How to convert a song on YouTube to iTunes?

I found a song I like on YouTube, but can't get on iTunes. I don't have a working computer at the moment, So is there an app I can buy to convert it?

Follow this guide

How to thourghly clean an electric guitar bridge?

I just acquired an electric Lyon guitar and the bridge is absoutey filthy. When you are looking down the neck at the bridge there is a. Heaping load of dust and dirt. How do I clean that?

soft bristle tooth brush and compressed air in most cases, but with a low end Lyon who knows what little kids bed its been under, might want to use a hasmat suit or at least rubber gloves and dust mask before touching it. god only know what kind of critters or nastyness could be living on it. sure as heck wasn't in any ones prized collection

How long does it take to learn how to play guitar?

19 years old and i want to learn.
i know absolutely nothing about it so how long would it take me to learn enough to play?
also if you have any tips, websites, books, etc. that i should get to help me learn!

I’m a guitar teacher so I get this question all the time. Here’s my take: The most common answer given by guitar teachers all over the world probably goes like this: “It depends”. That is probably the most boring answer I’ve ever heard, but also it really is the truth. It really does “depend” on several factors: 1. How long can you practice? A good routine is usually 20-25 mins for kids and 30-45 mins for adults and if you can go for more by all means do so. 2. Do you just want to play your favourite songs or is this something your looking to really dive head first into? 3. If you’ve ever played another instrument in your life (whether it be in high school or your a flute player trying to learn guitar for example) everything you’ve ever learnt can be transferred over to the guitar. Music is a universal language. These points being said it all really does “depend” on what you want and how bad you want it. No matter what your age its never to late to start learning. Books To Buy: -Hal Leonard guitar method book 1 (really good book I use with my beginner students) Also, check out my blog. I have a lot of good beginner stuff:

How to download a custom song list from torrents?

Just wondering if such a thing exist.... I want to be able to create a list of songs and be able to download each song through torrents. It would really help me. I hate going to have to download entire albums when all i need is one or two song from that album. Please help me thank you...!!

use Utorrent .there is a option there where u can select the songs that u want to download. as an example u want to download some songs of linkin park from torrents. just search for linkin park discography, careful about seeds and open the .torrent file in utorrent .utorrent will ask u at first .there u can select the files u want to download. but DONT DOWNLOAD ZIP OR RAR files.That will not allow u to choose files. And if u dont want to use any torrent client then u can use .this is an online bittorrent client.After chasing torrents u can download the selected songs. And most of all IF U LIKE THE SONGS PLZ BUY THOSE

How to prevent the needle on my turntable from moving?

I can't play any records because the needle keeps moving off to the center of it. I tried weighing it down but that didn't help.

Any solutions?

Is it counterweighted correctly?

How to get the permission to commerically use a copyrighted song?

I want to make a youtube video with the song 'Sail' by AwolNation.
How do I get the permission to commercially use the song? Please give me links an not just tell me to find the record company and contact them please give me links of the website(s) to contact to use this specific song thanks so much!

Contact the Harry Fox Agency for a Digital License:

How to surprise a teenager with concert tickets?

For my birthday I just got concert tickets, and I wanted to surprise my friend with one of them, but I don't know how. I'm looking for something creative and unique :) thanks guys!

Hmm hard go to her house listen to the songs by the band then be like Omg i wish we could go to one of the concerts then reach in to your pockets and be like Holy Sh--

How to get my brother to play medieval music?

My brother plays guitar, both acoustic and electric, but he mainly plays metal, and was wondering if there was any way to get him to play some medieval tunes. Any help would be appreciated!
I am asking because i play Anglo concertina, and it's very hard to play metal on a concertina!

Just stay interested in that kind of music without pushing it. You cannot force him or he will rebel.

How to un thumbs down a song on pandora?

I thumbs downed a song I love! Is there a way to change it back? Or can I never hear it on that station again?

i did the same thing and i have still not figured out how to undo it. i just created a new station with that song title.

How to install a line in connection to an amplifier?

I have an old set of speakers and an amplifier. Currently I am using a mic input for my iPod but of course this will cut off certain frequencies. Does anybody know how I would install a line in connection to the amplifier? I have some experience with circuits and soldering so if I knew what went where I could do it.

Without knowing the specific amp, I can only generalize. Is your amp stereo? If your amp doesn't already have connections for a line-in, there may not be any benefit from adding them. The mic input doesn't necessarily cut off certain frequencies, but it's usually monaural and set to the sensitivity of a mic. I think the most practical solution for plugging your iPod into a mono amp is to buy or make a 2-into-1 cable adapter. The end that goes into the iPod is a stereo plug...probably a 1/8" TRS. You can actually scavenge an old headphone cable for this. Then get whatever connector you need for the mic input of the amp (XLR or 1/4" TS) and solder the Lines for the L & R channels to the same connection on the plug. That way, at least you'll be getting both channels to play, even though it will be mono. If it's a stereo amp, that's a different deal, you need to make it so you can plug the iPod into two channels. If the amp only has mic inputs, use for L and one for R channel of the iPod. The fidelity of the amp isn't limited by the type of connection.

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