How to convince my friend not to get an abortion?

My friend is 12 years old (crazy right?) and she has missed her period for 3 months. She thinks she is pregnant and wants to get and abortion. She does not know who the father is, as she slept with multiple guys around the conception time. I belive that abortion is murder and I want to help her out. I know many people that would take her baby. So any ways to convince her to give the baby up for adoption?

Tell her to think about how if her parents had got an abortion, she would never have been born.

How to calm a baby not used to strangers?

I am going to start nannying for a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old. The 2-year-old has more experience with her mom being gone but the 1-year-old has always had her mom around so she is more afraid of strangers and attached to her mom's hip. How can I comfort her and soothe to get her used to her mom having to leave at times?

It may take her a few days (or even a couple weeks) but she'll come around! Just stay positive, get down on her level as much as you can and play with her.

How to submit my blog to several social bookmark web site at one time?

Is there any secret to submit my articles in my website to various social bookmark websites at one time? instead of submit them one at a time, it's very time-consuming.Thanks.

If your looking to increase traffic to your site try Facebook, twitter and, youtube. You can also find sites and forums that allow you to promote your site or place link in signature line. I know that both sites below have means to promote your site or business

How to babysit twin two year olds and an infant?

This weekend, I will be babysitting twin two year old girls and a baby girl (4 months ish). I have babysat for just the twins before and did well, but I need advice on how to take care of all of them at once, and on what to do whit the infant. Thanks!

Hello! I've been babysitting for 4.5 years for children exactly those ages! The tough part of the job will be if the baby cries, which, at 4 months she probably will. Here are a few main causes of crying in infants: -hungry -needs to be burped -needs diaper change -uncomfortable -too hot or cold -too much noise and stimulation -not enough stimulation -separation anxiety (even babies that young can miss their mothers although that typically starts closer to 6 months) So obviously, you are going to have to try various things to stop the crying.s Start by checking the diaper and try giving her a bottle. Even if it's not the exact time the mom said to feed her, she may be hungry anyway. Pat her gently on the back to burp her and wait for a burp. Try to figure out if she could be uncomfortable with her clothing or the temperature. If it's noisy, take her to a quiet place. If nothing is going on, try to get her interested in toys and give her some tummy time. Try putting her in a bouncer or baby swing. A white noise machine can work wonders. Try rocking her and holding her in various ways to see what works. Carry her and walk around, GENTLY bouncing your heels. Make shushing sounds, talk quietly, or sing soothing songs. Remember, it probably isn't your fault she is crying and she isn't doing it on purpose. Be patient and do not get frustrated! Do not shake her at all as that could lead to Brain damage or even death. If you grow frustrated, set her in her crib and step away for five minutes, it's okay of she cries for a few minutes. If you need to, call her mom and ask ahead of times what she does to soothe the baby. Meanwhile, let the toddlers play on their own just make sure that you can see them at all times! Before the mom leaves, ask her what the babies schedule is. Here are a few questions to ask: -how to prepare bottle -when baby gets bottle -how to change diaper (but you probably already know) -how to put her to bed/naps -when bed/nap is -how to calm baby -if she has a pacifier or anything to help calm her down And anything else you can think of! Try to come with a few coloring books or old toys for the toddlers so that they don't get bored because sometimes dealing with the baby may take up a lot of the time. Some babies are naturally independent and happy though so you may not have a problem! If you babysat the twins before, you already know what to do with them so they will be easy! Have fun, hope I helped!

How to make a belly casting with plaster of Paris powder ?

I want to make a pregnancy belly casting, but I'm not sure how with the supplies I have. I was able to get the plaster of Paris powder version. I don't have access to any kind of pre plastered gauze. So I need to know what type of cloth I did in the plaster mixture, some kind of mixing chart for it, or just over all instructions on how to do it using just the plaster of Paris powder (:

here i found this it is really helpful

How to get sole custody of my child in California?

Im a single mother the father isnt on the birth certificate and were not married is it possible to get sole custody? And where can i go to get that started?

yes, it is VERY possible to get sole custody. technically, if your child lives with you full time, you already have full custody. But it's important to make it legal, as you never know what will happen in the future. Best place to start is by contacting a mediator (they are much cheaper than lawyers) for advice. Some mediators will give an hour of advising for a discounted cost or even free. You can easily get full custody by doing it all by yourself, but if you don't understand the legal process it will take, or the paperwork needed, it's always good to at least seek a little legal advice. This website might help you:

How to politely ask a breastfeeding mom to cover up?

I do not want to see breasts on my public transit. How do you politely ask someone to cover up? I know that this is a free country, but if I can see your breasts, it's indecent exposure.

You know, i wish i had kids and was breastfeeding just to encounter people like you....

How to get a court order paternity test?

My boyfriend's ex has a child that he thinks is his. The ex lied multiple times in the past saying that the child was not his until recently she has came around saying that the child "could be" his. Every time that the paternity test is brought up to her and when to go ahead and schedule it she constantly has excuses on why she can't do it right now. How do we go about getting a court ordered paternity test and do we need an attorney as well?

I would call a lawyer. Once the test is taken and he is proven to be the father the courts will add his name to the birth certificate. The mother will then be able to collect child support for the child BUT unless you have a custody agreement she will not be required to let him have visits with the child. Your lawyer can request visitations to be set upon getting the results of the test back.

How to buy condoms without your parents knowing?

Me and my boyfriend are going to have sex but of course I'm not doing it until we have condoms. So he wants to know how he can buy condoms without his mom knowing.

You don't need parental consent to purchase condoms but sometimes clerks can be jerks if you look too young but he shouldn't have any problems whatsoever but if he does he can always get them for free at the local clinic

How to get rid of Stretch Marks?

I have stretch marks on my stomach from my previous preganancy, they are very light pinkish. Im on my second pregnancy and Cocoa Butter did nothing to my stretch marks throughout and afterwards my last pregnancy. So I need some cream removals that will do the job! Any suggestions? Mom in desperate need!

Stretch marks, commonly identified by the unsightly pink, red, or purple lines they cause in the skin, are the result of rapid weight fluctuation or growth. When the skin stretches, its internal structures break down, causing the streaks and lines so many people have learned to simply accept as a part of life. Fortunately, there are some proven ways to reduce the effect that rapid growth like this has on your skin, thereby eventually eliminating the undesired appearance of stretch marks and preventing further stretching of the skin in the future. Include foods that are naturally high in zinc and vitamins C and E in your daily diet. These nutrients promote faster healing in skin and keep all of its layers strong and smooth. Convenient sources of zinc include lamb, pork, salmon, chicken, and turkey. Vitamins C and E can be found in fortified cereals, nuts, fruits and vegetables, and leafy greens such as spinach and kale. Each of these minerals can be supplemented with a multivitamin. In addition to a diet rich in these specific vitamins, it is of critical importance to keep your body fully hydrated at all times. This not only aids in keeping your skin healthy and attractive, but boasts innumerable other health benefits as well. Make sure that you are drinking at least ten 8 oz glasses of water per day, and more if you are very active or exercising. Read more:

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