How to search for local events on the go?

I travel a lot in continental US, and sometimes I find myself with spare time in a city I don't know anything about. I would love to find out interesting events I can attend while on the go, but have no time to be browsing heavy sites like Eventbrite or search magazine postings. Any suggestions on other tools I can use for discovering cool things to attend locally?

Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Authority websites usually have a monthly calender.

How to catch up with current events?

I've been working full time for 6 months, wake up at 6 get at home at 6, and then eat and collapse in bed. I am extremely behind in current events, national and international. What's worse is that I'm in graduate school preparing for my comprehensive exam!

Can anyone recommend a site [even possibly book or magazine or newspaper] where I can catch up and be updated?

Thank you!

For the UK try: Yahoo! News Daily Mail is excellent OR for the US try: New York Times website Sorry i'm from the UK, so I can only really recommend Daily Mail,or the i Newspaper from The Independent which is only 20p and 30p on a Saturday!

How to skip school without being caught?

Me and my friend, Samantha are going to skip school tomorrow. Whats the best way to get out and leave school grounds without being caught.?

Also, how should we not get caught by our parents. Our school sometimes calls when students are absent without notice. So we have decided to unplug our phones without letting anyone know. Good idea?

Any better ones?

One more thing, We will get suspended at the sight of us. Also any good stealth tips?

i got an idea: how about just going to school until it ends and then you and your friend can do whatever it is you two want to do!

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