up really fast in stunts. most of all, trust your stunt group and be fearless. you can't be scared! :)

How to get a horse to canter from a walk?

When I try to get my horse to canter from a walk, he just starts trotting faster and faster. My instructor says I don't need a crop on him, but kicking doesn't always help very much.

no idea

How to clam my nerves before my first softball game?

Today is my very first softball game. I am SUPER nervous, how do I calm down?


How to start gymnastics as a 16 year old boy?

I want to start gymnastics, but I don't know where I would start. I do karate now, which we involve some gymnastics in like cart wheels and i can almost do a handstand, but I still would want to start real gymnastics.

However people have told me that it goes by levels, and that I would probably start with like 5 year olds, is that true? Whether it is or not does anybody know how I would start with gymnastics?

You are never to old for any sport. Many people say you have to start when your 5 if you want to be in the Olympics. You can do gymnastics for fun or be a Olympian if you want to work super hard. To start gymnastics try asking some people at your school or ask your gym teacher or see if they hold gymnastics at your school after hours. Hoped I helped! Enjoy gymnastics!

How to get my right leg split?

I want to be more flexible for gymnastics and I have my left leg split completely. I stretch everyday but it seems like I'm making no progress with my right leg split is there any tips you could give me to help me achieve it?
Also, if you're a gymnast/used to be a gymnast what exercises did you use to condition?

One thing gymnastics and ballet have in common is the need for flexibility. I have all my splits down, and I did it my stretching contantly. When you take a break from stretching, your muscles lose the flexibility over time. You have to also stretch other parts of your body as well, and for me it helps to be a little warmed up before really stretching, in my case, doing barre work. I also recently started taking acro, and in acro we hold splits for a long time. (don't forget abou middle split) the muscles you need for splits are you hamstrings, your inner thighs, and some other muscles. So make sure you stretch those muscled seperately too. Oh, and on your good split side, if you are ready, add an object underneath your front for and back lower thigh. That way when you get your splits down you can further stretch yourself. Do the same for middle splits. I do this for ballet and it helps, because flexibility is so important.

How to build up my stamina for grinding?

So I'm in high school and prom, homecoming and parties all consist of grinding these days. Well I'm not inexperienced at grinding, but I just can't do it as long as most girls. I don't even find it that fun but I want to be a part of homecoming and prom and stuff so I wanted to know how I can grind longer?! Yeah it's an embarrassing question but I don't know what else to do.

watch YouTube videos there are many videos that will saw you how to grind or go to a strip club and ask a stripper to see you how to grind long

How to get my mom to support me in softball?

I have just started playing last year and my dad has bought all of my equipment and im a catcher.I am 14. My parents are divorced but i live with my mom. She doesnt support me at all. Every time I try to talk to her we fight about it. How do I get her to support me?

Well, something in the back of my mind tells me it has something to do with your dad. Or maybe its because u spend to much time with sports and school u dont have time for her. Does she even show up for games? My Parents are always working that they just drop me off at the feild and drive off, but they do support me and give me tips on how to play better. If you keep fighting with her everytime u ask her about it, just try again in a month or two. But, idk whats going to happen so hopefully she will support you somehow. Good luck and keep gettin dirty! (Dont take that the wrong way :P)

How do I learn how to ride a skateboard?

I've always wanted to learn how to ride one,but i'm afraid i'm going to fall and bust my butt. Do you reccommend any skateboard I should buy and any tips on learning how to ride one?

Just start of with any basic skateboard which you won't mind breaking etc. Don't worry if you fall, practice makes perfect. First I'm suggesting you keep one foot and other one pushing along the ground and when you get confident then try get both feet on. Keep doing this and then you'll start getting the hang. You can also watch other skateboarders at the parks and Youtube. OH AND REMEMBER TO WEAR A HELMET AND KNEE/ELBOW PADS.

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