How to get more playing time in Highschool Varsity soccer?

I'm a freshman and I made the varsity team this year, but I just want to get more playing time to help the team. I play outside midfield and the two starting outside midfielders are seniors, I play really hard when I'm on the field. How can I get more playing time though, as I am a pretty good player.

Work harder at training sessions. 77

How long will it take me to learn how to play football (soccer) good?

I have just started playing a few weeks ago and I have strong legs and a moderate since of ball control. But I do not know how to juggle or any complicated passes. I really want to make the team this year as a sophomore because I have a strong liking in the game. I practice about 2 and a half hours a day by running dribbling and shooting the ball. But I don't know if I'll be ready.

You keep practicing, take help from others or who already know good football. It will take about a year to become a good football player, since football is not just kicking the ball around!

How to register online to become a grade 8 referee?

This is for the Northern California division and I was wondering where I may get started to register for the 18 hour training session.

Here in NJ we register for classes through a website run by the state referee committee. This page seems to have links for aspiring officials in California:

How to improve my soccer passing quickness?

Whenever i get the ball it seems i can never pick out a man fast enough. What tips and drills can help me with this?

Spot out your teammates' positions before you even receive the pass. That should give you a few-second time frame to pick out a man. The more game experiences you have, the better you can anticipate players' movements on the pitch. That way, you'll be able to not only pick up an open man, but pass to the best open man. Some drills you can practice would be better ball control without having to look at the ball too much and accurate passes (also without having to look at the ball too much). Next time you practice, avoid looking down as much as possible while maintaining good possession. Good luck!

How to play soccer with out gaining muscle?

I have to play soccer for high school but I recently slimmed down my legs and now I'm afraid I'm going to get thick muscular legs, like a lot soccer players have. I'm a female btw.

im a 31 yr old male soccer player, and i dont have thick muscular legs...its more likely you will become slimmer like a long distance runner

How long did it take you to learn how to juggle a soccer?

I'm not going to lie it took me a couple a months but i wasn't consistent when practicing back then.

im a girl and im 13 it just kinda happens lol my highest is 1,425

How to prepare for a football trial for Fulham?

I was discovered by a scout from Fulham F.C and he invited me to a trial for the academy. How should I prepare?

Well the first thing is congratulations, to prepare I suggest eating something full off carbs like pasta and potato, aka starches, enjoy and good luck.

How to quickly adapt position in football?

Hi! I normally play right back for my football team but our striker has picked up and injury for about 4-5 weeks so (because I am tall and fast) my coach is going to play me as a forward until the injured striker returns! I have never played as a striker before and I have not even scored a goal in 5 years! Help please. Thanks to anyone who answers especially all those forwards out there! Thanks again!

Hi, my son plays centre back but when they need a goal he gets pushed up front and finds it difficult mainly because he is used to following or marking the striker. Obviously the rolls are reversed when you play up front so you have to lose your marker by findiing gaps. Be careful not to run aimlessly, because you need enough energy to sprint when required. Try to push up on to the last defender, without straying offside. That way if the ball is cleared over the top or down the middle of the pitch it is a straight foot race between you and the last defender. Try to hold up the ball when you recieve it and if you have decent left and right midfielders, play it wide to them then immediately run towards the penalty box to hopefully recieve a cross and use your height to head the ball from the cross

How to get more aggressive in soccer?

I play for my high school team as a center defensive midfield. When someone comes towards me with the ball I want to steal it but I'm afraid of getting too close and personal because I've had other injuries. (Ex: a badly bruised rib, sprained ankle, and knee issues). How do I get past this fear and just charge right into the person and take the ball, because if I could get over this stupid petty fear I know I would be a much better player than I currently am! All answers appriciated thank you!

Use your body to gain leverage on the other players, but make sure you don't extend your arm or it would be a foul.

How to become a professional soccer player?

I'm in Canada and I have joined my school soccer team. The coach has seen how good I am and has sent me on the Vancouver soccer team. I just wanted what I should do to become a professional soccer player. Where should get noticed? Where should I find scouts who can help me get into MLS and then get transfered to Europe for higher levels. How should I keep my dreams alive? I'm in grade 10 of high school and already I was asked to join the Vancouver Soccer Team because they have seen a lot of potential in me.

Thanks for any advice and Merry Christmas to all.

I think for u to have such passion it's really enough for u to make it big one day is time on your hands? i think you should think bigger and like attract attention from epl clubs. AND YES, playing in europe is a really good option. Firstly, maybe u should check out on websites about if any big clubs gonna drop by ur area ( coz sometimes they do, to check out some talents i think) and the fastest and most popular way is to JOIN JUNIOR FOOTBALL ACAEDAMY. like for example, west ham has one and frank lampard, rio ferdinand all graduate from there and see how big they are now? Secondly, look for an agent, it depends on how u find one. on webs or whatso ever. in europe ( london esp) there's a lot of agents. they can help u find clubs or help u find a way to ur dreams. bt don't get cheated! must find a proper agent. Thirdly, join some clubs and start geting experiences. Even if u are really good but u have no guts for big matches then it's no use ok? Fourthly, u can also try to be good enough to play for ur own country. once u are at the international stage and shine through. big clubs will queue up for u & u will become an instant star. bt all this, u have to start by joining clubs in ur own country 1st THEN u must train ur stamina first. u can have skills but in major leagues, players like THIERRY HENRY, RONALDINHO, DIDIER DROGBA run really fast for a long full 90 mins. CAN U DO IT? BUT if u want to make it big in europe, do u have a visa or qualified pass? some players have talent bt trouble playing there because they don't have the right citizenship pass or visa. if u can't travel or go there, attract enough attention from rich & big clubs so they can get u a visitors pass. think about this and have the best of luck, you can do it hold on to ur dreams!

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