How to obtain a visa from Mexico to enter the united states?

I am looking into bringing my inlaws from Mexico to the united states. We need to know how to obtain a visa for them. They have tried a few times but have been denied 3-4 times to get a visa. What are the requirements in obtaining a visa to enter the US legally from Mexico to visit? And how do you do it!!!!

They will have to have a Mexican Passport. Then they will need to obtain a visa from the United States Embassy/Consulate Mexico. (The first URL). This is still on the website: he United States Embassy in Mexico City urges travelers who are interested in obtaining or renewing a visa to visit the United States to take advantage of immediate interview availability and schedule an appointment next week in advance of the busy holiday travel season. The Embassy announces that there are hundreds of appointments now available for the week of September 24-28 so there are many options for arranging a visit to the Embassy on a date and a time at the applicant’s convenience. If they have in fact been in the United States before and were deported, there is a 10 year waiting period before they can apply; and as far as I can determine, there are no exceptions made. If they were in the United States illegally, and were not deported, and they discover that they were in fact illegals, they will also have a 10 year waiting time before they can apply again. Maybe this expedited service is still going on. If it is, then you are in luck, if it is not, there might be a lengthy waiting time. Have your relatives explain that they are visiting you and their daughter. (I hope that she is legally in the United States, or ......) The website also explains about they need to get a non-resident visa before they get a resident visa. Good luck.

How to send text messages to Mexico via the internet?

The messages I send via my mobile phone are not arriving. I am using +52/0052 and tried +521/00521 as well. It seems my provider does not have an agreement with Mexican telecommunication providers, so I have to send text messages via the internet.

I tried voipbuster, but the messages to Mexico are not arriving either. Are here Mexicans that know how to successfully send text messages to Mexican mobile phones?

You have to go to your mail page and create the "Contact" Then it is a simple matter of clicking on the name. A box will pop up in the bottom right corner for you to type your message. I personally have Not texted Mexico via internet, however when I am in Mexico there are no changes I simply open my mail page and click on my contact name , type and send.. So, try calling their local area code like 727 445 4744. You can test it with your own phone beside your computor. Your cut-rate service provider offers what it offers and will Not or can Not pay Carlos Slim the money he wants for the investments he has made bringing Mexico`s communications into the 21 st Century. Keep trying..

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