How to live on your own in Germany at 18?

I will be turning 18 in April and am planning on starting a life in the Berlin area with around $5000 US Dollars after graduating from high school. Please help me with a strategy of getting a job, finding a cheap apartment and just living while knowing very little German!

While I like your enthusiam, there is a better way to accomplish your goal. And a safer. First, go through a university or college. Major in German or any major you like, just make sure you take the German. Why? Because you can get handed a job in Germany through your school. That includes housing, health insurance and some transport. You will elarn the language faster, cheaper, and under less stress. Secondly, you will not be awarded a visa without a promising education. You will be denied right in the airport because a customs officer is going to assume that [because you do not have a work visa] that you will be earning money under the table. You will likely ruin your chances for work visa approval at a later date! SO BE CAREFUL. Third, $5,000 is gone in a month. Even if you move to a cheaper part of Germany, the flat alone will cost 1st, lasts, and a deposit plus the current month. Lets say you find a 500euro flat. To move in, that 1,500e. Then your utilities need turning on, which fees and deposits will take at least 500e. Then you have to pay your Radio/Tv tax which is 200e. Garbage disposal isn't free, thats usually a monthly fee. On top of that is your ticket which si going to be at least 500e. That is 2,700e which is just shy of $3,500. Most of your money is gone in just 1 shot. That does not include food, transport, mandatory healthcare, furniture, etc. You will need to also set up a bank account because most utilities do automatic bank withdrawls. Foreigners are not trusted and often required to pay several months in advance or sign tight contracts. If you leave, you can be sued. So what will it cost if you go through a University? about $4,000 USD before you start the job. You generally make $6,000 a semester or more. Plus all your living expenses are covered. Yes, you have to go back, but you can apply for full time and get a work visa if you enjoy the job. If you don't, you go back with no repercussions and a stronger resume. Best of Luck

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