How to get the trampoline to get less bouncy?

I am trying to get my skills from trampoline to floor so i have to deaden the trampoline more and more until the trampoline is close to being the real deal. So baiscally, does anyone know how to get the trampoline less bouncy;

Don't jump as much.

How to protect your forehead in paintball?

I want the dye i4's but they dont cover the head too well and wondered what I can wear too protect my beautiful head from paintballs?

Bunch of padded head gear right here: Look around, see if there is anything you like, they all do lessen the sting of being hit but by no means take away all of the pain.

How long did it take you to learn how to Ollie on a skateboard?

It's been a few days and I can only get about 2 inches off the ground.

Don't worry dude, just be patient, it took me like 5 months to learn how to ollie, but trust me, you will get them, i can get em up like 50cm now after 5 months which kind sucks though :)

How to convince my parents to let me get an airsoft gun?

i decided i want to get an airsoft gun for my birthday in about 3 weeks. i have always asked my mom to let me get an airsoft gun ever since i was is 6th grade. i keep telling her that airsoft guns are'nt dangerous, i just have to wear some eye protection. even if i keep telling her this she either ignores me or she says its dangerous. how else can i tell her that airsoft isnt dangerous?

I would recommend that you do a presentation like you would do in school giving them the pro of airsoft and how it build character and responsibility. If you need some help getting started then I would recommend finding some good info here

How to break in orangatang 4president 83a longboard wheels?

Hi i just bought some new 4president 83a longboard wheels and i don't know how to break them in. I'm a fairly good longboarder i just can't slide. Help please?

the guy before me is right 4 presidents weren't designed to slide much but yeah do colemans, pendys, basically just any type of glove slide should help break them in! Also hitting hills isn't a bad idea either that causes some wear on your wheel which should help! And just cause a wheel wasn't designed to slide doesn't mean it isn't! Have fun man!

How to cover a trampoline from water?

Im planning on getting a trampoline but I'm not sure if I can because of the sprinklers and rain. So any tips on how to cover it. 15' round with nets if that helps(: is there a really big trampoline cover or can I use something else to cover it?
Really? Even sprinklers every morning?

Water dowsnt affect it

How to do an ollie on a cruiser skateboard?

Just to add on, the board I own is a sector 9 76 cruiser.

Same as on a regular skateboard. Easiest of it has a kicktail.

How to take the bearings out of longboard wheels?

I'm changing my wheels and I don't know how to take out the bearings.

if theyre anything like skateboard wheels you can stick the short side of an allen wrench and hook the bearing almost like a fish hook then just pull it out. if they don't come out i think you can try putting some lube around the edges.

How to convince my parents to let me start an Airsoft group?

They like the idea, but they don't want to be responsible when someone "gets hurt" ... How can I convince them to let my friends and I play? By the way it's at my house. I live in the country. We are all going to wear paintball masks. Please help?

Make a PowerPoint presentation of all the benefits of starting the that one Microsoft commercial where that kid convinces his parents into getting a dog. this commercial

How to remove an airsoft orange flash hider?

How do i remove the orange flash hider on my Echo 1 Troy mrf-c. I wouldnt like to take it off violently such as ( boiling it, smashing it,etc.) but just as simply to take it off easily and not do any harm to the gun. There is one set screw and another pin thing on it. Theres glue on the set screw as well.

Most airsoft places require an orange tip so you might be screwed later on when you are trying to play and they ban you because you don't have the blaze orange tip. Also its a safety thing man, make sure you keep our sport a sport and not end up on the new because you removed your orange tip. Here is a link you should check out

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