How to treat a spot underneath the skin?

Occasionally I get really big spots underneath my skin. You can't squeeze them and pop them, they are just very large, red and painful. I tend to get them mainly around the nose but I have had one on my chin before.

They seem to take longer to go away than normal spots. If I mess with them too much then they become more painful and they can sometimes even begin to throb.

Are there any remedies or products I can use to treat it? It's still quite visible even with make up on which makes it more stressful!


I know what you are talking about. It's not actually underneath the skin, it's deep within the skin. It's called a boil, and it's a localized infection. If you are low in zinc, it can increase the frequency and severity of boils. Here are some dietary sources for zinc: Zinc supplements are also available and are not expensive. Also, garlic can sometimes help with boils. Make sure to get enough vitamin C as well. In fact, it might help to take a good multivitamin/multimineral as malnutrition is a contributing risk factor. Ultimately, you'll want to talk to a doctor if they keep occurring. Boils can be treated.

How to sleep with a stuffy nose?

I have the sniffles, and I have a hard time falling asleep?!

The best solution I have found is as follows: If you already have the stuffy nose, nasal congestion (one nostril works, the other is too stuffy to inhale through), nasal strips can help immensely. The best ones are the Breath Right ones, but they are expensive, but in cases like this, they are worth it. For them to work properly: 1. First remove the adhesive cover (which will glow as you remove it if you do it in the dark!). 2. Without bending it around your nose, press the middle of the strip onto the center of your nose (approx. 1 inch below your eyes). 3. Once it's adhered to the center of your nose (with the side flaps still not adhered), take two fingers, press down on the part of the strip that you just adhered to the center of your nose, and push upward toward your eyes. Once you feel a lift of the nose skin toward your eyes, press down the side flaps to adhere them to the skin on each side of your nose. This will create the effect of the nostrils lifting slightly, which should improve the ability to breath. I have found that this can allow me to breath very well at night with a pretty severe cold. I have also accomplished this with medical tape, although it takes more than just a strip across the nose if using only tape. As a side note for dealing with colds, I have found the best treatment method to be as follows: At the very first sign of a cold, I buy Cold-Eeze Oral Spray and Umcka Coldcare Syrup and use together as indicated on the bottles. Research on vitamin C in helping with colds is not conclusive IMHO, however there appears to be rational evidence to support the two products I mentioned. I'm sure there are alternative brands that will work fine, those are just the two I have used. I also drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest. This has been really effective at keeping symptoms to a minimum and the closest thing to a cure for the common cold I have found.

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