How to overthrow the ruling party from power?

If they control more than 90 % of parliamentary seats
Be more detailed, will you?

One step at a time.

How to get current employer to reimburse my notice period amount that I have paid to previous employer?

My current employer promised me that they would reimburse the amount if I paid to my previous employer in lieu of an early release (from the previous employer). But now they (current employer) are refusing to reimburse the amount. What should I do? Where should I complain?

Unless you got this agreement in writing, you are quite doomed.

How to fill out work search requirement when receiving unemployment benefits in California?

I am required to write down 3 work searches each week in order to receive my benefits. I'm a little confused about providing a company's address, name of person contacted, and company number when I apply for jobs online because most online jobs do not provide this information. Or, most jobs I have applied for online say do not contact job, so how am I supposed to provide this information to EDD when applying for jobs online?

You can usually get enough info from the company's website. When you apply on-line, you get to a page that says that your application has been submitted. Print that page. Yeah, they need someone who has lived in the 21st century to redesign that form, don't they? You could also see what the unemployment website faq has to say, or call them Monday -- I know gazillions of people have had the same questions.

How to become a women's rights leader in the middle east?

I really would like to be a leader for women's rights in the middle east, but i don't know how. Is there collage courses i need to take or and organisation will help?

If you are a female, you will be required to wear a burka in many of the moslem countries, In addition, you will be required to be escorted by a male member of your family. You will also not be allowed to address males. Violation of any of these can result in your death, according to sharia law. In many of the countries where you are allowed to dress normally and travel without the escort, you leave yourself open to rape because you are not being "modest" and you are an infidel (non-moslem). You also must consider that if you are a woman's rights leader, that you are probably speaking against the policies of the local moslem leaders. They do not take kindly to such activities. The best course that I can think of is one that trains you in jujitsu.

How to change things for disabled so they get all their pension and it does not go to insurance?

I would like to find other people who are disabled and tired of things not being fair and to fight back. Why should the insurance company get our pension and why should we be taxed on money that we get that is not very much. We still belong in society even though they think we don't belong. Who is willing to fight with me for all disabled, all forms of disability.

This will have to be done by the White House, the Law needs to change and one of the Parties should be lobbied to do this for them. Talk to your governors office and get the ball rolling.

How to do in India to remain a united country having so many languages ​​and religions?

What is it that unites Indian regions and languages ​​so different to stand united as one country?

Hinduism and Hindu derived religions Also the caste system An upper caste will prefer to marry another upper caste from 1000 miles away, than a low caste neighbor

How to get a new copy of birth certificate?

My patents. Lost my original birth certificate and they only have a black and white copy of it and I need it for my permit... How would I get a new copy with the required seal and I need it fast

Your state's Department of Vital Statistics.

How to prevent the disclosure of records that contain national security information?

If someone is trying to get government archived records pertaining to you but those records contain DOD intelligence information in them.

That depends on if the information contains information that is a risk to the security of the nation if released.

How to Become a Crime Scene Clean-up "Specialist?"?

As in, someone who cleans up crime scenes once the police and CSI guys are all done with it. Do you need a degree in a certain field, or just special training? And where would you look to see if anyone's hiring for the job? Or is it a volunteer thing?

I know crimes or tragedies occur when people have no friends or family to facilitate cleanup of the scene.more information you can visit and know.

How to answer 'To what extent has Chinese foreign policy changed as a result of political change?

My history coursework question is 'to what extent has Chinese foreign policy changed as a result of political change between 1850 and 2000?'. We are expected to compare over a one hundred year period . Can anyone else figure how to do this, as currently I can explain how it has changed as a result of political change and how it's changed as a result of other factors, but I can't seem to make the comparison.

Globalization is a major contributing factor. millions of chinese people died as a result of widespread poverty under the leadership of Deng Xiaoping and previous leaders. This is a result of communism not being able to create wealth. Therefore, the leader at the time Deng Xiaoping adopted free market/free trade policy as means of generating wealth for China. He opened up trade barriers and you may well know that china has little regulation in the workplace. As a result, developed western nations exploited the cheap labour in China, making China the second richest country in the world. Deng Xiaoping said, It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice. Which I guess can be translated to: it doesn't matter whether China is communist or capitalist as long as it can create wealth/feed the people. It it due to communism not being able to compete with capitalism that meant China had to change its foreign policy in order to survive. (In terms of economic policy at least).

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