How to give color to your face in the morning?

In the mornings my face is really pale and my bloodstream hasn't gotten going yet in my face. I'd like a natural way with no makeup to add some color to my face? I tried being active for a little while after I got ready for school ( I practiced my dance routines ) and it helped some. More tips?

How about taking a shower every morning? Though you need to dry your hair every morning...

How to get rid of a blemish quickly and effectively?

I have a red blemish on my skin and I would like to get rid of it.
Without makeup and/or something covering it up. I want it gone for good.

take a really hot wash cloth and let it bust it.. then take tooth paste and dab a little on the spot it should go away by morniing.... mine always do

How to whiten skin without medication/expensive products?

Is there anything that I can eat or apply to my skin to make it whiter? And not just the face, the whole body if possible?

Lemon juice is a very good natural way to brighten your skin since the active agent in it is vitamin C, damp it on to your face, and leave it for about 15 seconds than wash it off. Also eat lots of fruits and vegetables! Drink plenty of water too. Good Luck

How to get rid of acne through cleansing, has anyone used the secret acne cleanse?

How to get rid of acne through cleansing, has anyone used the secret acne cleanse?

Nope but I found a cheap and fast way to get rid of acne... I make a mixture of baking soda and lemon juice... With a touch of hydrogen peroxide..only a very small amount... And water...I put warm water on my face and then the mixture (it should be as a paste or like sand on a beach with water over it).. Let it dry into a crust then wash off with warm/hot water..then again with cold water (close ur pores) and then a facial moisturizer. I haven't had acne in months... Also this works if you need the bumps to go away in a few days..

How to get rid of razor bumps for women?

I have terrible razor bumps. Are there any home remedies that will take them away? Please help! Their bad.

exfoliate the area in the shower with a loofah or sponge, then afterwards apply a gentle acne remedy, like salicylic acid 2%. Most drug stores have a generic brand that's cheaper, but Clean & Clear makes one also. I usually buy the one made by CVS and it's in a gray and purple tube. It's in the section with the acne face washes. You can also apply antibiotic ointment or Neosporin to the area and that helps it heal. This method has worked for me! Just be careful with the exfoliation- don't be too rough, otherwise it hurts.

How to get rid of bikini area red bumps after shaving?

How do u get rid of those red bumps in the bikini area? I get the red bumps really badly and on the second day after shaving it starts to get really itchy. I tried using one of those shaving gels for the bikni area but it didn't really. Do anything. I also tried putting aloe gel on the area to prevent redness but that barely helped. Any one have idea or something that works for them?

Wet the area first. Use shaving cream. Use a brand new razor. If you are, then switch to a different brand. I tried BIC gel razors once and they gave me the worst bumps of my life. I think the blades where made bad. Try holding the razor differently. Try using a different pressure. Shave. Wait a week or so and then shave again. Sometimes the hair has to "reprogram" itself to adjust to the shaving routine and needs to grow back in such a way that prevents the ingrown hairs. The best thing is to keep trying and wait! If you go an entire month of shaving the same way and there are still bumps, try "Veet® Bikini Kit Hair Removal Cream & Gentle Finishing Cream" It is a harsh chemical so I would avoid it unless absolutely necessary. Personally I find creams to cause breakouts on my skin, but you might have a better experience.

How to close up hole left by plugs in ears quickerr?

I have a job interview in a couple of days that was unexpected and don't want to have an open whole there for the interview which is in maybe 2-3 days. Any suggestions? I really need a new job and don't want to make my friend look bad.

I would recommend butterfly bandages. 2 days is not a lot of time....

How to avoid getting a blow-out when stretching ears?

I've got a blow-out from stretching it from 10mm to 12mm. I wait about two weeks for upsizing and everything had been going well but as I inserted the 12mm I got a blow-out. I took out the stretcher and am waiting for it to heal. What should I do to prevent a blow-out?

Wait longer. Go by 1mm increments. When you stretch up it should never hurt and you should never force it if it won't go.

How to get rid of wrinkles on my hands and feet?

I've always had wrinkles on my hands and feet because my skin is really, really, REALLY dry. I'm not old or anything but my hands and feet are noticeably wrinkly (they look as bad as my 75 year old grandma!) Please help!

Drink plenty of water and use good quality of moisturizer for your hands and feet because your skin is dry, for much good results after consulting a doctor you can take various treatments which are available these days like Thermage cpt etc.

How to get rid of dark circles and wrinkles on eyes?

I have pretty bad dark circles around my eyes, no mater how much sleep i get i still have the circles and wrinkles. Need something that can cure this fastly. Looking for home remedies mostly but ill take any answer. Please help!!!

Here are some of the most common causes of true under-eye circles: Allergies Atopic dermatitis (eczema) Heredity — dark under-eye circles can run in families Lifestyle factors, such as smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeinated sodas Nasal congestion (which dilates and darkens the veins that drain from your eyes to your nose) Pigmentation irregularities - part of your genetics Sun exposure, which prompts your body to produce more melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color Thinning skin and loss of fat and collagen — common as you age — which make the reddish-blue blood vessels under your eyes more obvious Mild to moderate dark circles often respond well to simple and inexpensive treatments, such as: Cold. Try a cold compress, two chilled teaspoons or a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a soft cloth to temporarily reduce dilated and discolored under-eye blood vessels. Or, try a cooled, used teabag. Extra pillows. Elevate your head with two or more pillows to prevent puffiness that develops when fluid pools in your lower eyelids. Extra sleep. Although short nights don't usually cause under-eye circles, a lack of sleep makes you paler and more hollow-eyed, so shadows and circles you already have are more obvious. Dark glasses and sunscreen. Although a tan might hide dark circles in the short term, in the long run, the extra pigment it produces can make circles worse. Saline washes or sprays. Rinsing your sinuses with a saltwater solution (mix 1/4 teaspoon sea salt with 2 cups warm water) or over-the-counter saline spray can help relieve nasal congestion. Cosmetics. Hundreds of skin creams that claim to reduce or prevent under-eye circles crowd department store and drugstore shelves. The results of one well-publicized study showed that a cream containing vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E and retinol was moderately effective in treating under-eye circles. Camouflage. The right concealer can do just that — hide dark circles. If the circles under your eyes are bluish, use a peach-colored concealer, not one that's white or gray. And avoid scented products and those containing salicylic or glycolic acid, which can irritate delicate eye tissue, making redness and swelling worse.

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