How to militarize your subconscious from extraction?

I've been a bit late on the film Inception, but I regret not watching it when it was in the movies, it is amazing.

Inside the movie they are able to militarize their subconscious to make them selves not vulnerable to theft in the dream state. Robert Fischer, for example, had his subconscious trained. How can you do it in real life?

And how is Eames able to change personalities and looks? Is it possible in a dream?

I think it would be more important to extract your subconscious from militarization.

How to Explain the Processes of weathering that take place in mountainous Areas?

Science Homework.
Question Two Says:
Look at the pictures below of the mountains in the Lake District of Northern England and the Alps. Explain the Processes of weathering that takes place in mountainous areas.
Help? Thanks.

A major weathering effect is the breakdown of rock's of all kinds by freezing/thawing cycles.The broken rock is washed down toward the plains and sea and in the process turned into sand or other soil types. In the alps there are glaciers (which are ice rivers) ,these can break down heavy rocks and carry them to the plains but there are no British glaciers so the remaining rocks are more rounded than you would find in the alps.

How to build a test frame to test sound dampening ability?

I'm trying to find the best materials to block unwanted sound and I need to build a test frame or box. Does anyone have any ideas of how to do this or at least a place to start? I need to be able to insert different materials. What materials would be needed to build it? If you need any extra clarification, feel free to ask. Thanks in advance for any help.

Sounds like a fun project actually. Like any project (or hobby) you can go from a simple all the way to an expensive and complex setup. What I would suggest is simply a wooden box with a slot half way into which you can install various materials to test. The trick is going to be having a constant volume sound source, to put at one end. Also a sound sensor at the other end. Could go electronic for these; or simply a source like a light hammer hitting a piece of metal. For the receiver sensor a microphone, or simply detect air vibration strength with a bird feather. Hope this helps.

How to test thermal insulator of a materials?

I'm planning on testing the thermal insulator property of the materials. I need at least four methods on how to test out this specific properties.

Here are a couple of projects you could try. If they aren't good, the best way for you to find alternates is to do some web searching for yourself. Good luck.

How to make a solar cooker boil water?

I need to make a solar cooker for a science project and i NEED to make it boil water. I know that i need to use aluminum foil and im using insulation and plexiglass to make it hotter inside. Everything is painted black to absorb more heat. And i have to use a soda can 16Oz with 100mL of water in it.
Im wondering what is a realy good way to make it boil?

Paint the can flat black so the can is what absorbs the heat. Reflect as much light as you can onto that can. Use the Plexiglas to reduce conduction and convection by airflow, and to prevent the escape of infrared radiation.

How to get from kilo-watt hours per year to kilowatts per hour?

If a dishwasher uses 303kwh per year , how much is that per hour?

"kilowatts per hour" is a totally meaningless statement, sorry. watts is already a rate, one watt = 1 joule per second. OR, 1 kW = 1 kW-hour per hour. Perhaps you want kW-hour per hour? Which is the same as kW? dimensional analysis 303 kW-hour / year x (1 year / 365 day) x (1 day / 24 hours) = 0.0346 kW-hour / hour or 35 watt-hour / hour or 35 watts (average power used)

How to stop chicken Bones from smelling for jewelry?

I am using some bones from a cooked meal, so i already had a head start on drying them out. Once i had chosen the bones i wanted, i put them in the oven for 4 hours on a high temperature.
When the bones were dry, i washed them and sanded them to scrape off the excess meat and whatnot and attached them to a necklace, but i noticed they still smell pretty bad, sorta like dog treats or something.
How can i get the smell to go away?

Put them out in the sun for a few days, preferably in a place that's inaccessible to raccoons and cats. If you must cover them, use a screen, not a glass bowl - glass is opaque to ultraviolet light, which is what does the job - it breaks down the organic chemicals you are smelling. You can also try spraying them with Febreze - it contains chemicals called cyclodextrins (distant relatives of sugar) that trap other molecules, preventing you from smelling them even though they're still there. I don't know how long Febreze will last. Try the sun first - it fixes the problem rather than masking it, and it's free.

How to make up iodide solutions of different concentrations?

I'm given potassium iodide crystals (KI) and iodine solid and have to make up different concentrations of iodide solutions to later react with propanone and hydrochloic acid to follow with colorimetry. I really have no idea what to do!! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

I find it difficult to believe that you have not been given proper instructions for making up these solutions, especially since potassium iodide is a skin irritant. Ask your teacher or lab supervisor.

How to find a scientist to partner up with in new startup?

We are creating a new acne treatment, and are wondering where we could find scientists to partner up with?

look for a partner from a local school, sciencist group or other people like that. if all else fails, contact a company that make acne product.

How to spot indications of white noise in random walk residual plots?

I'd like to know how you can see if a residual plot in a random walk model has white noise? I have googled and read about white noise but I'm having a difficult time actually pointing out which of my 6 plots have white noise.

Anyone care to help me out?

The white noise will show up in the thickness of the line you can draw through the plot without obscuring real data.

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