How to track shipment from China to India sent through Chinese Postal Service?

I am trying to track a shipment sent from China to India through Chinese Postal Service. The shipment reference number is RA479135655CN. I am unable to find any link that provides valid data of the current location of parcel. It indicates parcel reference not found everywhere. As per shipper this is the correct reference number.
Please help me with any links that can help me track this shipment.

This is a registered package. You can't track it in India till it clears customs.

How to know when a delivery arrives to rightful destination?

I am a seller on ebay. A friend asked me how I knew if they really receive their payed item? The buyer usually just posts feedback. And some pckges are tracked so I can see when it was delivered. But it has me worried and thinking about errors and such. What if I have a problem with shipping and delivery? I'm out money and the product! So how can I know without a doubt that the buyer received their item, on the cheap?

Just use delivery, or signature confirmation. Make sure to insure it too.

How to register to do business in Russia?

What are the prerequisites and required documents for doing business in Russia? We are a medical equipment manufacturing company based in China.

Thank you.
Already tried checking the chamber of commerce website.


How to get a job at fourteen?

I want to make money so I can pay for a gaming PC, but I can't drive (I don't even have my permit yet). I've heard of people getting jobs earlier than my age. How do I do this?

If you live near a mcdonalds or a safeway they hire at 14. Put up flyers for dog-walking, babysitting , house-sitting etc.

How to recover money given to a contractor?

I have paid a deposit to a electrician, to install a pay meter.For two weeks i am trying to get this electrician to start with the woke,every time i call him,he says he is now there.
This electrician, was refired to by the Electricity Department,Vangurd.What do i do with this electrician?

Go to the Better business Bureau website-> Do you have anything in writing from this person?.....His name?......I.D.

How to get a package postmarked on Jan 2nd?

HELP! I need to send a package in postmarked for Jan 2, 2012 here in the US. Are banks closed Monday since New Years lands on a Sunday? If so, is there anything I can do?

Have no idea.

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