How to stop wanting to buy something?

I have been wanting something online for a week or possibly more. But, I have already bought other stuff already and due to recent circumstances and my mum's disapproval, i'll obviously not get it, and i accept that. No, I am not a spoilt brat, and it has just been my birthday, just I felt this item was needed. I also know that material items provide no long-term benefit or happiness, but this want just does not go away! Even though i have moved on, its still on my mind, this product just won't go away? Any tips thanks!

give me your money. PS-nothing gives you long-term happiness. we all have heartaches and die remember

How to make a good impression during Sophomore year of High School?

During Freshman year I had a few friends and wasn't that confident to do things. But it's almost Sophomore year and I want to make a change! I want to be more confident and outgoing, gain more friends. Is it too late? If not, can you give me some advice?

Spend some time focusing on your positive attributes. Think about what you have to offer friends. Perhaps you're a great listener or you're honest and trustworthy. By focusing on your good qualities, you can develop a healthy self-confidence that's necessary for an outgoing personality. Attend a lot of high school events. Buy tickets for the school play, go to a concert and attend sporting events. You will meet many different kinds of friends this way and you'll also demonstrate that you have varied interests. Voice your opinions when in a discussion with friends. After listening to others' views, chime in with some of your own to demonstrate that you aren't afraid of speaking your mind. Meet new people on a regular basis. If you notice someone in the hallways whom you haven't met, introduce yourself. While this may seem a courageous move, it will do wonders to boost your social standing and will make you seem engaging and outgoing. Compliment people. This will boost their self-confidence and it will also help you to make new friends. Laugh a lot and tell jokes when the timing is right. Doing so will make you seem approachable and people will want to share your company. Organize regular outings with your friends in high school. Plan a night at the movies, visit a local beach or invite friends to hang out at your house. Make it a point to invite a few new people to each gathering.

How to get respected by others?

I feel as if I get no apperication from my friends or anyone else. I go all out for my friends but in return they dont i feel lonely bc they are not there for me as i am for them.

ITs tough to say. Are you being too quiet and not expressing yourself? That makes it pretty easy for people to walk all over you. Alternately, you could just have some really awful friends, and may benefit from finding some more caring people to spend time with. I would reflect on whether you friends even know this behavior hurts you. If you haven't told them, how could they know?

How to get over bad memories and embaressing moments?

I have always been a loner growing up. I have this proiblem of pushing people away. Even at the moment I am still alone although I have siblings who have friends etc. When I'm alone these past memories begin to creep up & it has been getting worse and worse to where it is restricting my natural thinking process and causing me deep anxiety when I go out. I'm even being drowned by my past embaressing moments even if they're small. I keep thinking others remember these moments despite the fact that they were many years ago.

Look forward In life and accept everything and move on

How to submit your site to many social bookmark website at one time?

Is there any shortcut to submit my content articles in my blog to numerous social bookmark web sites at once? rather than submit them 1 by 1, it is extremely time-consuming.Thank you so much.

I suggest using social bookmark submission service to submit your website or blog to hundreds bookmark sites. It cost only a couple cent per bookmark at

How to ask a British person where they are from?

I know this sounds stupid, but how do you ask a British person exactly where they are from in their country? Would you ask where they are from in Britain, England, the UK, or something else? I realize there is a difference between all of them, but how do I ask without sounding ignorant? The reason I am asking this is because I am talking to a British foreign exchange student about being roommates this next semester, and I don't want to sound stupid asking where their hometown is. Any answers will be appreciated, thanks.

LOL! I believe the proper phrase in English is: "So, where are you from?" When people ask me where I'm from, I don't say 'The World' or 'The Western USA". I say I'm from California, the San Francisco Bay Area, a little backwater town you probably never heard of in the East Bay. Maybe TMI but people will smile and say 'Okay.' Sometimes there will be more discussion. "Oh, is that near Glendale?" "No, that's Southern California." etc. You could say 'You're from the UK, right? Where exactly?' The UK is England, Wales and Scotland. But you're taking a risk there. He might laugh and tell you he's from Ireland or New Zealand. I don't think he'd be insulted. Australians pretend to be insulted, but you can see it's a joke.

How to overcome the urge of wanting to punch someone in the face?

I'm sick of assholes. I want them all to die a horrendous death. Especially people on the internet who don't know what I look like, so they accuse me of being fat. It's so annoying considering I'm the ******* opposite. If you're gonna insult me, do it using something I actually am. I'm a skinny, blond, blue-eyed, albino loner girl of 18 years of age. So, take something from that.

Don't let them get to you, they're all clearly insecure about themselves and are in search of relieving themselves on others. Especially those that do so over the internet since they don't have to face any direct consequences, such as taking your fist to their face. Don't let them bother you, let them be the turds they are, getting angry only hurts yourself and fuels their fire. Trust me!

