How to start a website as a high schooler?

I am trying to start a website as a project to do in high school.

I have very little experience in HTML.

Is it possible for me to start a website without much experience?

Please list step by step order!

My budget for the site cannot be higher than $100. Lower the better.

It's so easy you could almost do it blind folded.......... hardest part is trying to decide what fonts & colour scheme(s) to use. If you're only going to be doing HTML files with a few jpg/gif/png images stuck on the pages here and there, then you can probably get by with one of these free webhosts: If you're planning on adding your own Messageboards / Chat / Guestbook, etc....... which require the use of CGI, PHP or ASP scripts (many of which are available "off the peg").... then you're going to need paid hosting from someone like ARVIXE (starts at $4 a month = $48 a year + a domain name). Software to make websites can easily be found for free.....

How to buy a domain and what are criteria that one should check?

I want to buy a domain to start my business online. I want to know what to check before buying a domain.

One of the simplest ways to do this is by going to and doing a domain search. You will be able to check as many domain names as you like. Some quick tips are that dot com's are preferred and you should try and keep the domain as short as possible. Once you find the domain you want you can purchase it right from GoDaddy and they host it there. This is only the first step, you still need an affiliate website to promote or one of your own for the domain you chose to point to. There are other services out there such as hostgator as you become more advanced and find yourself buying a lot of domains.

How to pay with a credit card through paypal?

Hello, so basically I've added my credit card to my paypal account, but it still lists the available funds as $0.00. Is this normal? Does it just automatically pay via my credit card, and I don't need to transfer money from the card over to my paypal account?

Thanks for any help :)
So basically, how do i pay with a paypal account that ive added my card to, but still has the balance shown at $0.00

I just did that. Indeed, they seem to make you think you have to fill up your funds and then do a transfer. Believe me, you don't need to do that. If you are in that menu, press the back button. There should be somewhere below or around the peripherals of that menu the option not to use Paypal account (or 'don't have a Paypal account') and you can pay by credit card. I avoid using my Paypal account whenever possible, they charge incredible high fees and sometimes hold your funds capture that you cannot withdraw for a certain period.

How to I convert a link from online to my desktop?

I have a link of a video and I need it to be on my desktop or convert it someway to my documents or iTunes or something what ever works!


lol... so you're saying: 1) you want to convert a link into a file, so that every time you access/press that file it will direct you to that link? OR 2) you want to convert the link into a video? btw, second method is impossible. good luck. the first method however, will require you to save it as a "favorites." afterwards, go to your favorites folder, and copy and paste it to your documents/itunes (don't even think you can do that to itunes)... however, since most people are using chrome nowadays (and you didn't give enough information), i can't assume that you're using internet explorer. the alternative is to go to a page that will show a link. for example, go to here:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=8e97703fe6d1cdc8&bpcl=35466521&biw=1680&bih=933 now, go to any shown titles (the title that you press to go to the link), and RIGHT CLICK IT. now, click on "save target as..." then a window should pop up. it will then tell you where to save it. i would save it as an "HTML document" (another option that is next to "save as type") if you need any help, info, or online assistance, please contact me via my yahoo answers profile. thank you.

How to get to the random tumblr feed when logged on?

This is tumblr related. I really like the random feed on the main tumblr page when i am not logged on, but when i do log on, all i see is the my dashboard posts. How do i get to the main tumblr page to explore there?

I don't think that Tumblr have facility to do so

How to attract good followers and/or readers on your website?

I am planning to make my own site and good traffic. Please give me some advice. Thanks.

This is very helpful and effective in a way to develop your planning of making a site. The Five Suggestions: 1. Useful content is a must to have a good search ranking 2. Try emailing your friends on the article/hub you made 3. If you have blogs, post the links on the article/hub to the relevant page of your blogs. 4. Post your article or hub on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. 5. In Hubpages, the community of writers here are very much active so joining here is a good decision.

How to have someone agree to terms of use before using internet?

I have a sonic wall TZ180 and I want to know how to do this option. I need A LOT of details.

Go to your local library. Im serious, go the the front desk and present them with your problem, library IT guys are usually really good with setting up wireless internet connections, as well as messing up permission settings on all the terminals and making them really difficult to fix -_-

How to change pottermore book and film information?

For some reasons I'm having some technical issues with Pottermore and it decided to say I haven't read the last 3 books, which I definitely have read. And marked as such when I first made my profile. How can I change it?

Unfortunately there is no way for you to change that information. You could try to email Pottermore and see if they will change it for you. To contact Pottermore, click Help at the bottom of your Pottermore home page. Select Other --> What's Next --> Need More Help. That should open up a form that you can use to explain your issue. Be sure to include your username.

How to get adobe flash player or something similar on iPad?

My daughter really wants to play stardoll but her father has banned it on the computer. Is there a way of getting flash on iPad?

can't sorry to say this but you cant on iPad,iPod Touch,iPhone only apple thing that has it is iMac

How to reblog as your second blog on tumblr?

I know how to reblog to my second blog already. But whenever i reblog something to it, on the notes on the original post it shows up as my main blog. I know I sound like an idiot and confusing.

So basically I reblog something to my fitness blog and I go look on the original post and it says
"mypersonalblog" reblogged this post but I want it to say "myfitnessblog" reblogged this post.

Does that make sense and is that even possible?

It's not possible. It will always say your main blog.

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