How to develop my fathers small shop in Vizag district?

My father used to get very good turnover by selling spices, kirana and etc in my home town,since last 6-7 years no.of shops increased in our area, malls have come customers not showing interest in small shops,. can anyone suggest me the best changes that can be made with small investment so that our shop recovers.

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How to plan a memorable india summer vacation in 2012?

How to plan a memorable india summer vacation in 2012? i am going to india for my summer vacation, and this is the first time i go abroad to travel. so how can i make it unforgettable? show me some tips to make a memorable summer vacation in india please, thanks!

Hi! As it's your first time visiting India, I'd recommend a visit to Delhi, Agra and Jaipur (aka India's Golden Triangle). If you take this route, you can really get a taster of the highlights of North India. In Delhi, explore the capital city of India and the colourful markets. In Agra, visit the world famous Taj Mahal. In Jaipur, ride an elephant through an ancient fort and explore the royal forts and palaces. It's impossible to see all of India in just one trip, or even in 5 trips, so I'd highly recommend that you concentrate on one region and truly soak up the culture of that place, rather than rushing around several states. You didn't mention how long you're going for, but the Golden Triangle Tour mentioned above will take only around 5 - 6 days. If you're planning to stay for longer, I'd recommend extending the tour with a visit around Rajasthan. Rajasthan literally translates to "Land of Kings" and is packed full of history, fantastic buildings and wonderful stories. Rajasthan is often referred to as the colourful state. Popular cities in Rajasthan include Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, Mandawa and Bikaner. Udaipur is my favourite place in India, as its filled with beautiful lakes and is a perfect balance between city life and nature. There are even hotels IN the lake, which is fantastic! Jaisalmer is particularly interesting as its quite closed off from the rest of Rajasthan, due to its very sandy and hot environment. Because of this, its still very traditional and not so much effected by modernization. Jaisalmer became rich by stealing the goods from the caravans that drove through it, as they were trying to reach Delhi. The locals stole silks, golds, spices... and the riches can be seen in their beautiful Haveli's (houses). If you'd like us to personalise a tour package for you, please get in touch any time via the links below. Have a fantastic time in India, it'll surely be unforgettable :)

How to check the list of companies registered in Registrar of Firms Tamilnadu, India?

How to check the list of companies registered in Registrar of Firms Tamilnadu, India?

Tamil Nadu-I Registrar of Companies Tamil Nadu, Block No. 6, B Wing 2nd Floor, Shastri Bhavan 26, Haddows Road CHENNAI-600 039 Ph. 044-8277182, 8272676, 8276652, 8276654 Fax: 044-8234298 E-mail:[at]sb[dot]nic[dot]in Tamil Nadu IICoimbatore, Nilgiris, Periyar Salem, Dharmapuri and Dindigul, Quaid-e-Milleth Registrar of Companies Coimbatore Stock Exchange Building 2nd Floor, 683-686, Trichy Road Singanallur, COIMBATORE-641 005 Ph. 0422-2318170, 2318089 Fax: 0422-2324012 E-mail:[at]sb[dot]nic[dot]in Office is at the above address OFFICIAL WEB SITE IS BY VISITING THE SITES YOU MAY CHECK

How to find out air ticket booking position and fare through internet?

Kindly suggest the sites, I need to visit.

Hi, one of the best is, also check out, good rates and prompt service, hope this helps

How to get railway concession form for students?

I want to apply for railway concession for students as I am going for an educational tour. My college also doesn't have it. Please tell how to get one?

Go to nearest Railway station and ask from the station master. Or contact or

How to find connecting trains between two station if there is no availability in direct train?

I want to go from Hyderabad to Coimbatore (16th Nov - Sleeper) - there is no availability in direct train (Shabri exp) - so how to find all connecting trains between these two stations.

You have to manually search for in between major station or station having max connection. say Chennai/Jolarpettai jn/Katpadi jn for this case. the trains are independent and hence find a suitable next train at least 2 - 3 hours in between time is minimum required in case there is any delay , also for transit between platforms.

How to go to Bhadrachalam from Rajahmundry via Launch and then taxi?

How to book Accommodation for 3 rooms for two days at Bhadrachalam. Matter urgent please.