How to survive somebody trying to kill you?

What do you do when they are chasing you? What do you do when you see your locked door being beat down?

when they are chasing you? first off... what weapon do they have? if they are trying to kill you then they are probably going to have a gun, you can't out run a bullet but you can out run the persons actions, Try to dodge as many bullets as you can, get the guy to waste bullets. if have no where to run then just offer surrender, however if he's there to kill you lol, then your dead anyways. if he just has a knife you can try to run, but if you have experience in hand to hand combat then you should be fine. If you notice your door being banged at, or anything, get the phone, hide, and get help, and stay put, cops are really fast.

How to defend yourself if a girl is planning to kick you in the balls?

I haven't get kicked in the balls yet, but if some girls want to kick me in the balls than I want to know how to defend myself. I doubt any girls will do it to me, because I'm very nice.

Lol, first dude, a girl kicking your nuts isn't that big of a deal. It happens to all boys at some point. Girls don't usually have a great aim, but even if they do, they just don't usually have the kicking strength of a boy, and their smaller feet sometimes only hit one nut, or just don't hurt that much. The only advice is to try to move out of the way of the kick, unless you want to find out how it feels. Also, if you have an idea of when you might be kicked, wear jeans instead of basketball shorts. Jeans offer some protection..and yes, you could always wear a cup. I say just don't worry about it, and if it happens, take it like a man, and don't carry on about it.

How to get my brother to stop sagging his pants?

He says it's cool but it's really disgusting and slobbish and no one does it to the extent that he does, please help!

The sagging pants look originally came from jail. Inmates were not allowed to have belts because they could use them as weapons or to hang themselves, so many of them had sagging pants. Additionally, male inmates sag their pants to show that they are ready and willing to have a homosexual encounter with other male inmates (think easy access). Anyway, when these men got out and returned to the streets (as many do), they were used to their pants sagging. Others noticed and thought it was cool, so they let their pants sag, too. Believe it or not, I think that parents are to blame for the way their children look. There was a time when a parent would beat the crap out of their son or daughter if they left the house looking a certain way. This has changed for a few reasons. Children who had the crap beat out of them for attempting to wear extreme styles resented their parents and said that they wouldn't be that way with their own children. Such ones forget that what their parents did worked since they as adults tended not to wear extreme styles, yet they resent them nonetheless. When they become parents themselves, they are more permissive with their children, and deceive themselves by saying that it doesn't matter what their children wear, as long as they are good people. Yet, it does matter what we wear, because the first thoughts formed about a person is based on what they are wearing. If a person looks ghetto, that's how he will be treated; if a person looks neatly dressed, that is how he will be treated. In addition, since the age gap is getting closer and closer between parent and child, the parents find that they are too busy eking out a life with limited education and limited skills to notice what their kids are wearing and doing. They trust that their children appreciate their sacrifices and dress and behave properly, but their trust is without ground because they hardly see them. Also, parents are in general much more lazier today than they were generations ago. Proof is in the way that adults let their kids have a tantrum in the middle of the store or a place of worship, or let their kid curse them out and the only thing they half-heartedly say in response is, 'Johnnie, don't do that.' Johnnie doesn't hear a word she says and never properly gets punished for his behavior, so he learns that it is okay. Eventually, such children learn that they can do what they want and their parents aren't really going to do anything. Furthermore, parents today are figuring out that it is easier to do what the child wants and avoid a fight than put up with their tantrums. This is similar to the above notion, but these parents are a little more concerned than the above who really don't seem to care at all. They want to disciplinetheir kid but never learned how to do it properly, so when they see a fight coming, they just give in to the kid's demands. And how many children are quick to say, 'It's my body, so I can wear what I want,' 'But this is what all the kids are wearing today,' or 'The kids will pick on me if I don't look cool.' However, such parents should remember that it may be the kids body, but the parents get to decorate it however they want as long as the kid is living at home; the other kids may be wearing some outlandish style, but the attitude portrayed by such styles adds to the reason the world is going down the crapper; the other kids may pick on your kid for dressing properly, but of the two, who will be most likely to get a job, get a promotion, or find a good man/woman who doesn't dress and behave like a gangster/hood rat? People are able to discern a lot by a person's dress. The Bible tells parents, to "go on bringing [children] up in the discipline and mental-regulating of Jehovah." (Ephesians 6:4) Just think about it: Do you think God approves of styles that makes one appear to be aggressive, extreme, or sexually deviant? In other words, if God's Son Jesus Christ were on the earth today, do you think he would look like what you described in your question? If his mother Mary were here on the earth today, do you think she would look like a prostitute, showing more skin than clothing? Until parents take their God given admonition seriously, you will see more and more young people dressing badly.

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