How to decorate my boyfriend's car for our two year anniversary?

I was planning to use carchalk (Can that be found at CVS?) but I don't know what else I could do to fancy his car up for a surprise. Suggestions?

Oreos ... you take one side off and stick them on with the creamy filling. Make a pattern or spell his name with those. washes off easily. You could also get garlands for birthdays and string that around the outside, or fill up the inside with a lot of inflated balloons, maybe even helium balloons.

How to April fools prank a soccer coach?

I was going to pretend to be hurt, but my team blew it. Nothing too bad please!

Turn up with a baseball bat.

How to do something special for my girlfriends 21st?

My girlfriends 21st is in 5 days. This will be her 5th birthday we've celebrated together. I need suggestions of what to get her and what to do. I want it to be special. We live in Columbia, south Carolina. I have a limited budget also. Maybe 300 max.

I suggest that you do 5 different things in honor of the 5 years...and keep them secret for the surprise element. 1) Give her a very pretty rose in a very pretty wrapping 2) Buy her a very special drink -- she is, after all, 21! If she does not drink alcohol, she can still enjoy something exotic at a bar! 3) I have not been to SC, but girls everywhere love a good meal with the man they love. 4) A small present they can be proud to show to their mom & dad, like a wallet or computer case... 5) Give her a box of fine chocolate as you bring her home -- every girl should have a Godiva the morning after her birthday.

How to make a week pass during the school holidays?

I'm going to Sydney in a week to see some friends and I'm really excited! Does anyone know how to make a week pass quickly during the holidays? Thanks! All answers appreciated!

Research Sydney on the internet! Decide what you are going to do, where you are going to go etc. I know, school holidays are so slow lol. A week feels like a month. But before I went to Surfer's Paradise I researched it on the Internet and got even more excited.

How to send a letter to Santa Claus?

Hi :)) I want to send a letter to Santa Claus. I am not kidding or playing. I seriously want to send a letter to Santa Clause but i don't know how to. Do i put North Pole as the address or i have to put a real address. What is Santa Claus's address? Please help i will appreciate it :) And no i am not a little girl because i have 16 years of age but its my first time doing this though.

Your parents need to buy a special stamp on it and drop it off in a special mailbox that's usually at a mall. Give it to them.

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