How to react and move on after being blocked on a social networking site?

A friend blocked me on Facebook. I am not sure of what the reason really was but there was a fight between him and our mutual friends. Now, this friend was not very close to me when I interacted with him during school days. However, we used to chat online a lot later and now I feel angry, hurt and somewhat betrayed that he blocked me even without letting me know. It may seem silly but the incident keeps bothering me. How can I let go of all this?

He doesn't sound like a good friend to begin with. Go out and meet new people, you're bound to find a better friend to replace him.

How to protect yourself when taking a beating from many people?

What is the best way in which you could protect yourself, if several people gang up on you and decide to beat the shit out of you, and you end up on the floor. What is the best thing to do in this case?

A fetal position, with your knees curled to your chest. Put one hand over your neck, wrap the other arm around your head. Don't stiffen your body, relax. Breathe deeply. And try to avoid this situation.

How to write a social studies essay?

Grade 11 social studies essay?
Im suppose to talk about visions of canada and what canada is known for
im talking about hockey, the government, health care, etc
how do i start? and do i make paragraphs?

my teacher said to write 2 pages so is the double spaced or paragraph form?
any good help would be appreaciated

The role of government has changed drastically since the times of Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Jefferson, and others--people to which this phrases is attributed. The social goals of society are very different now than then. The statement says that the smaller the government the better, but this simply isn't true. For example, government-run social programs like Medicare, and Social Security depend on a government monumentally larger than the ones spoken of by Jefferson. Prison systems these days, while government run, depend on a large government to run in a way congruent with the goals of society. We don't want prisons to be dungeons like they were in the past. This costs government money and regulations--making government bigger and more powerful. So while the founders desired for limited government, they had not accounted for the evolution of the public perception of the role of government. Though this statement had noble goals, especially considering the time it was written, it is no longer applicable today. Hope this helps!

How to decorate a science fair board?

My project is on subliminal messages. I recorded a message telling volunteers to think of a certain color, and then played music over it. After they heard it I asked them what color they were thinking about. How should I decorate my board?

Sublimation as a phase transition, is the process of transition of a substance from the solid phase to the gas phase without passing throough an intermediate liquid phase. You could use that image.

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