How to get rid of German cockroaches in kitchen?

I just moved into a new apartment only to discover that the kitchen is infested with roaches. I've set five bait traps in every corner and under the sink. These bastards just keep breeding. They're even behind the display screen of the microwave timer. What is the most effective (and possibly quickest) way to get this vermin out of my kitchen?

professionally I only use bait gels (not the stations) for German roach control, they will come in a large syringe. Combat brand is made by the same company that makes my professional brand. It is easy to use and very effective. As with any approach it can take a couple of weeks before you feel problem is gone. Mis applied boric acid and use of foggers can cause the roach problem to spread to other parts of the home.

How to prevent stinkbugs from getting into the house?

They were a big problem last year and this year they're even worse. We don't really have windows to open so we know they're coming through the front door. We live on the creek so could that be contributing? Anyway, we've had to remove eight bugs in the last hour and it's just a pain.

Are there any methods to get rid of/prevent them? Sprays preferably. We also have a dog so it'd be better if it were animal-friendly.

Sprays will not kill them. Lights attract them. Dropping the bugs in soapy water will kill them. A water vac will pick them up. Windex is good to use. To keep them out of the house, you would have to caulk around the windows and where they get in. It is possible they are in the attic.

How to kill maggots from outside my house?

My dust bin is full of maggots, I opened the lid and a few fell out, an hour later they seemed to have multiplied by hundreds!
I've used bleach and hot water but they won't dissapear!
Any ideas what I can use?

Salt or boiling water will kill them. So will a pine cleaner.

How to buy first home at young age?

I would like to move from my parents to my first house rather than an apartment. I know its probably very hard to do or even impossible, but if you have any advice i would love to hear it. I just want to know if i could.

It depends on where you live and the price of houses there. You would need a good downpayment: if your parents would loan you money for this, your life would be much easier. You'll have to have a well-paying job as well. Buying a condo first may make sense to build capital and credit history.

How to get rid of Bad smell from bathroom?

I used this conditioner (homemade) with eggs, mayo, and oil. It worked on my hair, but a very bad sulfurous chicken egg smell is coming from the shower. How should I get rid of it?

Put vinegar in a spray bottle, spray the whole shower area, let sit for a little while then rinse with warm water.

How to get in contact with previous homeowners in the UK?

I found a box with some sports medals in a cavity in the attic next to a chimney stack. They don't look to have any intrinsic value but they may be valueble to who ever earned them. I have the previous owners phone number from several years ago but its a dead end. I feel I should make an effort to get them to their respectful owner before I chuck them in the bin. Is there any other way to contact previous owners in the UK.

You might try through the estate agents ........... There will be a paper trail there somewhere although how far back it goes ........ OTherwise is there some sort of sport association/club etc on the medals - could you contactt them?

How to cover Fig trees up for the winter?

(Im in zone 6) Does only the bottom trunk and the soil above the roots have to be covered? Or do the branches need to be covered to?

I usually use a plastic cover or a sheet and put it over the tree (the whole tree, staring from the ground) on really cold days or snowy days. I use bungee cords that are hooked up to the sheet and the ground so the cover will stay on. You can also ask at your local home improvement store if they carry a heating system for the plant, depending on how cold it get's where you live. If you're not sure about the trunk and think it might still get cold, just wrap a sheet around it a secure it. Hope I helped (:

How to get rid of moths and larvae safe and effectively?

Ok! I have been having alot of moths in my home and it has been happening for months.
I just found out the other day I have moth larvae in my cats litter box and I thought it was worms but, I found out it's moth larvae so how do I get rid of the larvae or any eggs safetly and effictively?
I want to use something that won't harm my cat and will eliminate the larvae and eggs.
Anyone know what I can do?

you don't use any sort of chemical for these types of moths, thorough cleaning is all that is needed..inspect all possible food sources to make sure they will not return,,,if you find foods on shelving infested, get rid of the food and clean all around where the product was

How to prevent your house from becoming mosquito-infested?

I am currently confined in a hospital due to high fever. My blood is currently being tested to see if I have Malaria.

I live in a tropical country and mosquitoes are common at this time of year.

The obvious answer is to have any opening going in to your home screened to keep the insects out. If you don't have screens, then a mosquito net over your bed is the best protection. There are programs in many tropical countries where you can get a free or subsidized mosquito net. Check with your local government or UNESCO

How to kill bugs from house plants?

When I water my houseplants there are tiny things with legs come to the top,how do I kill them.There creepy.Will they hurt my plants?

soapy water

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