Firstly there are no steamers on the Godavari. Neither Steam engines nor steam whatevers. There are only Dieselers. Now I wish some one could introduce some steamers.. can make things more interesting... Any way steamers sounds(and looks) better so let me continue using it. I will use the term steamers for the regular transport that is used by the villagers to transport themselves and cargo @Rs100/-. Cruise for the luxury boats, thats normally used by the town folk. ABout Rs500/head. They play loud, jarring music. Prefarable for folks used to comfort. I prefer the steamers; prefarbally with good silencers; except wehn its too crowdy. this happens during long holidays, impt festival at Bhadrachalam(like Sri Ramanavami) Secondly, there are no steamers/cruises that go all the way through. There are pristine villages through this route and if you venture out into these villages you can come across different ancient tribes and if lucky see their traditional dances. If you do some trekking(I have not done this) you could see some good waterfalls in the Papikonda ranges in the Monsoon. But most probably you could just cruise through the river. Thats enthralling enough. All year round is cruising season. Except may be May month when steamers/cruises may stop temp due to low water depth/ steamer maintance. The monsoon months are fine too UNLESS there are actual floods. In the case of a flood, the steamers are used by the Govt to supply food and medicines to the affected villages. This is VERY RARE. During this season, the hills are green, the water red, gushing and full of mountainous minerals(perfectly drinkable even though it looks muddy) and if the rains are in season, you get a feeling of being in Kailash, with the clouds covering the tops of the hills. You may not do much/any swimming. You can see a couple of tiny waterfalls in the distance. The winter months are cool, and the water crystal clear and sweet as nectar. You can swim around in some places which look more like sand beaches. DO check with the locals before venturing in to the river for there can be deep pools. Summer time is exciting...the heat .. the sweat; if you can bear it. The best part is when you jump of into the river for a holy, chilling dip. Nothing more thrilling and enjoyable. During the summer the Steamer(from Rajahmundry) stops much before its actual destination due to shortage in water. It stops near a tribal village called Koydha. The streamer is now empty except for the crew and starts back the next day morning. In the night it anchors in the middle of the river to avoid any wild animals boarding free :-) There is nothing in this world like a night spent on the steamers roof top in the Summer after a long hot day and lazing off in the water and good hot spicy dinner either cooked by the crew(you give them a few bucks for the dinner) or eaten in the village. Cool breeze wafts around, the water waves splash on the boat and(if you are there wehn the moon is full/nearfull) the river looks like running silver and ...well its literally an out of earth experience. I'am not a good enough poet/writer to describe it better. There is not a hint of man made light. Only heavenly moonlight and the sounds of nature.. strange night birds singing away to glory..If you smoke, then smoke the Chutta(native cigar) which is much more satisfying in this scenario/condition. If you drink, Don't drink and spoil the natural feeling of bliss. Besides you will want to be in your senses. DON'T play artificial music and shut out the divine music. Besides you wouldn't want to advertise yourself. Soon you will doze off... other places of stay if interested: a) Kollur(at Kaigala Satyanarayana's place) b) Parentapally(I heard that govt has constructed cottages.. need to verify) c) APSTDC guest house at koruturu village just at the entrace of the Papikondalu. There are two ways to travel. Upstream or downstream. 1. Rajamundry to Bhadrachalam(boat upto Kunnavaram): ------------------------------ Either by steamers or cruises. Steamers are bi-weekly. I think Monday and Thursday nights(in the good old times, they were by the hour every day). They leave at about 2am(night) and reach Kunnavaram at about 4pm next day. From there it is 50kms(about 1.5 to 2 hrs) to the temple town of Bhadrachalam by Bus. Charge: ~ Rs100/- including Lunch. Cruises I think run everyday; either from Rajahmundry or Pollavaram(or even pattisema??). From Rajahmundry, they start at about 6am, go to Pattiseema, Papi kondalu and upto Parentapalli; halt for some time there and then get back by late evening. They stop for lunch at the APSTDC guest house at Koruturu. Charge: ~ Rs500/- 2. KOnnavaram to Parentapalli.. Boats run from Kunnavaram to Parentapalli and back. Refer to this: The tourist 'houseboats' go from Dindi, near Narsapur (I went there from Rajahmundry), they do 6-hour, 12-hour and 23-hour cruises around the Godavari river, the area is said to rival Kerala for natural beauty, so I'm very much looking forward to staying in the area. It's good to know the houseboat tours have started, I've found it very difficult to get any info about them, the last I heard is that they would start the tours when an AP tourism guesthouse opened in Dindi, and that was expected to open in May. The steamer from Bhadrachalam and the 'motor launches' from Kunavaram (both going to Rajahmundry) are ordinary everyday services as far as I'm aware. "more information" is available on +91 (0)9848780824.. cellphone

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